Giveaway: 9 Most Influential Scrapbookers 2010

I snuck my way into the scrapbooking industry.

Traditionally, scrapbookers have had to hope for a spot on a prestigious design team, or get noticed by a magazine to get a place in our competitive little world. I didn’t do that. Izzy wanted to produce a scrapbooking video tutorial. I was a scrapbooker and I have performance experience. So we combined our skills and created the Paperclipping Video Tutorials.

People started watching, and then people started purchasing memberships. It was really an amazing experience.

Full of ideas, we have since turned Paperclipping into a multi-show and event website: I started the first live scrapbooking show over the internet a few years back, and we now have two audio talk shows where we gather together interesting people with interesting things to say about our hobby — again, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in scrapbooking. It’s been fun!

We’ve just been here having a great time while expending a lot of sweat and love in order to provide the ultimate experience for scrapbookers. So it made me happy and grateful to be noticed when I got the letter from Ella Publishing, announcing they nominated me as one of the Nine Most Influential Scrapbookers for 2010.

Thanks for noticing me, Ella! 🙂

Each of us nine nominees contributed to this book, which you can purchase for only $4.99…

Or you might try and win the book, along with 9 other prizes. . .


I get to give away a prize from each of us nominees, plus the book from Ella. . .

  • A $20 gift certificate from Ella Publishing Co.
  • Two digital-scrapbooking template packs (20 templates) from Cathy Zielske
  • A six-month Paperclipping membership from Noell Hyman
  • A “Play Date” product pack from Jenni Bowlin
  • A place in either a beginner photo-editing class or a beginner digital-scrapbooking class from
    Jessica Sprague
  • A spot in the “Beginner/Intermediate Online Photography Workshop” from Maggie Holmes
  • “Paper Girl” and “On Holiday” product packs from Margie Romney-Aslett
  • A $50 gift certificate toward any class on from Renee Pearson
  • A place for you and a friend in both “Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages” and “Journal Your
    Christmas” from Shimelle Laine
  • A place in either Elizabeth Dillow’s “Inspiration Defined” or Karen Grunberg’s “Book of Stories”
    from Stacy Julian

How to Enter

I will pick randomly, but you have to answer a question! Here’s the question:

When you were little, were you attached to a baby blanket? A thumb? A stuffed toy? What were you attached to? Or were you so independent you didn’t need anything? Please share.

Tomorrow I will share my own story of emotional childhood attachment. You have until tonight to enter the drawing with your comment. Ten people will win!

ETA: Thank you! This contest is now closed! I have emailed the winners, but in case you’re interested, here the random numbers and the names of the winners:

82-Pat Hines * 526-Lizzie * 583-Heather C * 311-Kate Blue * 804-Nitasha * 740-Britta * 278-Nancy * 689-Sylvie H * 172-Liz Freeze * 146-Jennifer Alfonso


908 thoughts on “Giveaway: 9 Most Influential Scrapbookers 2010”

  1. Congratulation! I don’t recall being attached to anything and I don’t have many pictures of my childhood either; that’s why I scrapbook for my children in part too. So happy for you and amazingggggggggggg give away!!!

  2. Congratulations on being named in the top 10. It goes to show that innovation is so rewarding.

    As for my childhood toy obsession. I had a doll named Janey. She had a hairdo in the shape of a pyramid. It was that way because of how I carried her with her head tucked under my arm.

    Anyhow, I lost Janey whilst traveling with my family. Her final resting place was a toilet in some petrol station 🙁

  3. Congratulations on the award and thanks for giving us prizes. I was a thumb sucker for quite a few years apparently.

  4. Enhorabuena por estar entre esas personas más influyentes del mundo del scrapbooking!!
    Creo que siempre he sido muy independiente pero recuerdo especialmente un peluche de un perro….seria mi favorito??no se….quizás ; )
    un saludo

  5. I was VERY attached to a blanket given to me when I was born. I slept with it until I was nine and still have it in my bedside drawer. I pull it out every now and then to show my kids. They can never believe how tattered and torn it is!

  6. Congratulations Noell!

    I had a blue teddy bear. Not sure why it was blue – maybe they were expecting a boy. Funnily enough the only picture of me with it was a professional family portrait where bear was hand-coloured yellow.

  7. just like fancyscrapper…i too had a stuffed lamb that was my favorite when i was a wee little girl. it got to be so worn out that there was literally no fur left in almost every spot. and then it grossed me out and i got rid of it. sad, but true. wish i had the little guy now. my kids would get a kick out of it.

  8. Nothing for me, but my sister had a blanket until her boyfriend moved in. It was a huge blanket, so when she went on holiday she would cut a corner off it to take with her. She used to pick the fluff off it and put it up her nose!

  9. Congratulations on award. I did not have anything but my kids were all partial to muslin cloths. Eldest daughter called it her cloth and sucked her thumb, and eldest son called it his “muzzy’. Youngest daughter was given a hand crocheted blanket by her great grandmother (Nana papa) that I wrapped her up in. She is fifteen and still has it at the bottom of the bed. It is called “blanky” and is kind of grey now and full of holes and the ribbon has unravelled but she loves it. Nana papa died when she was 9 but she still remembers her whenever she looks at blanky.

  10. Nope, Noda, Nothing….weird as I have never thought of that! And now that I do, my daughter is the same way.

  11. Congratulations! I had a stuffed dog called Soppy, but sadly he got lost in a car park when I was about three. I also sucked my thumb and luckily for me that didn’t get lost. But it did make my teeth slightly wonky on one side.

  12. I don’t remember & I have been told that I was attached to anything in particular. However, around 7 I remember being afraid of sleeping in my room & before bedtime I would snuggle in all my stuffed animals and then tuck myself in the middle very E.T. like so that if bad guys came into my room they wouldn’t see me 🙂

  13. I was attached to my…MOTHER. I still remember her dropping me off at kindergarten in a trailer with glass doors at the front. I stood there beating on the glass because I didn’t want her to leave me there all day. I NEVER grew to like school, either…even when I was in High School I remember feeling like we were in “prison”.

  14. I was very attached (and to an extent still am) to my thumb with a piece of well worn, but frayed and clean cotton diaper or cloth. To this very day, I love the feel of soft cotton on my body. Climbing into bed in the softest of sheets is just the warmest, most relaxing feeling. Even the coolness of them in summer gives me a warm, fuzzy.

    Thanks for this opportunity and love the blog.

  15. I was a thumb-sucker, it was the thumb in the mouth and my other hand was in the back of my shirt playing with my tag…strange I know, but comforting to me (but apparently very annoying to my sister who went around cutting all the tags out of my pjs)lol

  16. What a good question! I think I was independent, and not a “needer”. Same way today – I have lots of toys, comforts, but not sure if I “need” any of them. Congrats and thanks!

  17. I remember a doll that I played with so much it’s cloth sides came apart. My Grandma offered to take it to the Doll’s Hospital to get it fixed but then turned round and said it couldn’t be fixed. I never saw it again. She bought me a new doll but it wasn’t the same
    Congratulations on the award

  18. My dad always said that I was as independent as a hog on ice. I needed nothing to be attached to. Not until I met my DH, anyway!

  19. I don’t remember being attached to anything. I know I had sisters that did but I don’t remember having something that was specific.

  20. Congrats!! I remember watching your podcasts a while back (when I had more time :o( )… and they were awesome!! Maybe I’ll have to find the time again and start watching once more! Anyway, my attachment was my thumb… never lost it, never forgot it, it was with me always! ;o) And still is today, although I do use it for other things now!

  21. I had sooo many stuffed animals that held a prominent position in my bed that there was barely any room for me. Of course they all had names, and their particular spots they liked to sleep. My absolute fave was a pink elephant.

    btw… I am thrilled to find your blog through Ella, Noell. I’ll add it to my regulars 🙂

  22. I had a stuffed monkey who I had for such a long time and took everywhere with me that my mom had to make him new clothes!

  23. my attachment (literly) was my thumb. Worse habit to break…but great thing was I always had that comfort w/ me. Even now I think back and it makes me smile. thanks for the memory!

  24. A soft white blankie with the satin edges.
    I still have it – folded up in my box of special treasures.

  25. As the oldest of 4, I was pretty independent because I don’t remember any special comfort item. But each of my kids has one. They love their “pretty”, which is a blanket my mom has made for them. I don’t know when we started called them “pretty” but it makes me laugh especially when I realize they are now 17/15 and still have it with them (in their beds).

  26. Congrats on earning that title! You deserve it!

    As I child I was BEYOND attached to my pacifier. My mom said that I was nearly 3 before I “gave it up” … she said that I would constantly lose them, and she thought I was too old to still be using them so she told me when I had 3 left in my stash that those were the LAST 3 and that when I lose them they would be gone forever. So one by one I lost them, when it came down to the last one she told me that when I lost that one I would have no more, she said that I agree’d and was ok with that. She told me that when I lost it if I didn’t cry for it and I was a big girl about it that she would let me pick out ANY toy that I wanted. So evidently I lost it and was ok, she took me to the toy store and out of EVERYTHING I could have gotten there I picked a stuffed Big Bird 🙂

  27. HI! I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s awesome!
    When you were little, were you attached to a baby blanket? A thumb? A stuffed toy? What were you attached to? Or were you so independent you didn’t need anything? Please share.
    I was attached to several! I had a baby blanket with little yarn twisties my Granny made me. And still to this day (34 yrs old) I can’t go to sleep without having a blanket with those yarn twistied on it to twirl in my fingers as I fall asleep! Now my 23 month old does the same thing with her Tigger binkie.
    I also had a stuffed dog that I had to fall asleep with and I was a thumb sucker! Then a braces wearer!!! Thankfully my DD hasn’t picked that one up.

  28. Hoorah for you! I loved my blankie until some turkey stole it from our machine at the laundry mat. Now who would do that? 🙂

  29. Congrats! Quite an honor, and you deserve it!

    I loved tickles. Ya know, that silk stuff on the edge of blankets? Not the blankets themselves, mind you. I usually ripped the tickles off and kept them in my pocket or around my wrist. Very strange, but i still love the feel. Occassionally snag one of my daughters blankets with it! =)

  30. I was a thumb-sucker … until I was 12 (LOL I was ATTACHED!!). Congrats on your nomination!

  31. As the fourth child my parents don´t remember these details.
    Now I scrap them for my children so that we can always recall it when they grow up.
    By the way, wasn´t familiair with your blog but I love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. Congratulations!
    I used to suck my thumb. I told people it was strawberry flavored. I also had a stuffed lamb that I was pretty attached to. I’ve recently created a sb layout of it.

  33. I was pretty independent I guess, because I don’t recall having been attached to anything special!

  34. Didn’t have a Blanket, lamb, or anything. But my sister loved the satin edge of her blankie while she sucked her thumb. When she was four and on her fourth blue blankie mom started cutting it into smaller and smaller pieces. Until it just disappeared.

  35. Definitely my thumb… but I also have my favorite elephant and music box… both of which my kids are attached too now, but not my thumb – thankfully it is still mine!

    Congratulations on sneaking in and getting awarded! I love your website and will definitely be checking it out more since I found it!

  36. I was attached to my pink lace baby blanket. Thanks for the chance to win the FABULOUS prizes.

  37. The honest answer is “I don’t know…” My mom has never mentioned any type of attachment that I had, but you’ve inspired me to ask! Congrats on the nomination!!!

  38. I can’t personally remember being attached to anything, but my sister definitely was! One of my earliest memories is driving around in the middle of the night with my dad to find her a replacement pacifier! (I do remember sucking my thumb – and after that memory of my sister, I encouraged my own kids to do the same – you can’t lose your thumb lol!)

  39. I for sure was attached to a blanket. When I was two, Mom asked the Dr. what she should do about this obsession. He told her to cut a little piece of it off everyday until there was nothing left to cut. Well this worked until it was the size of a wash cloth. Then I just started carrying around wash cloths!

  40. I don’t believe I was attached to anything as a baby. I’ll have to ask my mom.

  41. I had a tattered and torn yellow blanket that I called “nana.” My mom finally had to hide it when I was five, or I would have taken it to Kindergarten with me.

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