A Regular Snack . . .


Snack Time

. . . from the Mesa Farmer’s Market on Fridays.

They are so much more flavorful than the non-organic shipped-from-who-knows-where cherry and grape tomatoes you get at the regular grocery stores. It’s like they’re a totally different food.


3 Responses to “A Regular Snack . . .”

  1. Karen C. says on :

    I wish we had a good farmer’s market. You are so lucky to have one at your fingertips. They do look delicious!

  2. admin says on :

    I wouldn’t really say we have a “good” farmer’s market. It’s a stretch of a downtown street not even a block long. It’s tiny. I was very disappointed the first time I saw it as I stepped out of my car, because I’ve seen such beautiful ones pictured on the internet. But when I actually approached it I found that having something is good enough. Local produce, no matter how un-glamorous the tiny market is that holds it — is amazing. In our market I only found one decent sized produce vendor from a local farm (and two tiny ones), a lard-free tamale vendor who makes amazing vegan tamales, and a hummus vendor. There are also a few other vendors who sell stuff I don’t buy. I drive 20 minutes on Fridays for these three vendors and with a small amount of hope that our market will grow.

    But my point is . . . If you have a farmer’s market at all, you should frequent it. I think “good” is overrated and elusive. If you have a farmer’s market at all, and if that market has any fresh produce that is locally grown, that what you already have is truly good.

  3. Liz Ness says on :

    YUM! We eat those (or at least we did when I had a garden) like they’re candy!

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