Sniffing the Threat and Standing Guard

On Guard

Sept. 22, 2010
The morning’s overcast sky, leftover from last night’s thunderstorm, distressed Gatsby. We almost never have rain-threatening skies and Gatsby was sure something was wrong.

I opened the back door for him so he could take one of his usual outdoor treks. He loves being outside and he spends most of the morning in the backyard.

This morning, though, he stood at the door, just his nose hanging out, as he tried to sniff the answers to the situation. Then he would look at me and vocalize a Scooby-like concern. At one point his agitation sent him running into the living room and back to the door as he grunted and growled.

Finally, Blake took him outside. This gave Gatsby the courage to fulfill what he considers to be his duty to our pack — he stood sentinel on a patio chair where he could better investigate the possible threat.
On Guard

Usually he watches our airway for birds, chasing and barking at them when they trespass into our territory. This morning, it was just the clouds he intended on protecting us from.

On Guard

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  1. I LOVE this story. So cute. And what great pictures you got. They really help tell the story. You can see all that emotion in Gatsby’s stance. I love how dogs are so protective and definitely have an instinctive role in the family.

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