Music Monday: When Your Instruments Get Stolen…

This video is reason alone to fall in love with this brand new New York band — Atomic Tom — who recorded their first album in an apartment-turned-music studio until the endeavor got shut down by the police for loudness. They finished their record, but then their instruments were stolen this month. Watch this video, and then tell me you wouldn’t have loved to have been on this subway . . .

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: When Your Instruments Get Stolen…”

  1. Okay, this is awesome. I am also a musician, vocalist, song writer with two recordings to my name. This rocks my heart out! I also traveled the world with my family singing five-part acapella with my family. My Dad arranged all our pieces, and they were so fun to sing. We sang not only on the stage, but in homes, restaurants, and, yes, on trains.

    This is totally cool. Thanks for sharing! Brings back great old memories with new techy tones.

  2. Fancyscrapper – That is so awesome! I love that you sang all over, esp. on trains! What cool family/performing memories. Have you scrapbooked these stories?

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