If You Feel I’ve Been Neglecting You…

If I haven’t returned your phone call, or your email, or if you’ve been waiting for this blog to post something new this week — it’s because it’s true. I have been neglecting you.

But it’s not personal.

I’m just trying to keep from neglecting these guys this summer . . .

. . . or from neglecting the dogs, who think their world revolves around me and on top of me.

And I’m doing my best not to let summer demands affect my work commitments, which, while very fun, often make me feel like I’ve been running for days, long out of breath . . .
So yeah — I’m so sorry that I haven’t yet watched the YouTube video you emailed me which is probably lost under many pages of other emails. Sorry I haven’t called to arrange that get-together, or sent you the thank you note you deserve, or typed up that list of healthy vegan packed lunch options. Sorry I didn’t call to say we arrived home safely.

Is it possible to make amends to everyone I’m neglecting with one big blanket apology an explanation here?

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