Giveaway: 9 Most Influential Scrapbookers 2010


I snuck my way into the scrapbooking industry.

Traditionally, scrapbookers have had to hope for a spot on a prestigious design team, or get noticed by a magazine to get a place in our competitive little world. I didn’t do that. Izzy wanted to produce a scrapbooking video tutorial. I was a scrapbooker and I have performance experience. So we combined our skills and created the Paperclipping Video Tutorials.

People started watching, and then people started purchasing memberships. It was really an amazing experience.

Full of ideas, we have since turned Paperclipping into a multi-show and event website: I started the first live scrapbooking show over the internet a few years back, and we now have two audio talk shows where we gather together interesting people with interesting things to say about our hobby — again, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in scrapbooking. It’s been fun!

We’ve just been here having a great time while expending a lot of sweat and love in order to provide the ultimate experience for scrapbookers. So it made me happy and grateful to be noticed when I got the letter from Ella Publishing, announcing they nominated me as one of the Nine Most Influential Scrapbookers for 2010.

Thanks for noticing me, Ella! :)

Each of us nine nominees contributed to this book, which you can purchase for only $4.99…

Or you might try and win the book, along with 9 other prizes. . .


I get to give away a prize from each of us nominees, plus the book from Ella. . .

  • A $20 gift certificate from Ella Publishing Co.
  • Two digital-scrapbooking template packs (20 templates) from Cathy Zielske
  • A six-month Paperclipping membership from Noell Hyman
  • A “Play Date” product pack from Jenni Bowlin
  • A place in either a beginner photo-editing class or a beginner digital-scrapbooking class from
    Jessica Sprague
  • A spot in the “Beginner/Intermediate Online Photography Workshop” from Maggie Holmes
  • “Paper Girl” and “On Holiday” product packs from Margie Romney-Aslett
  • A $50 gift certificate toward any class on from Renee Pearson
  • A place for you and a friend in both “Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages” and “Journal Your
    Christmas” from Shimelle Laine
  • A place in either Elizabeth Dillow’s “Inspiration Defined” or Karen Grunberg’s “Book of Stories”
    from Stacy Julian

How to Enter

I will pick randomly, but you have to answer a question! Here’s the question:

When you were little, were you attached to a baby blanket? A thumb? A stuffed toy? What were you attached to? Or were you so independent you didn’t need anything? Please share.

Tomorrow I will share my own story of emotional childhood attachment. You have until tonight to enter the drawing with your comment. Ten people will win!

ETA: Thank you! This contest is now closed! I have emailed the winners, but in case you’re interested, here the random numbers and the names of the winners:

82-Pat Hines * 526-Lizzie * 583-Heather C * 311-Kate Blue * 804-Nitasha * 740-Britta * 278-Nancy * 689-Sylvie H * 172-Liz Freeze * 146-Jennifer Alfonso


908 Responses to “Giveaway: 9 Most Influential Scrapbookers 2010”

  1. Monica F. says on :

    My favorite “comfort” toy was a dark brown stuffed dog similar to a “beanie baby” of the current day. My Aunt Lynda gave him to me when I was in the hospital as a 2 yr.old. Thanks for the giveaways Noell and congrats on being nominated for the Ella book!

  2. 9isfine says on :

    I was a thumb sucker – big time! I think I sucked my thumb until I was 13 or 14 when I slept. My parents tried everything to get me to break the habit – sour apple spray, a small thumb cage thing, nasty tasting nail polish. Nothing worked. I just gradually grew out of it. Now I’ve got a thumb sucker of my own and you can bet I won’t be trying any nasty sprays or devices to get her to stop. she’ll grow out of it just as I did. I didn’t go off to college still sucking away and she probably won’t either.

  3. paperfish says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything as a toddler. Once I learned to ride a bike, that was my favorite thing. It had a banana seat with blue glitter…I thought it was sooo cool.

  4. Furrypig says on :

    I didn’t have a blanket, or suck my thunb but I did have a teddy, aptly named ‘Bear’ that went everywhere with me and I was very sad when he lost one of his eyes!!

    Thanks for the chance to win and looking forward to checking out some of your work xxx

  5. Laura Pinto-Nguyen says on :

    Nice giveaway. Here’s my answer to your question. I definately was attached to a blanket and I still have it and love the way it smells. I was attached to my pointer finger rather than my thumb.

  6. Cheryl says on :

    I don’t think I was attached to anything except my mother. Apparently I didn’t want anyone else to take care of me-including my dad and grandmas. But I turned out pretty independent. Too funny-that deserves a scrapbook page.

  7. linda64 says on :

    As little girl I was attatched to my right thumb.Thankyou for the chance to win. Already have to of Ella’s e-books and as a newbee to scrapbooking I need to find out all the little secrets about scrapbooking


  8. Rheanne says on :

    I was one of those babies that did not rely on any item but I did have 2 beautiful boys that each had their own pieces of comfort

  9. Hester says on :

    I was not atached to a stuffed animal, but our cat had to sleep in my room, which he always did.I have so much sweet memories about that cat. Congrats for you on your nomination!

  10. Aubrey R says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything. Hmmm. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. linda says on :

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you…I think your influence should spread to more people :) As a kid I think I was one of those independent types…didn’t really have a “thing” I was attached to!

  12. Melissa says on :

    Noell – congratulations!

    I don’t think I was attached to something! But I should double check that story with my Mum!!

  13. Heidi says on :

    Congratulations on being on the list!

    I was not attached to anything, actually! No pacifier, no thumb (my teeth are thanking me today), and no blanket. But my family did get a kitten a few days after I was born, and it slept in my bed all the time. So you could say that I was attached to a stuffed animal (without stuff).

  14. Antoinette Naude says on :

    This award is so well deserved to you and your husband. I never miss a PRT or PDS episode and I think both of you have done a GREAT job getting people to love this lifestyle!
    To answer your question: I used to have a tiny 10×8 sized pillow which used to comfort me through my childhood, I even used to reach back into the closet at the age of 8 in those moments of despair and it always used to work. I now find my own young daughter being very attached to a soft square piece of fleece fabric which has loops of silk ribbon sewn along the edges. So adorable and so worth it.
    Have a great day!

  15. Deb Long says on :

    Congrats!! I had a baby blanket named Yellow (it was, um, yellow. No points for originality here). I slept with it so long my mother worried I would take it to college…..

  16. EvaT says on :

    My right thumb!!!
    It lasted until I was 5 or 6, so my Grandma wanted to dip it in mustard (YUCK…)

    Congrats on making MISA :D

  17. Annie says on :

    I did not have anything. My sister had a stuffed pink panther.

  18. Melissa (NZ) says on :

    Congratulations Noell! Your shows and design principals have definitely been a huge influence on me over the past year or so and you deserve this recognition.

    When I was a little I had a dress that had a picture of a girl wearing a dress with a picture of a girl wearing a dress. I loved it. The girls in dresses may have gone on forever, who knows. I think my mum got it shipped from Mothercare in the UK. I don’t think I have any photos but just writing about it I can still see it in my mind. :-)

  19. Laura Burleson - Boxer Brats Scraps says on :

    I was attached to my thumb and my “blankie”. I would lay in bed and suck my thumb, while rubbing on the velvet trim of my favorite blanket. I was willing to give up the thumb lone before the blanket. I think I was around 5 or 6, when my aunt convinced me that being a big girl meant no blanket. I wanted to be “grown up” like she was at the ripe old age of 15! I asked my mom to put my blankie in the chest at the foot of my bed. I wanted to know it was still close. I slept fine, and the blankie stayed packed away.

    So that is my “attachment” story.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  20. Mariangeles_Spain says on :

    I don’t remember any special blanket or any stuffed animal. I’ve always been so independent :)

  21. Vicki Wilson says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to any one thing, but I do still have a plush rabbit that my father gave to my mother the year before I was born and she later gave to me.

  22. MichelleG says on :

    I had a stuffed mouse that wore a striped stocking hat that I was very attached to. Loved him and carried him everywhere. Still miss him some days too when I need a little comforting. :)

  23. Mel says on :

    Congratulations! :)

    Me, I was very attached to ‘Bunny’ (my imaginatively named toy rabbit)….

  24. MandyKay says on :

    I would suck my thumb as a little tot and in bed I would suck my thumb whilst pulling fluff of my blanket or even piggling at the wall paper!

  25. Amy says on :

    Nothing- I had a reputation for being a really easy baby.

  26. ruth says on :

    I was attached to my enid blyton novels, i was reading them for years and years and always had at least one with me, yet i still dont think i was reading them as fast as she could write them LOL
    Congrats, its a great show.

  27. Charity Donaldson says on :

    Oh yes, I had a childhood blankie. It was a soft yellow knit with satin edging. Really thick satin edging in the exact same color yellow. I got to hold it for naps and bedtime. Naps everywhere, but I didn’t drag it all over the house, I reserved that honor for my Teddy. I was so lucky to have both! I think my mom still has my blankie tucked away somewhere at her house (but Teddy’s in my closet!).
    My teddy for a long time was as big or almost as big as I was. He was my first gift. A big, blond furry guy with brown eyes, a white belly and red tongue. He is still blond, but the only thing left of his tongue is a patch of red-stained glue. His ears are scarred from having stitches repeatedly from me operating on his ears and mom repairing him. His fur which I still remember being fluffy is matted together from all the “love” and washing machine trips he had. I still love him though.

  28. merideth says on :

    i wasn’t attached to any “thing,” but i had (have!) a lot of brothers i was attached to. way more fun than a security blanket.

  29. Kathy says on :

    I had a stuffed lion named Leo that I couldn’t sleep without.He was big enough to be my pillow. Glad I grew out of that one.

  30. Kiki K says on :

    Congratulations!!!! I was attached to a stuffed toy, a little dog which wasn’t very cute and I still have it (not in a perfect condition but it survived!!!)

  31. Sandi M says on :

    Vaguely, I remember a small blankie. What I remember more is that my parents told me it must have been left in the car when they sold it. Selling the car devastated me more. It was the most beautiful red and black 57 Plymouth. I loved that car with its swooping fins and lovely colors. I still remember the tears….over the car!

  32. Katie Squires says on :

    I had a Blanket…a pink one…and I loved the corner of it…KERNER…and I would tickle me arm with it :)

  33. Jill Conyers says on :

    I wasn’t really attached to anything. And for some reason I remember thinking as an older kid and even as a young adult that I wish I would have been attached to something as a child. It just seemed like a part of childhood that I missed. Happily I live through my son’s strong attachment to Mr. Bear. He got is when he was a few weeks old and has it to this day. He is 13!! Of course the attachment has changed as he has gotten older but it is still there :)

    Congratulations Noell! A well deserved honor.

  34. Agnes C says on :

    When I was a child I was a attached to a teddy bear, who in the end was in horrible condition, I love looking at pictures with me & him & how I always dragged hime around.

  35. JoS says on :

    I had a big bear that my grandparents bought for me before I was born. Unfortunately, when I was 5 the bear was swept away when a cyclone took the roof off our house and the floodwaters rose :( – I’ve never been quite so attached to anything since!

  36. Amanda Susan says on :

    I had a bear that went everywhere with me. He’s actually still around.

  37. Samantha says on :

    Thumb…I sucked my thumb as if my life depended on it. I finally stopped at age 6 when my front teeth were knocked out in an unfortunate accident and I was told I’d have NO teeth if I didn’t stop sucking my thumb that instant. I stopped.

  38. diane herman says on :

    I was attached to my teddy bear…and he still sits of my shelf :)

  39. missyb says on :

    I was very attached to a handmade crocheted blanket until it fell apart and my mom had to hide it from me. She hid what was left as a keepsake! : ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Holly T. says on :

    I was attached to my mama! Seriously…my poor mom.

  41. Christy says on :

    I have always been independent. My mother says she tried to get me to sleep with a doll & I would throw it on the floor.

  42. Pam K says on :

    My security “blanket” was a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. Oh, how I LOVED that bear. I swear I slept with him til I was 12 or something! I still love the stories of Winnie the Pooh and some of my fondest memories are of reading those stories to my own kids!

  43. Melinda M. says on :

    Loved my thumb for a few years, then Winnie the Pooh.

  44. Aimee Confer says on :

    I was attached to my thumb until 4th grade :) . I miss it sometimes haha.

  45. Michelle K says on :

    I was attached to a blankie..when I was 13 months old and was having my tonsils out and in surgery the housekeeper took all my sheets, plus my blankie. Dad loves telling me this story all the time..they had to run around finding one exactly like it before I woke up.

  46. Theresa says on :

    I had a stuffed mouse. That I saw in a store one day when I was just one, and grabbed off the shelf, while my heavily pregnant mother looked the other way. And I refused to give it up, screamed, cried. There wasn’t a lot of cash around, mum had to put something from the groceries back, so she could pay for mouse.

    I still have him, beside my bed (safely outta reach of my own kidlets! Over 30 years later, hes VERY battered, no longer squeaks, but hes mine!

    So yeah, very attached

  47. Dawn F. says on :

    I had a Raggedy Ann doll that eventually earned the title “Raggedy”. I loved that doll! Thanks for the chance and for the inspiration.

  48. Teresa M says on :

    Congrats on your nominee. I have really enjoyed the Roundtable and the Digi Show podcasts.

    When I was younger, I was not attached to anything. My husband however still sleeps with his blanket when my daughter doesn’t swipe it.

  49. Carol G says on :

    I don’t recall being attached to anything. We spent hours and hours outside just playing whatever. The neighborhood was mostly boys, so a lot of baseball was played.

  50. Kyla says on :

    I had this blanket . . . (just call me Linus!) that I took with me EVERYWHERE. I even took it off to college with me; it was just that much a part of me. I now have the poor threadbare thing packed away, but you’ve got me thinking . . . this part of my life should be scrapbooked! lol ;)

  51. Lisa B. says on :

    I guess I have to admit to being attached to my thumb (until I was almost 8–yikes!)

  52. Cheri A. says on :

    I don’t know about when I was a baby. I don’t think I was a thumb-sucker. But when I was four I had the ugliest stuffed monkey with plastic sneaker feet and plastic hands, one holding a banana. I loved that ugly monkey!

  53. Holly says on :

    I didn’t have any special attachment, nor did I suck my thumb. I think that was probably a good thing because after my mom had me, she four boys. I think I needed my hands to defend myself ;) (Love all my brothers!!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Tammy Eberhard says on :

    Congratulations Noell! Love what you are doing to further the scrapbooking industry.

    When I was little I was attached to my bottle!

  55. Abbie says on :

    Funny, I don’t remember being particularly attached to anything when I was younger. I do remember my brother’s little snippet of a blanket he called “dedo”. Why do I remember that so well? That’s surely a therapy session somewhere….
    I do remember having a teddy bear (now named Mr. Sleepy by my 4yo son who ADORES it!) that I couldn’t part with when I was a little older. In fact, when I went to college and studied abroad, he came with me! That’s one well-traveled bear!

  56. Sharolyn says on :

    Nothing that I remember, or was ever told of. Congratulations on your award!

  57. tape says on :

    Congrats, Noell!
    I had a ragdoll named Öppö.

  58. Melissa in SC says on :

    I was going to say no but I vaguely remember a stuffed doll that ended up as a scrap of fabric. I think she had a name, but I don’t remember what it was. I do remember the day it was lost forever (I still suspect my aunt, who was a teenager at the time, made it disappear.) I got over it.

  59. Kristie Lippert says on :

    wow, your story is awesome Noell!!!! I’d love to win one of your prizes!!! Funny, when I was little, I loved my stuffed snoopy and slept with it all the time, even up to my teenage years :-) Congrats on your achievements!! Kristie

  60. tammy perkins says on :

    I don’t remember any special toy or blanket – wish I had a cool story to tell but, no, I’m pretty boring!

  61. Emeraldvalkyrie says on :

    I was attached to a soft blanket. i took that thing everywhere!

  62. Tanya says on :

    I know my Mother always talks about how my brother had a blankie… apparently he took it everywhere – and in the end it got so grubby that Mom cut it into four pieces – so he’d always have one piece whilst the others were in the wash. She’s a bit of a neat freak :-) I on the other hand cannot recall having anything like that.

  63. Daphne says on :

    Congrats Noell! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I wasn’t attached to anything when I was a baby.

  64. Marg VP says on :

    I had a “blankie” with silky edges. I’m told that it became a very rag-tag mess before I finally gave it up! To this day, whenever I travel, I pack a favorite fleece blanket my daughter made for me a number of years ago….some habits never go away!
    Congrats on the award and thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  65. Kate Anne says on :

    I knew of you and Paperclipping through iTunes slightly more than a year ago. Thoroughly enjoy the fresh ideas and tutorials! So I say, it’s a well-deserved nomination!!

    I didn’t have any comfort item till I was, say, 5? It was a pink bear-ish stuffed toy I named Carmela. Even took her out for outings, etc.. I still have her in my boxes of stuffed animals somewhere…

  66. Nikki says on :

    I was hooked on my “binkie” (pacifier) until maybe 3 yrs or so? I left it with the milk and cookies for Santa Claus one year. What a genius idea from my Mom to get rid of it w/o too much fight! haha!
    Congratulations on your selection! these are great giveaways too!

  67. margaret says on :

    My earliest memory of being attached to an object: is being attached to a book. My mom for most of her life had been short of money and as kids, we were practically raised in the library. It was a very frugal place. I’m finding a certain symmetry to this whole thought process. I’ve been moving into my current home for about 10 months; I was at Ikea yesterday buying more bookcases. Can you ever have too many books or bookcases? :)

  68. Marie M. says on :

    I was attached to a purple quilt. I could not sleep without it and was 13 years old before I let go of it. It was the quilt on my mother’s bed that she used to snuggle with us. I took possession of it when she died. I could feel her wrapping her arms around me each night went I fell asleep.

  69. willimena says on :

    My right index finger curled up and sucked upon while holding the silky edge of my blanket. Even now, thinking about it, it makes me feel happy.

  70. Lindsey D says on :

    I had what I called a “suck-a-pillow”. It was just a winnie the pooh pillow and pillow case, but I would hold the pillowcase between my first and middle finger and push it up against my nose. Then I would breathe into it like an oxygen machine. I am 35 now and still have the pillow. I also had a stuffed dog that I named cuddles. Never gave him up, he went to college with me, to the hospital when I had both my babies and now sits in my daughter’s room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. Meritxell says on :

    Congratulations Noell for being nominated!!

    I was attached to a puppy (a grey rabbit), but I lost it when I moved to another flat, so after that “anything else” would “attache me”… This is my story.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  72. Tasia Minnaert says on :

    I had a blanket I called my Bah Bah blanket (because it had sheep on it). Then mysteriously, one day it had disappeared. I loved that blanket and I remember wondering where it went, but it didn’t take very long for me to forget about it. As a matter of fact I had totally forgotten about it until I was in college.

  73. Jenny B says on :

    I was a stuffed animal girl but I didn’t have just one favorite-I frequently changed my mind. (Not much has changed as I’ve grown older!)

  74. Angie says on :

    Oh I was so attached to my thumb and my satin-edged blankies. I had a callous on my thumb from my teeth until I was 30! I loved to rub that smooth satin across my upper lip with my index finger. So soothing and relaxing! I still love that feeling today!

  75. kim m. says on :

    I was attached to any stuffed animal! I always had to go to bed with the one that I liked the most at that time! Thanks for the give aways!

  76. Nicole says on :

    I was attached to my thumb and my pillow. Thanks for the giveaways…and Congratulations!

  77. kathy cronk says on :

    I was attached to a scrunchy bear growing up it was a bear that shoprite would sell at christmas time years ago now you can get them whenever. My mom always hada backup just in case he got lost.

  78. Karen G says on :

    Congrats on MISA. I wasn’t allowed to have any “security blanket” type things.

  79. Amy Stackhouse says on :

    I had a stuffed bear given to me by my older sister. One side had a happy faced bear, the other sad.

  80. Heather D says on :

    I’m a little ashamed to say I was attached to a blanket – until my first year of college :0
    That’s when I met a certain man (now my husband) and decided I needed to ditch the blanket.

  81. Cynthia H says on :

    Definitely attached to my thumb – it took a long time to give it up! I also remember a monkey stuffed animal named Clifton that I think was probably my constant companion for several years.

  82. Pat Hines says on :

    Hmm..I don’t remember anything that I was attached to but both my girls sucked their thumbs until they were around four. Loved the feel of them snuggling on my shoulder, sucking thumbs and playing with my ear!!

  83. Jennifer Larson says on :

    I don’t remember anything special–I always loved paper though, especially masks and dolls.

  84. Lorraine says on :

    Congratulations! I had a fav blankie that I was totally attached to. It was loved and mended and mended until the material was falling apart. I still miss that thing. LOL.

  85. Terri Torrez says on :

    I had a pink elephant. I still remember the day she came out of the washer in pieces. I was devastated. On an up note – my Mom recently found a picture of my room with the pink elephant sitting on the bed. Sometimes the clutter in our pics isn’t a bad thing.

  86. Amelia says on :

    I definitely had a special blanket – one my mom quilted for me. SHe also made a doll-sized one! It had a special place in my bed until….highschool! yikes! :) (weird since I am fiercely independent!)

  87. Jennifer C says on :

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

  88. KristiG says on :

    Congratulations on your big & well deserved honor! I had the cutest little light pink blankie that I was attached to…but it must have gotten thrown away at some point because I don’t still have it. I wish I did, though. I could have passed it on to my daughter, or framed it, or at least taken a picture of it and scrapped about it!

  89. Jennifer C says on :

    oops! Stuffed donkey and binky :)

  90. JeanD says on :

    I can’t really remember that well (it was a long time ago) but there’s a distant recollection of having a cot full of dolls. There was probably only a couple and I still have 2 of them.

  91. zizazzi says on :

    confrat for your nomination .. and thanks for the giveway
    So when I was a child I was attatch to my thumb and my little “pink rabbit stuffed toy” .. and to tell you the truth . ;my rabbit is still “hide” in my bedroom ;-) )

  92. Gab says on :

    Congrats to you Noell. I’m a subscriber to Paperclipping and PRT and have attended one of your live web shows too so I’m really happy to see you recognised like this.
    I’ve always been independent and never really had a security thing but my 7 year old son is very attached to his “Cheeky” rabbit

  93. Tatiana Powell says on :

    I had my Dad’s old Kermit the Frog puppet. I would carry it around and say it was my brother. At that point, my parents decided I needed a sibling :)

  94. Sheila Heilman says on :

    I was attached to my thumb. Maybe a blankie? But I definitely still have my thumb!

  95. Gabrielle says on :

    Like my 7 year old son I loved my thumb! I didn’t have a blankie or any toy that I was attached to in case I might leave it behind – anyway, who needed one when your thumb is utterly portable and really difficult to lose?!

    Many congratulations on your well deserved recognition! What an amazing prize – the lucky winner will have Christmas in July!

  96. Trista says on :

    Congrats on the nomination!!

    I was very attached to a stuffed Minnie Mouse doll when I was little. I took that doll to school with me everyday in first grade. I even took her with me to the cafeteria for lunch. At some point that year, I started earning a sticker for every day I let Minnie stay at home. Why are stickers such a powerful reward? I still have Minnie, although she’s packed away now. Might have to go check on her!

  97. Ginny says on :

    I was attached to a pacifier, but when I turned 3 the “birthday man” came and took it away. No permanent damage done. :)

  98. Christina T says on :

    I had a blankie :) A ratty yellow blankie with flowers on it. Thanks for the memory…I had forgotten all about it. I’ll have to dig up a photo. Congratulations on your nomination!

  99. Sandy Kopp says on :

    I was attached to my thumb until my Mom said I couldn’t go to Kindergarten if I sucked my thumb!
    Congrats on your nomination!

  100. Brandi Z says on :

    Great ideas, and awesome giveaways. Thanks!

  101. Shirlee says on :

    Congrats. I was attached to my thumb until the 3rd grade, when pierced ears became more coveted than my thumb and I gave it up.

  102. Tonya NC says on :

    Okay, so I was not really super attached to any one item, unless you count my mom! One day in first grade she dropped me off at school and I bit my teacher’s hand to try to get away from him and go with her!

    Now my kids have gone through stages of the clingy-ness!

  103. Loydene says on :

    To my knowledge, I wasn’t attached to anything as a child — when I grew older, I “tried” to create an attachment — but it didn’t stick. So – I guess I’m one of the independent ones!

  104. Beth Ann says on :

    I had a stuffed lion that I named “Tigger” – I am sure after the Disney T-i-double ‘guh -er. But it didn’t look anything like the real Tigger – guess I just liked the name!
    Congrats on being one of the 9 scrappers – hugs!

  105. Mikia says on :

    Congratulations for the nomination.

    I didn’t have a thing I was attached to. I was attached to my tonguetip. I had it between my lips in a special way and when I became older it turned out my teeth where wrongly aligned by it.

  106. Ronnie Crowley says on :

    I had a blue elephant. My sister had and still has (at 45) the satin ribbon off a blanket. My mum cut it off when she realized it was only the ribbon that she used! The “addie” as it was called remains in the pocket of her donkey which sits on her bed everyday! My elephant I have no clue what happened to him! Hope I can win and don’t tell me sister I told!

  107. amyellen says on :

    I had a pillowcase with little pink roses on it, weird but that was my lovey. I carried it with me all the time. In the summer my mom would put it in the freezer for a few minutes to get it nice and cool to snuggle with :)

  108. Jean Schmuker says on :

    I don’t think I was attached to anything. I remember a small ragged gold teddy bear that was in a couple of pictures but I was small decades ago and have no mom now to ask. My daughter slept with her baby blanket until her senior year in high school. She left it at a hotel in Disney World and was crushed. She still doesn’t want to talk about it two years later.

  109. Debbie Dent says on :

    I remember this stuffed bunny with a rubber face. My Mom found it a while back. He was as big as I was on my first Easter. Thanks for your scrapbooking ideas!

  110. heathergw says on :

    I was pretty independent, I think… I don’t remember being attached to anything.

  111. Melanie K. says on :

    Oh, yes, except mine wasn’t a blanket. My mom had to wear a ‘smock’ at her job at Singleton’s and I would make her wear it at home. Just so I could sit on her lap and twirl is around my fingers while sucking my other fingers. I had a whole set up. In fact when my mom quit the job, the manager let her keep it just so I would have it. How sweet is that? Wonder where it is now? I still remember it! light blue and sooo soft!

  112. Kimberly says on :

    I was attached to a blanket that would never be out of my sight.

  113. Barbara Yelverton says on :

    WHen I was little I was most attached to my cocker spaniel dog, a little blond dog called Junior. I learned to walk by holding on to Junior. Junior was very patient.

  114. Courtney says on :

    Congratulations! I was very attached to a blanket when I was younger. It even rode in my pillowcase on sleepovers!
    - Courtney

  115. Laser says on :

    I have no recollection of being attached to anything and don’t remember by Mom ever saying is was. I am 71 years old so no way of confirming this as my Mom has been gone for some years.

  116. Amy says on :

    I had a stuffed frog called Pete. He fell apart a long time ago but he is in a little plastic bag in my closet…38 years later :) I really need to do a page about him.

  117. Ana F. says on :

    I was attached to a to a piece of cloth (it was the time o cloth diapers back then…) that I called baby. My mom had to wash it and dry it at night while I was asleep.
    Congratulations, Noelll!

  118. Michele in Texas says on :

    I was very independent as a child – no blanket or toy for me!

  119. jennifer hamilton says on :

    I was very attached to my thumb and my Lambie (at the same time:)
    Congratulations on winning one of the MISA!!

  120. JennB says on :

    I was a thumb-sucker for a long time and then, magically, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Then I started collecting unicorns. Correlation? I’m not sure, but the unicorn collection is still in my attic…I just can’t part with it!

  121. Karyn A. says on :

    I don’t remember this, but my mom has told me numerous times about my teddy bear that I could not sleep without. I loved the bear very much…so much so that I would twirl the fur with my fingers for comfort. I did that until the fur came off and then I would eat it (I know – gross – and I wouldn’t do it now of course) My bear ended up being bald very quickly and as a result, I had to loose the bear.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. Angela H. says on :

    Congrats, Noell!
    I had a teddy bear (named, creatively, Teddy) that I was attached to, especially at night. He’s extremely tattered and patched, but I still have him!

  123. Sharon says on :

    Congratulations!!! I was all about being independent, so I wasn’t attached to anything. LOL Thanks for the awesome give-aways.

  124. Alicia Welke says on :

    I was attatched to a pink satin blankie (well it was actually a long dress) I wouldn’t go to sleep without it. I love the feel of satin. I am pretty sure I still have it still!

  125. bse says on :

    No special toy or blanket here until my sister was born a year later, and then, I wanted whatever she had :) .

  126. Therese Hoffman says on :

    My thumb! I don’t know why it kept me secure but it did and I was able to take it everywhere. LOL

  127. Melinda says on :

    I was not attached to anything, all four of my children however loved there waffle blankets:)

  128. Melanie says on :

    I had a stuffed unicorn that I could not live without. Got it when I was four and it was practically the same size as me. Still have him, even though he’s lost over half his stuffing :)

  129. Heather says on :

    Both of my girls have her treasured “sheepy”, and I often wonder why I didn’t have something equally as special…but I didn’t…love your blog…love your idea of removing the TV…I’ll be adding you to my “must reads”!

  130. marianne b says on :

    I never walked around with a blanket but I always had a favorite that I liked to sleep with. I remember that they came as a set of two and amazingly, one has still survived.(i’m 44, so that’s a pretty long time)I always curl up with it while I am under the weather and it always makes me feel closer to my mother.

  131. karen mcgowan says on :


    i had a few special stuffed animals when i was little, but i was never particularly attached to them.

  132. Veronica says on :

    I did not have a special blanket or stuffed animal either, at least not that I remember! I will have to ask my mom and see what she remembers.

  133. Michaela says on :

    I was definitely too independent to have a “night night friend” as my girls call them, which is why I love watching my girls with their special things. My older daughter has a duck named Lulu whose color has been rubbed off completely (and her ribbon literally disappeared) from loving and rubbing her so much, and my younger has a blankie named Cici that, when I do get it away from her to wash, she immediately dirties so it smells just right again.

    Congrats on the scrapbooking honor!

  134. Jen K says on :

    I didn’t have a blanket, but I did always have my Jenny doll. I actually still have it, it is in my hope chest in the bedroom. Not that she sees the light of day anymore with a house full of boys.

  135. Fiona says on :

    Thumb sucking – and having a REALLY soft hankie that I could rub under my nose whilst sucking my thumb. Wow, that actually sounds like I was bit kooky when I type it out like that! 8-)

  136. Sharon in California says on :

    I dont recall being attached to anything necessarily for comfort, however, I did have a favorite toy. A yellow tonka truck. I loved to play with it outside – using my imagination to pave roads, build forts, etc. It was a dump truck and I loved the movement and what I could do with it. I suppose I should have been an engineer. My other favorite childhood thing was a jumper dress combo. It had apples on the dress portion and then the jumper was cordoroy with a large red apple as a pocket with a long piece of ribbon as a stem that went shoulder to the pocket. I wonder where I get my love of texture? Interesting question and look forward to hearing about your story.

  137. coffeemomma says on :

    Nothing! I wasn’t attached to anything! :) I guess that’s a good thing? I’m not sure.

  138. Kristine says on :

    Congratulations – I had a special teddy bear that I always had to have with me…I still have him a “few” years later – only now I can leave the house without him!

  139. Leslie E says on :

    I wasn’t really attached to anything, but the blanket on the double bed was super soft and I always rubbed on my cheek at night. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats to you!!

  140. Tracy says on :

    Until Mom took it away, I loved my soother. I don’t have any memory of my own, but have plenty of stories that have been told countell times.

    And, Congratulations Noell!!!

  141. Heather Vo says on :

    Congrats, Noell!! I was excited to find you on the list – well deserved! I was attached to my green blankie (don’t tell, I still have it stashed away in a closet). In fact I remember bringing it on vacation when I was little once and leaving it in the hotel. My parents (bless them!) called and had it shipped back to us at home. I loved that nasty polyester thing!

  142. Diana says on :

    I was attached to a really old stuffed (or may I say formerly stuffed) dog that belonged to my dad and then my uncle when they were little. I could not sleep without it. I also needed a blankie and sucked my thumb. When I was around 8-9 years old, I decided they were no longer necessary. I still have the poor but very much loved doggie in a drawer.

  143. sandra m. says on :

    I was most definately attached to my blankey! It was a soft yellow flannel with satin border. I even took it to college with me and slept with it tucked under my pillow.

  144. Vanessa Blythe says on :

    I had a brown teddy that I was quite attached to…But I don’t know that I dragged it around with me or anything, it was just my favorite one to sleep with. As for the rest of my stuffed animals, they would all live on the top bunk when I was sleeping on the bottom…and then we would switch bunks every few days to make it fair.

  145. Jess says on :

    Congrats Noell on a well deserved award!

    I had a white blanket that I slept with every night until I was in grade 1. When I turned 6, I had to go to hospital for surgery. When the doctors came into my room, I wanted to show them I was a “big girl”, so I hid my blanket underneath the covers. The blanket was lost in the mix of sheets and I never saw it again. I didn’t have any other transititional object, after that I was pretty independant.

  146. Jennifer Alfonso says on :

    Congrats! I was attached to my stuffed monkey that my dad had given me :)

  147. Julie says on :

    I was attached to a doll named Mandy. My mom saved it, and I gave it to my younger daughter. She loved it even more than me – it went absolutely everywhere with her. Sad, though – I brought it up to her the other day and she doesn’t even remember it!

  148. Melissa L. says on :

    Congratulations, Noell! I’m so thrilled for you.

    It’s not the same as a blanket or stuffed animal, but when I was a baby, I was “attached” to water. When I was fussy, Mom would give me a bath, and I would cheer right up. As a little girl, I was the last one out of the water at the beach.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Dana says on :

    I had a pink elephant that my cousin gave me when I was three months old. Pinky was my sleeping buddy and I loved him. I actually still have him and he’s been with me all around the world. He has retired with my mom now so I see him when I go home to visit.

    Congratulations Noelle! And thank you for the chance to win. Dana

  150. Kristyn G says on :

    I used to suck my middle and ring fingers while I rubbed my nose with my index finger. Totally random, I know!

    Congratulations on the nomination Noell!

  151. Tara says on :

    Congratulations, Noell!

    I used to have a blanket that I was attached to when I was young…It had a pink rose pattern on it, and I called it “puff” (though I have no clue why). I also had a stuffed rabbit that I called “green rabbit” who went everywhere with me…back in the day.

  152. April W says on :

    Definitely my thumb, lol. My mom had the HARDEST time getting me to stop sucking it too! I’m soooo glad neither of my daughters had that problem. ;)

    Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your great accomplishment!!
    - April W

  153. Stephanie says on :

    Congratulations!!! I’m delighted to have found your blog through this! I was definitely attached to my thumb … so much so that by third grade I had to have a corrective retainer for my overbite. It was purple. :)

  154. Marcie L says on :

    I had a stuffed dog named Morgan that I just loved, and actually still have!!

  155. Ellie says on :

    I was too busy being a tom boy to be attached to anything really. It was a battle of my mother and I trying to get me all girly but that didn’t happen till I hit my twenties LOL :)

  156. Heidi says on :

    You know, not that I would remember from that long ago…heck, I can’t even remember what happened last week! But my mom said I was pretty independent, and had nothing…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I am still that way. I love doing things with friends and family, but I still have my alone time for crafting, reading and walking. (unless you count my ipod!)

  157. Charmi says on :

    Hey Noell congrats !! I was attached to my blankie & would rub it with my thumb & sometimes on my lips !!! I think my mom really struggled for me to give up on it !!! :)
    Thanks for a chance to win !

  158. Rosemary says on :

    I’m an independent girl! Hear me roar!

  159. Jen G says on :

    I was attached to my Grandpa growing up. We lived right next door to him and my Grandma, and I spent hours upon hours at their house playing cards and listening to his stories. I miss him terribly still, though he’s been gone for over 16 years already.

  160. Kim R says on :

    I absolutely had my blankie and a favorite doll. My grandmother crocheted the blanket (and fixed many holes over the years) and I slept with it until I was 8 or so. The doll was a Madame Alexander little huggums with a soft body and plastic head. I named him after my daddy and carried him around for ages. My grandmother even had to make him a new body when I wore him out — but she put in the squeaker from the old body so he would still make sounds when I patted his back.

  161. LauraM says on :

    Congrats! I was attached to a blanket my mother made for me. It was about the size of a twin bed blanket and it was Holly Hobbie print with flowers on the underside. I had that blanket forever and than my eldest son used it but I have no idea where it wound up. That blanket shared all my happy and sad times.

  162. nikki7 says on :

    I was attached to a little plastic doll I named “Baldy” (because I cut off ALL her hair, of course!) LOL
    I loved that doll so much. My mom made doll clothes for me, and I took her everywhere. I think having her, planted the seed that I would love being a mom!

    Thanks for the chance!

  163. Marilyn says on :

    I can’t remember anything that I was attached to but my daughter was attachedto the “silky” part of her blanket. When she didn’t have the blanket with her she used her “silky underpants’. After that we cut a piecee of the ribbon off the blanket and she kept jt in her little purse.

  164. Lisa says on :

    Congratulations on the MISA! Well done!

    I was such a thumb sucker! I carried on until I was 10 (nearly 11) until the day I had my brace fitted by the orthodontist. I never sucked my thumb again from that moment (can’t say it wasn’t hard!!!) I had a blanket or rather the satin bindings of a blanket for many years that I called a “goy” – I have no idea why! I guess I should ask my mum! Maybe that is a scrapbook page in the making!

  165. S.Lim! says on :

    I really didn’t have anything that I was attached to as a child. Everyone else always had one, but not me.

  166. Keianna says on :

    Congrats on the honor. I was attached to a yellow Care Bear(Sunshine) my father gave me. I slept with it every night and even took it to college with me. I only gave it up when I started sharing a bed with my DH :-)

  167. amy w. says on :


    I was very attached to “Pink Dollie”. She has a fabric body and a plastic face and her head is pointy. I still have her, and she has been gray for about 30 years! She sits on my shelf in my scrapbook area, but i have to turn her head away from my husband’s work area so that she doesn’t stare at him. Pink Dollie freaks him out.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  168. Angelina says on :


    As a child I was totally attached to my Monchhichi monkey. I thought it was the cuties thing ever. Actually I still do… ;-)

  169. CarolineDavis says on :

    I don’t think I was attached to anything…which may explain a lot…Hmmmm.
    I was never a doll or stuffed animal person, and my mom is the most meticulous person I’ve ever met, so I can’t imagine her letting any of us drag around a blanket. Of course, I was the 3rd of 4, so maybe always being surrounded by people was comforting enough? Interesting question.

  170. Vicki says on :

    I don’t remember when I was really young but from age two on I always had a babydoll in my hand…

  171. Debbie Servantez says on :

    I was attached to a baby blanket and pillow set…mostly the pillow. I had forgotten about that for a while…it was a serious love! Thanks for the giveaways…GOOD fun!

  172. Liz Freeze says on :

    Hey Noel! Congrats!! I love the PRT and listen weekly. I would love to win a spot in the photography class. The prizes are awesome.

    I honestly don’t remember being attached to any one thing. My kids both have blankies they have slept with since birth. My daughter has a special bear she has slept with forever.

  173. Betheroo says on :

    I loved to twiddle my dad’s hair between my fingers. Also had a stuffed kitten that I rubbed off all the fur!

  174. Marie-France Valois says on :

    Congratulations for your nomination!!!
    I had one doll that were bigger than me. That was one huge doll! I would carry her all over in the house and she would sleep with me at night.

  175. Clare says on :

    I was attached to my thumb until my mom told me it was shrinking and I stopped immediately!

  176. Veronica Berkey says on :

    I had a little square shaped bunny pillow with two long ears as a baby…I still have it. :-) From elementary school until college (!!) I slept with a stuffed toucan – it had a long beak that I could put under my neck. Who needs a pillow? vb
    Congratulations Noelle!

  177. hchybinski says on :

    hmmm – I had a stuffed monkey (Zippy) for a bit. . .and a lamb. . .but nothing stands out that I remember all on my own (with no aid form pictures or my mom)

    btw – congratulations – I agree that you are a big influencer int he scrapbook community. =)


  178. Laura L says on :

    I had a blankie when I was little. I slept with it every night for a long time. I don’t think I gave it up until I moved in with my now husband right after high school. I still have it though – just can’t get rid of it :)

  179. Brandi Hennessy says on :

    I wasn’t attached to a blanket, but I had a pacifier, called my plug, that I didn’t want to get rid of. At 3 my parents took it away and i screamed for 3 days straight.

  180. Rita says on :

    I had my Teddy……I still have him and he still plays music when you wind him up!!!! Congrats~Noell!!!

  181. Christina L says on :

    I had a blankie that I loves and carried everywhere. When my brother was born I passed it on to him. Believe it or not, he is 31 this year and still has the blanket!
    Congrats-well deserved recognition!

  182. Linda says on :

    Congratulations Noell. As for baby comforter, I was a very self contained child and didn’t have anything, though I must have realised I was missing out on something because all of my children did.

  183. Shelley says on :

    Congratulations on your nomination! I’m pretty sure I did not have any childhood attachments. It’s funny because both of my kids had serious attachments to stuffed animals.

  184. Becky says on :

    I sucked my thumb and had a ‘gonk’ which I loved and went everywhere with me until the age of 10, when I was convinced ants had got into my gonk and as I couldn’t cuddle gonk without sucking my thumb I stopped sucking my thumb! Congratulations on your award and thanks for the chance to win :)

  185. JeriP says on :

    I don’t remember a strong attachment for myself but my next sister had a fuzzy bear named Duzzy with a blue ribbon around his neck that she carried everywhere. My girls loved their special blankies.
    Congratulations and thanks for your Roundtable and the Digi Show!

  186. carolyn c. says on :

    Found your site via Cathy Zielske’s, and I have to say — how did I not know about you before?! I’m totally enamored.

    I was attached to a blankie of sorts — I think I slept with it until I was 10 or 11.

  187. Jan Knapp says on :

    I was attached to my thumb, but my real security attachment was to my dad and that continued to this day! He died at the end of April and I have felt kind of lost since.

  188. Stephanie says on :

    Hi Noell,
    Awesome on being an influential scrapper. To answer your question, I don’t recall having an attachment to anyone stuffed animal as a child. I know I didn’t have a pacifier or favorite blanket either. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more sentimental about items, but not as a child.

  189. Julie, momto7 says on :

    My mom encouraged independence as we traveled a lot and I don’t think she wanted to have to remember blankies and such. I am the opposite now – I highly encourage special snuggly items; makes new places less scary!

  190. Cindy d says on :

    I had a blanket, but I wasn’t attached. I was fairly attached to the pacifier until my parents “accidentally” lost it when I was two. I’d say that more than anything, I was attached to my mom… and now I have my own Little Shadow who follows me everywhere and does everything I do. :)

  191. Ginger says on :

    Congratulations! This is my first time visiting your site and I found your story interesting. I’ll check back again! Wonderful giveaways!

    My mom tells me I was very attached to a pacifier and would twirl it around in my mouth with my tongue as I scooted around the floor on my bum! She cut the tip off trying to get me off of it, but I didn’t mind and was still attached to it!

  192. Renee says on :

    Hmmm….no stories of me being attached to anything special….pretty independent here.

    Can’t wait to read your story tomorrow.


  193. Gail Carroll says on :

    I was a thumbsucker from the beginning and until I was way to old, about 10. Of course at that age it was only in front of the TV. My parents plan for stopping me was to give me .25 cents everyday I refrained. It worked and I bought my first record player with the money.

  194. Jenny says on :


    I had a little red pillow that I slept with every night. I still have it in my hope chest. :)

  195. Sara says on :

    I had a cloth diaper that I carried everywhere with me and sucked my thumb too!

  196. Christi Parker says on :

    My mother use to tell me that I was never attached to just one thing, it was everything. She said i would change my mind in second and have to have that one item with me right then and there…..I was a handful!

  197. Jenny McGee says on :

    I do not remember having any special attachment toy. Maybe there was a doll or two along the way, but none that I can specifically remember. Thanks for a chance to win.

  198. Barbara says on :

    Congratulations, Noelle! I am a digital scrapper, but I always learn something from you!
    I can’t remember being attached to anything (I don’t have many childhood memories). But, when scanning years and years of family photos, I came across a sweet picture of me about 2 yers old and my older sister, about 13, showing clearly that I was attached to her very firmly. Made me very happy.

  199. Kristin Y says on :

    Congratulations Noell!! I was so attached to my thumb that my mom had the dentist attach this metal prong piece to the roof of my mouth which kept me from even attempting to suck my thumb. That would explain why I gave my boys binkies at birth.

  200. Kim says on :

    Apparently I wasn’t attached to any one thing. My son — that’s another story. He has these two blue blankies that he still (at the age of 7) likes to have with him to go to sleep. Pretty cute, and it doesn’t interfere with his manly reputation in public.

  201. Deirdre says on :

    Congrats, Noell! I’ve so enjoyed the roundtables and your series of posts on scrapping vacation albums.
    I was attached to my thumb, an expensive attachment when it led to braces years later…

  202. Diane Rubatino says on :

    I remember a yellow Teddy bear that was ragged and thread worn. He must have been my favorite because he was well loved. Thanks for the chance to win.

  203. MilliD says on :

    I was soooooo attached to my thumb AND a blanket with a wide satin border. My mom said I was GREAT on long road trips ’cause with those two things I was happy as a clam!

  204. Becca Hall says on :

    I was attached to my baby blanket1 I couldnt even sleep at night without it! I think I was 10 when my mom took it. :(

    Lanks for the chance to win,

  205. Michelle H says on :

    According to my mom, I did have a teddy bear I was pretty attached to, but she can’t remember what happened to it (and neither can I!).

  206. Kim Jensen says on :

    I had a large assortment of dolls and stuffed animals, but I don’t recall an attachment to any one in particular. Maybe I had too many to pick a favorite? ;)

  207. Michelle Kelley says on :

    I was not attached to anything either….I was independent then and still am today :) My daughter (5) on the other hand, has to have her blankie wherever we go. We once bought her a “back-up” one so we could trade them off and wash them, but she found out that she had two of them and then she had to have both of them with her.

  208. Susan Hanna says on :

    No “physical” attachment… but a few imaginary friends! I was lucky enough to be read to by my mother and grandmother and aunt and I “played” often with Heidi and Laura Ingalls and Raggedy Ann and Andy. I had conversations with the Bobbsey Twins and the Happy Hollisters before I fell asleep at night. And I don’t think I ever outgrew literary “friends.” I still hold convos with Sookie and Dana Sue and Scarlett!

  209. Briana N. says on :

    Oh yes, I had a blankie that I used to bring everywhere and I sucked my thumb. I remember my mom telling me that kindergartners don’t have a blankie or suck their thumbs so I was forced to stop because of peer pressure.
    Congratulations on being nominated and thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  210. Jody says on :

    I had a ducky pillow. It was a pillow a friend of the family made, with a duck printed on satin on one side. When I was 12 and had back surgery, I wanted my ducky pillow in the hospital with me. I removed all the yucky stuffing, but I still have the ducky pillow casing!

    My sister was attached to a cloth diaper. Sad, isn’t it?

  211. Tamara / Guayamama says on :

    Hello! Thank you for the chance to win :D I don’t remember having a “lovey” of any sort when I was little, though tere was a particular Disney tshirt that I wore for at least 3 years, from about 2 through 4 (when waaaay too much tummy showed)

  212. Sammie says on :

    As far as I know, I wasn’t attached to anything. I know for sure that I didn’t suck my thumb or fingers. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, as my 22-month old is very attached to his blanket, and I’m wondering how hard it will be to wean him off of it before he goes to school!

  213. Missy K says on :

    I had a little teddy bear that I loved so much his face was worn off!

  214. Susan Spiers says on :

    I was attached to a small teddy bear I carried everywhere, wouldn’t go aywhere without it! I still had this bear into my teens, after many repairs, I finally had to give it up, thread bare & falling apart!

  215. becca says on :

    I was attached to my favorite doll, Lauren. I got her for Christmas when I was 2 and I wouldn’t let her out of my sight for years! She wore my old baby clothes (I was tiny!) I loved her so hard that she lost one of her eyes, so I carried her around with a big ol’ gauze patch taped over her eye, until finally my mom couldn’t take all of the puzzled stares and sent her to the doll hospital for an “eye transplant”! Now that I’m a grown-up, Lauren still lives at my mom’s house, but whenever I go home and have a minute of alone time in my bedroom, I always give her a hug & kiss her plastic forehead!

  216. geezee says on :

    Cograts on this honor. I love my Paperclipping membership and listen to Roundtable faithfully. I guess I was too busy telling everyone what to do when I was young to have any attachments to a blanket or thumb.

  217. Tracey says on :

    I had a rainbow blankie that had fringe all the way around it, and I called it my “sheep blanket”, because I would use it to “count sheep” as I feel asleep, which (for some reason to my childhood imagination) meant counting the individual strands of fringe, which I called sheep.

    I was a weird kid.

  218. Lori says on :

    I had a blankie – it’s still in the garage in a box of childhood mementos, and a pacifier. The only reason I gave up the pacifier was that my younger sister (by three years!!) did NOT need a pacifier, and my dad told me that Santa would bring my Big Girl Toys to her – not me! I gave them both up at that time. Every once in a while I run into my blanket – it’s all braided together because it had fallen apart.

  219. 2hounds says on :

    I was indeed attached to a small stuffed animal – it was a seal. It had a golden locket bracelet that it wore as a necklace. I don’t remember that the seal had a name, but I do remember telling it my deepest darkest secrets.

  220. Tammy says on :

    I really don’t know. That is a good question. I’m going to have to ask my mom!

  221. Pat says on :

    I remember my sister being attached to a stuffed kitty, but I don’t remember anything special to me! Hmmm…

  222. Nancy Hyland says on :

    My thumb was my friend, now its my daughter’s turn :)

  223. AmyInKy says on :

    I had a doll named Joanie Carol. I still have her – she sits on a shelf in our bonus room (play room/scrap room). :)

  224. Alexa says on :

    I just discovered your blog through Ella, congrats!

    I had a White ‘blankie’. There was silk trim around the edge. Also I had a rainbow Care Bear, which I still own (although he is very shabby now). We left him behind in a hotel in Hong Kong once, on the way to the airport my mum had To get the taxi to turn around, I remember it quite clearly!

  225. Ginaj says on :

    I don’t think I had any attachments, but my kids all have a silk scarf of mine that they sleep with – started when they were little and they liked to rub my silky nightshirts.

  226. Sarah White says on :

    I had a yellow blanket with satin trim, oh how I loved that blankie. It’s in a trunk somewhere still! Congrats on the nomination!

  227. Leslie B says on :

    In almost every picture of me when I was little is my Mrs. Beasley doll. She went everywhere with me.

  228. Vicki J. Wade says on :

    LOVE this question, Noell! I was super attached to my “horseys” Breyer statues,but they aren’t very cuddlesome, so I had a little grey bear that one of my older sisters made in a middle school Home Ec class. I adored that little bear – wish I still had it… [sigh].

  229. Linda says on :

    I had a Ragedy Ann doll that I was pretty attached to. I still have her and keep meaning to do a layout of her.

  230. Kirsten Varga says on :

    I had a baby blanket I loved and kept on my bed until I was in my teens! I didn’t need to take it with me on trips but it was sure nice to see it on my bed when we would return home.

  231. Dawn Carson says on :

    I actually had to call my parents because I couldn’t remember! Apparently I was an independent little girl and I did not have a specific object I needed in order to sleep. My 7 year old son, however, is still attached to three of the receiving blankets we had when he was born.

  232. Lisa Janzen says on :

    As a toddler my parents took me to the toy store and picked out a cute pink bunny that you wound up to play music. Apparently I wanted nothing to do with this little stuffed toy because I was all over this brown ugly raccoon. I kept that raccoon for years and still have it to this day (decades later) in a box packed away, haha.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. Kyla says on :

    Wow, what a great honor. Congratulations. In answer to the question…. my thumb is the only thing I remember.

  234. Kelly Massman says on :

    I was not attached to any material thing. I have a twin sister-I was probably too attached to her! Thanks for a chance to win!

  235. krafting kelly says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything that I remember, but all four of my kids need their favorite blankets to sleep (up to age 10!).

  236. teresa says on :

    I really can not remember being attached to any one item. I would usually only last a short time with any one thing. Funny, most of my kids are the same way!

  237. Amy Coose says on :

    Thanks for the chance to win, and congrats on your MISA! I wasn’t attached to anything as a child, but both of my kiddos still have their baby blankets. :)

  238. Stacy says on :

    I had a green (?!) bunnie. I recall the car being turned around to get the binnie that was left and Grandma’s house. Dad was NOT happy!

  239. Mattie says on :

    a blanket – i still have it!

  240. Angela Bull says on :

    I still hear stories about my dependence on a pacifier. My “binky”. I even got to the point where I would chew on them, throw them away, and then ask for a new one. My mom put an end to them at that point. After that I had a favorite stuffed animal or doll – my pink bunny and a Raggedy Ann doll were my faves – both of whom I still have even though they look pretty bad. Both saw more than their fair share of childhood tears. Angela

  241. Mickee says on :

    As a child, I was attached to a small pillow even up to (would you believe it) high school?! Pathetic huh? I couldn’t sleep without hugging it.

  242. tammy b says on :

    i had a blanket that i loved. i still remember my mom finally getting rid of the last bit of if (probably a 2×2 square). it was VERY traumatic. i do still have my 1st/favorite stuffy though, a sweet little lamb named, oddly enough, lamby!

  243. Heather Hillary says on :

    Nope. No attachments as a child. Well, not to things, anyway. I was hugely attached to my family, and I still am.

  244. Kristin O. says on :

    I had a stuffed beaver named Frankie the Keener Beaver. weird, right?! (My mom said the store was out of teddy bears.)

  245. Peg says on :

    I didn’t really have anything. :-) Thanks for the opportunity!

  246. Melissa Cummings says on :

    I had a “mankie” — which is what I called my blanket, and you could not convince me I was pronouncing it wrong. I apparently picked at its fuzz in my sleep and it became so threadbare that my mom “made it disappear.” We joke now that when I have to go to therapy, it will all be because she threw my mankie away. I’m 40 now, and she recently found a blanket just like it, so she bought me a new “mankie.” I love it! (Oh, and over the years, pretty much all of my blankets have become threadbare thanks to my fuzz-picking habit while I sleep. Some things never change.)

  247. Kathie Williams says on :

    I was attached to a stuffed dog I first named Baby and then changed to Stanley. I slept with him every night until I was probably 5 or so and then he was displayed in my room on a shelf. I would take him down whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone just to listen. I still have him although he is losing his stuffing and has been repaired several times. I don’t think I will ever get rid of him.

  248. Robin W. says on :

    I was pretty independent; I never had a blanket or a stuffed animal I had to have with me.

  249. Vickie says on :

    I was attached to my thumb and had a hard time giving it up. I only had one thumb-sucker child and have always wished for more. I think thumb-suckers are very unique people!

  250. Maren Oborn says on :

    I had my thumb and my “bobby” (ratty, old, stinky, cotton, knit, piece of a blanket). It had to be held by the same hand that was having it’s thumb sucked…the right one.
    I did earn a stuffed animal(lamb) and a pair of roller-skates for giving it all up before 2nd grade!!!

  251. Kathryn Whittaker says on :

    I have given your question some thought, and I don’t seem to be able to remember having any sort of attachment to any one thing. I remember playing with things, especially dolls. My parents bought a large trunk-type case, and stored several of my favorites inside. I still have it. It contains dolls, stuffed animals, doll blankets that my mom crocheted around the edges of. I cherish all these items, especially the blankets, as my mother passed away when I was only 13.

  252. Karie says on :

    I was attached to both blankie and thumb. In fact I stuck my thumb through a hole in my blanket and then sucked on it. That is until my grandma noticed the hole and repaired it. Thumb sucking cured. And I’m told that I didn’t care for my blanket after that either. Congrats on the nomination!

  253. hannahk says on :

    Wow I wasn’t attached to an object, unlike my baby sister who had an organe knit blanket that ended up a tiny ball of fluff after many years ~ I swear she ate it!!!

  254. Corey Acton says on :

    I don’t remember this, but I was very attached to my pacifier. My mother tied them with yarn and would hang them around my neck so that I wouldn’t lose them. There’s one picture of me with 1 in my mouth and the other hanging around my neck.

  255. Louise says on :

    I’m afraid I had a dummy (I think that’s a pacifier in the states ?) nothing else, unlike my youngest son who has an eight yr old cloth bear, a very worn, holey and stinky bear !!

  256. Lynn M says on :

    Congratulations! I was attached to my left thumb; only the left thumb. I don’t remember a “lovey” but I suppose I had stuffed animal too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  257. Marina D-K says on :

    Congratulations on your nomination! I don’t remember if I was attached to it but I still have a handmade bear that plays music. He’s from a Swedish toy company and was really a splurge for my mom who was finishing her degree when she gave birth to me. I think that’s why I’m so attached to it now. He sleeps with my 2yo dd every night =)

    I really enjoy your site.

  258. Leslee Keckley says on :

    Apparently, I was attached to cleanliness! My mom’s favorite story to tell of me was one day when I was a 2 year old playing outside, she could hear me screaming hysterically. She frantically ran out ready to come to my rescue–there I was with my little white corrective shoes standing in the middle of a mud puddle, about to hyperventilate over my filthy distress! And I have to confess, not much has changed–I still hate getting dirty!

  259. S says on :

    I guess you’d say I was attached to a little lamb toy. It was plastic and had marbles on the bottom on its feet so that it would roll. I still have Lambie – she sits high on a shelf in my laundry room and makes me smile! Of course, she seemed so much bigger when I was so much littler.

  260. April P. says on :

    Hey Noell, when I was little, I was attached to a stuffed animal . . . I (very non-creatively) named it Bambi (duh, yes, it was a deer) because I apparently liked the movie. More what I think I liked was the song of the movie titled April Showers because I think it was so cool to have my name in a song! LOL Thanks for the chance to win some awesome goodies, Noell! :)

  261. Joli says on :

    Congrats on a very well deserved honor!
    I had a blanket and a baby doll named Sally, I still have both and won’t let my little girl play with them because I don’t want her to ruin them, not sure what I am saving them for…..

  262. Heather Ippolito says on :

    I had a stuffed raccoon named Jimmy (I actually still have him on a shelf in my daughter’s room!) He went everywhere with me! The first time I went on a roller coaster I yelled the whole time, “Whoa Jimmy!” I’m certain the folks around me thought I was nuts :)
    Congrats on such an amazing honor.

  263. Miss Niki says on :

    I don’t recall having an attachment to a material oject. But I agree with Melissa (comment #1) that would be a great topic to ask my mom about.

  264. Laura D says on :

    I don’t recall being attached to anything in particular although I may have been a thumb sucker (judging by my need for braces – 3 years – to correct an overbite). I also need to check with my mom to make sure.

  265. Sally says on :

    I know you have influenced me. Congrats on the recognition. As a child I was attached to a lot of things. There was a blanket, and my thumb and at Christmas, I drug my little Christmas tree around like a blanket well after the new year. Blanket went a way pretty early, but the thumb sucking stayed until first grade. I manage to keep my Christmas tree in one place now.

  266. Lillian Child says on :

    I’m going to have to ask my mom, but I don’t remember clinging to anything, but then again my oldest memory is when I was five, so who knows. Now my son, on the other hand, has memories going back to the womb – he’s bizarre that way! And congrats on your well known and greatly appreciated papercrafting influence award! Very deserving!

  267. TracyBzz says on :

    I brown bear, with a silk ribbon around his neck. I still have that bear in my bedroom today. He just fit so ice against my chest and tummy and his arms could drape over my arm, the perfect snuggly bear.

  268. christine says on :

    I had a “blankie” which originally was a blanket, that had to be knotted up to stay together by the time I was 2-ish. I had that in my bed thru elementary school, and then in my closet thru my 20′s.

  269. Rebecca (mamabee) says on :

    I was attached to a blanket… but more so to stuffed animals. I still am… my Patti Bear is my go to when I’m really upset. *grin*

  270. AdrianaG. says on :

    Congratulations on your nomination! By the way it also provided the way to discover your site.

    About my childhood attachment…I don’t really remember having one but my mom will probably know better.

    Thanks for the chance of winning too.

  271. Sarah says on :

    It wasn’t so much when I was super little, but I had a Cabbage Patch doll named Benji. I was in and out of the hospital a lot in my mid-teens and Benji went wherever I did.

    Congratulations, Noell! I love the Paperclipping Roundtables!

  272. Tammy K says on :

    I had a stuffed elephant that an uncle gave me that I wore out…I think it was the inside of the ears that were pink satin that I love so much. The ears and tail had to be re-sewn on several times ;)

  273. Katie says on :

    When I was a kid I was attached to a baby blanket that my grandparents gave me the day I was born. It is pink and white with a unicorn on it. I still have it put away. I carried it EVERYWHERE with me up until I was a teenager. My dad’s best friend used to call me Linus because no matter what, I always had that blanket with me. I still love that blanket and I hope to pass it down, if I have kids in the future.

  274. DebJ says on :

    I was attached to a brown stuffed dog named, of course, Brownie. It was given to me by my father.

  275. Raewyn A says on :

    I had a little teddy bear with one good eye and one broken eye (orange glass). I was devastated when mum sucked the broken part up the vacuum cleaner!

  276. Chelsie says on :

    I had a white and pink stuffed rabbit, Bunny Foo Foo. My mom kept it and my girls play with it today.

  277. Mandy says on :

    I just discovered your blog and paperclipping site. I have lots to explore. I don’t remember being attached to anything special when I was younger but I was a thumb sucker, so I guess I always had it with me.

  278. Nancy says on :

    Evidently, I had an attachment to a blanket with a beautiful soft pink satin binding. And I drug it around until it was in tatters. I don’t remember it but my mom swears by it!

  279. Jennifer says on :

    I was definitely a blanket girl – waiting by the washer and outside on the line to dry. And come to think of it, I was sucking my thumb while I waited. Two-for one!

  280. Janna says on :

    I had a blanket that I still have today, of course it is tucked away now. Congratulations

  281. Dana says on :

    I was very attached to a cloth doll with a plastic head, feet and hands. I loved the clothes right off thing so it was a very strange looking doll. Especially after the hair got all matted :)

  282. Sherrie M. says on :

    Don’t recall having an attachment to something…and none of my baby pictures show anything either. Probably just attached to my mom!

  283. LaraR says on :

    Congrats Noell! I think you are awesome (and belong in the book of awesome ;) ) you are even more famous now! I wasn’t attached to any one stuffed animal but I did collect them. My Dad built three shelves on my wall in my room for me to put them all on and then I would take turns sleeping with them.

  284. KathyL says on :

    I guess I’m going to have to check with my Mom on this one :) I remember my Chatty Cathy doll very well though so maybe that was one of the things I was always with. Congrats on being one of the nominees.

  285. nina says on :

    I had a large collection of stuffed animals that I was very attached to and would pick a different animal each day to carry around with me.

  286. falwyn says on :

    Oh man, I’m gonna enter and enter till I get those CZ templates. (Though Jessica Sprague or BPS classes sound awesome too.)

    I loved stuffed animals. My Snoopy was a particular favorite – and I still have him, floppy neck and all.

    Congrats to you on the award, too! :)

  287. digiSara says on :

    I sucked my fingers – first 2 fingers upside down. So strange! Plus I always had to have one of my Cabbage Patch Dolls with me – they travelled everywhere! :) Congrats Noell (and Izzy) – I love the roundtable and digi podcasts! So inspiring!

  288. Michelle Huegel says on :

    I had a Teddy bear, that is now very worn, fixed many times, and shows much love! My own son now has a “lovey”, a scrap of soft blanket with a Pooh bear head in one corner! He can’t sleep without it!

  289. Bonnie says on :

    I know I had a blankie, but I don’t think I was incredibly attached to it. I’ll have to call my mom and ask!

  290. Tina says on :

    Congratulations Noel. I don’t remember being particularly attached to anything. My daughters do has a blanket that goes everywhere with her and my youngest has a stuffed animal that she has to have with her to sleep.

  291. DeAnna says on :

    I don’t recall having an attachment, although I do remember as I was a bit older (6-9 or so) sucking my thumb. Earlier than that it was probably a book, any book, but I’d have to check with my mother. Congrats on the spotlight!

  292. Denise says on :

    I had a blankie I dragged around EVERYWHERE. My mom and I had constant arguments about it, because I’d refuse to leave it at home :) I still have it in my hope chest. It’s threadbare and ragged from all the years of use :) )

  293. wrights13 says on :

    I had my blankie with me all throughout my growing up years. I tried to give it to a friend’s baby brother, but took it back two days later when I saw the friend using it instead. When I grew to big for it, it was placed at the foot of my bed – it even went to college with me. When I got married, it was retired to my Hope Chest – which remains at the foot of my bed… Always and Forever!

  294. Cathy S says on :

    No blanket, thumb or stuffed animal for me. Can’t remember anything I was particularly attached to, just some favorite dolls I loved.

  295. Gail E says on :

    I had a doll at my grandmas house I was attached to. She actually gave me the doll a few years ago when she had to go into a nursing home. I keep it on the shelf in my closet, so I see her every day when I get dressed. Congrats and thanks for the chance to win!

  296. meagan says on :

    I was attached to a blankie of sorts. It was actually a baby sheet, but I used it as a blankie

  297. Patricia says on :

    Congratulations! My comfort toy was a little stuffed brown dog that I used to carry with me everywhere! My mom has several photos of me carrying it around.

  298. cindy says on :

    unfortunately i don’t remember a lot of little things like that from my childhood. as an abused child i learned to block things from my memories and unfortunately the good went with the bad.

  299. sylvia capizano says on :

    I don’t remember having any form of “security” item when I was young. Being the oldest of 6 made me pretty independent. My mom depended on me to help her with my younger siblings :)

  300. Kim says on :

    I don’t recall being attached to anything, but my Mom has mentioned that I always wanted to have a bottle to suck on (I think she put water or nothing in it).

    Congratulations on your nomination. You deserve it! I love the Paperclipping Roundtable and would really love to win a six-month subscription to your video tutorials!

  301. tchrtiff says on :

    Congratulations on the recognition! You and Izzy make great videos and I love love love listening to the PRT. Keep up the great work!

    I don’t remember being attached to anything (thumb, blanket or stuffed animal) so I just called my mom and she said she also doesn’t remember me being attached to any one thing. She said (and I remember) having lots of stuffed animals and Barbie dolls when I was little but there wasn’t one thing that I had to have. I can’t wait to hear your story.

  302. JoLynn says on :

    Stuffed animals of all sorts were my thing. I LOVED to sleep with one nestled in my arms. All. the. way. through. college. Yeah, I said it.

    I am so grateful for this blog tour. I had no idea how much you had out there in the scrapbook cyber-world, Noell! Congratulations on your honor.

  303. Sarah H. says on :

    Mine is strange…my mother’s hair was my attachment item. I loved to grab a handful of her hair. For some reason that eludes me now, that was what comforted me. And my two children have done the same exact thing. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  304. Tracy Dayett says on :

    Well, growing up I was not attached to anything. I don’t even think I had a baby blanket that was a main stay. I do remember a small Minnie Mouse pin I received as a gift that I still have…but oddly that is one of the only childhood items I can recall.

  305. Lara Carson says on :

    I was a thumb sucker and I also had a old stuffed animal that I call my Fuzzy…it was so worn that when I finally gave it up, it was only the head, the arms/legs had long ago lost its stuffing and was only fabric! LOL, thank you for giving me that long-ago-memory!

  306. Jena Baker says on :

    I was attached to a pink blanket knitted for me by my Aunt. I slept with it everynight until I was married. It is affectionately called “B” and still lives in my pajama drawer where I can look at it everynight before I go to bed.

  307. Jennifer M. says on :

    Congratulations Noell! I’ve been listening to your Paperclipping Roundtable, but had never been to your blog. But I linked to it from Ella last Friday and read your post about not watching TV at your house. It made me think really hard about the amount of TV/movie watching going on at my house.

    My comfort object when I was little was a stuffed animal that I called “Sleepy Dog.” He was white with a black felt nose and black felt eyes (shaped like quarter moons, to indicate that they were closed/asleep). I loved that dog so much, the nose and eyes fell off, and eventually all the fuzz came off too. It was only after my first child became attached to “Lamby,” a stuffed white lamb that I realized that my Sleep Dog was probably a lamb.

    Sleepy Dog currently resides in a box in my mom’s basement. I should go get him; Sleep Dog and Lamby belong on a scrapbook page together. Plus, he’s probably lonely over there in that box…

  308. Catherine Reum says on :

    I was both a thumb sucker and a blanket carrier. Usually couldn’t do one without the other. Congrats on the wonderful achievement!

  309. nitasha says on :

    I was an only child, so I was pretty independent. I don’t recall having a favorite blankie or anything that I always had with me.

  310. Nadine says on :

    I wasn’t attached to any particular toy/blanket/bolster.
    in which I felt like perhaps there was a need to because
    when I grew up, I found out that almost everyone had a
    special something they cling onto when they were little.

    it made me feel pretty left out. hmm.

  311. kate blue says on :

    I’m dating myself I know, but I remember that my twin sis & I always carried around our “Baby Drowsy” dolls for like forever! As a military brat, we weren’t allowed to keep too many toys but SHE was def my “lovie” when I was bout 3 YO…I have a vintage one in my studio!

  312. Heather Crawley says on :

    I had a green blankie that was so worn, my mother had to work some sewing magic to put it back together several times. My daughter has it now. I also had Henry, a stuffed dog that looked a lot like Snoopy, but was brown. I still have him, also, but he is sitting in a honored place in my bedroom.

  313. Michele T. says on :

    I was VERY attached to my stuffed monkey .. I loved that guy! Congrats on your award :)

  314. Tammy T says on :

    A “tigger” as in “tigger & winnie the pooh.” I still have him. I think he is living in a modge podge of stuffies in my youngest daughters room. He still gives me a feeling of peace when I rub his still soft tail!


  315. Lindsay says on :

    When I was little I was attached to my blanket that had a mommy duck and a baby duck on it. I think I loved it so much because my grandpa would have me sit on it and he would pull me around the living room and sing “The Lindsay Parade” (A song my Dad and Grandpa made up about me when I was litle. I still have that blanket but it’s now tattered from many years of use, the memories from that blanket are some of the last I have of my grandpa.

  316. Mom Cheryl says on :

    Congrats Noell! You so deserve this. I love your roundtable discussions. I even listen to them at work sometimes. I did have a baby blanket but I didn’t carry everywhere I went. I still have that baby blanket but my son didn’t get attached to it either.

  317. Debbie says on :

    I really liked my Baby Beanies doll.

  318. Erin says on :

    Congrats! I am new to your blog but I will definitely be a follower now. Thanks for the inspiration. I can’t really remember an attachment…maybe pooh bear.

  319. Kerry G. says on :

    Congratulations! I was attached to both a blanket and a doll and I was a thumbsucker. My goodness, I must have needed a lot of comforting when I was a kid.

  320. Janel says on :

    I was attached to a blanket, my “bankey” to be more exact. LOL! I loved that little tattered thing to pieces. . . literally! Finally had to throw away the small piece that was left. (sniff) Anyway, Congrats Noell! I am addicted to Paperclipping Roundtable! Thanks for a great show every week!

  321. Cheryl S says on :

    I was very attached to my bottle, didn’t have to have anything in it, just had to have it with me.

  322. BeaT says on :

    I used to suck two fingers. Yes, I know, what a weird kid. My mom tried lots of things to get me to stop. I think it might have been the hot peppers that finally got me unhooked.

  323. Rebecca says on :

    I had a Baby named “Honey”. Im pretty sure if I could find her I would still have my Baby Honey stashed in my purse. Haha

  324. Valerie Bishop says on :

    I was definitely a thumb sucker – My mom said I’d just point and grunt for the first two years of my life because I wouldn’t pull my thumb out of my mouth!! LOL Congrats on the nomination!!

  325. Megan P says on :

    YES i carried a blankie around, it was definatley my comfort peice, i loved the way it felt and smelled, one of my favorite things from childhood. unfortualtley i overused it and ripped it to shreds all i have left is a 12×2 inch peice left, and i still sleep with it at night and it is still one of my greatest sources of comfort!


  326. okanaganDawn says on :

    I was not attached to anything as a toddler.

  327. Sinead Kirby says on :

    I had a sheep toy I called Russ:) went nowhere without him!! well done on your nomination.

  328. Courtney M. says on :

    I LOVED my bunny and my 4 year old found him last week. Better than my DH “Larry Bear” that he cut all the hair off. He named him after his Uncle Larry because he is bald.

  329. Melissa says on :

    I was a die hard Winnie the Pooh fanatic. I got a stuffed Pooh when I was 4 and carried it with me everywhere.

    And yes I still have it. He’s tucked away in the top of my closet for safe keeping…and the occasional hug.

  330. murdie says on :

    First congrats to you Noell! I found you (and PRT) through Ali Edwards and I am so glad I checked it out. Now I am there each week. :) This girl was a MEGA thumb-sucker as a child. What a hard habit to break. I made sure all my kids took a binky instead!

  331. Shay says on :

    Congratulations on the accolade! I have been glued to my iPhone since discovering Paperclipping Roundtable and the Digi Show. I was attached to my thumb (despite my mom’s best efforts to stop it with bitter nailpolish…she only put nailpolish on one thumb so I would merely switch thumbs) and my pillow (instead of a blanket I always brought along my pillow).

  332. Sarah says on :

    Congratulations Noell on your new title!
    I have to say, I wasn’t crazy attached to anything as a child, but, I still have a Sesame Street (twin size)blanket that my mom made me. I didn’t drag it everywhere I went, but I took it to college with me, and my kids use it now to snuggle up on movie night.

  333. Kelly T. says on :

    I really wasn’t attached to one particular thing as a child, except maybe my poor brother. He was older and I followed him around all the time!

  334. Ami says on :

    Unfortunetly my thumb was my security until the first time I wanted to attend a sleep-over. Oh how they worried about my teeth.

  335. Kelley says on :

    I have my baby blanket (my mom embroidered and grandma quilted) but it doesn’t have any frayed edges so I’m guessing I didn’t carry it around. I have my stuffed bear, too. And again, no holes, so I must have left it alone. From these, I’d have to say I was an independent litte bugger and wasn’t attached to anything.

  336. Erika M says on :

    According to mom, I was too independent so no attachments for me to a blanky or stuffed animal. My daughter on the other hand is 15 years old and still has a Pooh sweatshirt that I used to wear when she was a baby and she still sleeps with it.

  337. Meagan says on :

    I don’t think I was attached to anything as a child. I did have a favorite teddy bear when I was a little older because it was big and just the right size to drape my arm over when I was sleeping.

  338. Carla Callahan says on :

    I had a rainbow colored floppy dog that was my favorite companion. He was given to me by my parents at 4 years of age when I was in the hospital for a procedure. He was my friend until I left my parents’ house. Wow, I haven’t thought about him in a while… I wonder where he is now….

  339. Laura Fiore says on :

    YAY for you Noell! Well deserved! I had an attachment to my baby blanket…slept with it until I was eight years old, then I put it on my dollbed at my bedside so that if I needed to touch it in the middle of a scary night, I could still reach it. To this day, it holds a place of honor on a shelf in my closet…it’s pretty sad to look at, but I love how comforting it has always been!

  340. Jamie De Luna says on :

    I had a pink soft blanket with pink satin trim. Eventually it got holes and looked very tattered but I loved it. While traveling when I was 4 or 5, we left it in a hotel room. Mom may have had a hand in “leaving it”. Otherwise I wasn’t going to give it up. :)

  341. Bekah says on :

    I had a favorite stuffed animal- Leo the Lion- and he went lots of places with me, but I don’t think I was attached to him in a “needy” way. I have always been a fairly independent gal!

  342. Kirsten J says on :

    Congrats Noell, silly girl, how could they not notice you?!?!? Me? no real childhood attachments, but I did always rub my sheets between my fingers to help me fall asleep. I was the first child, and so I think my mom didn’t know about silky blankies :)

  343. Amanda M. says on :

    I was very attached to my Cabbage Patch Doll! I loved her and names her Annabelle.

  344. Jessica C says on :

    I was super attached to a stuffed polar bear, Pierre the Polar Bear. He lives in my twins’ room now, on top of a chest with my husband’s childhood bear.

  345. nicolinad says on :

    I was attached to 3 things – my thumb, my blankie and my stuffed blue elephant, Elphie. I still have that precious blue elephant. While he has seen some better days, Elphie has become a dear friend to my daughter. :-) Thanks for letting me share and congrats to you!!

  346. Kelly Adams says on :

    I was attached to a white waffle-weave blanket…my grandmother sewed a green satin border on it once, and I cried so much — it wasn’t my blankie anymore! — that she had to take it off. :)

  347. Scrappy Barb says on :

    I was one of those ‘rough on things’ ‘kids. I always had a doll with me, but her hair would be matted and her dress torn. My yo-yo string would have a knot. I played my toys to death. I love Little Kittles and their play town. I wore it out!

  348. LinaH says on :

    When I was little, I remember a favorite baby doll that went everywhere with me. Congrats to you Noell, love your Paperclipping Talk shows!! Keep influencing us!

  349. lynda p says on :

    hmm, i don’t know if i was attached to one item, but i do know i carried dolls or stuffed animals with me.


  350. Angie Kyle says on :

    I was attached to a clown blanket that my babysitter made for me as an infant. I still have the blanket.

  351. Sue Williams says on :

    I had bunny. I got him on my first Christmas and he lived on my bed for about 25 years.

  352. Michelle C says on :

    I was attached to a soft pink blanket. But it wasn’t really the blanket part that I loved the most. It was the satin binding that went all around it. I would rub that in my fingers and loved it.
    Congrats on the recognition and thanks for sharing!

  353. Wendy Holifield says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything, but I remember a favorite toy. My grandparents went to Australia and brought me back a stuffed Koala bear. It was the cutest, softest bear I had ever felt!! I was definitely a favorite childhood toy and memory!!

  354. Carol says on :

    I was attached to my pony. I started riding as a toddler. I used to revel in going out to his stall to pet him, brush him or even scoop his poop. I got over that last fascination quickly once I had children and an infinate number of baby diapers to deal with!

  355. ArlaMo says on :

    I *still* sleep with my blanket!! My mom and grandma quilted it (it is the softest tricot) and I have carried it around with me for 40 years!

  356. Kirsty D says on :

    Thumb sucking with a comfort blanket. Secretly though, the comfort blanket still has to go everywhere with me, I fold it up and stuff it in my bag – if I don’t have it with me I get a little anxious. And I often find my thumb gravitating towards my mouth, yes at 27 years old lol. Luckily hubby understands – he still sucks his thumb too :)

    Congrats on winning :) I have my copy of ebook already!

  357. kelli johnson says on :

    Craziest thing…I sucked on my two first fingers and rubbed my Dad’s old t-shirt collars. My kids…they both suck on two fingers and sniff a blanket. I even have photos. I plan to scrap this most definitely!

  358. kristen says on :

    I had a doll that I named “Delly” but I honestly don’t remember being that attached to one thing. I also sucked on two fingers rather than a thumb…but my boys were all thumb suckers and are attached to either a little blankie or stuffed dog. I secretly love that they have ‘lovies’. :)

  359. bunnyfreak says on :

    I had a blankie. I would hang out by the washing machine until it was done washing when my mom would take it to clean.

  360. ShellyJ says on :

    I was a thumb sucker with a blankie :) I would think that i would get my engergy from my blanket through my thumb… still have the little knot of what it is today!

  361. heidi y says on :

    I was an ‘animal’ attached baby… No wonder my kids are also animal-attached kids, too!

  362. Dina says on :

    Congratulations! I was attached to both a blankie and my thumb. In fact, don’t laugh, I think I sucked my thumb till I was like 10! Something I didn’t share with my 7-yr-old when we were trying to get her to quit!

  363. Olivia L says on :

    I was attached to my kitty. Not a stiff stuffed fake one; this was a real, live kitty. Fat, fluffy, and oh so annoyed with me, this cat spent his last few lives running from my grasping hands and excited squeals. Poor kitty :( But I loved that cat.

    Congrats Noell! How exciting!

  364. Lexi says on :

    I had “lambie”. And somewhere in the depths of some closet is what is left of lambie…eye missing, fur missing. I’m sure it looks quite the site!! Great question and WOW those are some fine prizes :)

  365. Carrie says on :

    I don’t think I was attached to any one item in particular but I did have some favorites. I still have the stuffed hippo that I got when I was born. Her name is Henrietta!

  366. HeatherK says on :

    I was very attached to my baby blanket. It sat on the end of my bed through high school!!

  367. Colleen says on :

    The only thing I remember, and still today, is sleeping with my own pillow each night.

  368. Deb says on :

    I did not have a special toy to which I was attached, but my “go-to” thing when I was feeling insecure was to twirl my hair–I was certainly “attached” to that! :)

  369. Alison M. says on :

    Strangely enough, I didn’t have anything like that as a child, nothing I held onto and wouldn’t give up, but now I’m an inveterate packrat!

  370. Tanya K. says on :

    I don’t remember having a special attachment to anything in particular from when I was a child. I went through phases with different things, but never just one thing that I had to have!

  371. Denise says on :

    Congratualations! You are such an inspiration.
    I was attached to my American Girl doll…Molly.

  372. Leslie says on :

    Congratulations! I love listening to the Round Table while I am creating. I had a stuffed bunny rabbit as a child that I remember having with me at night. I don’t think I carried anything around with me during the day. I had a Chatty Cathy as KathyL mention – and I know I played with her alot – I think I loved her to death in fact.

  373. Heather Robertson says on :

    I had a little teddy bear which is now 48 yearsold and I still have him

  374. Lisa says on :

    I don’t recall ever having an attachment to an object but I did have an imaginary friend named Tad I was rather fond of.

  375. {vicki} says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything but my son’s attachment is a stuffed pooh bear—it was given to me at my baby shower and is definatley his fave!

  376. Glenda says on :

    Congratulations on the nomination. I don’t think I was attached to anything as a child, maybe my older sister because I used to follow her everywhere.

  377. Rossella says on :

    Congratulations Noell! I so love Paperclipping.
    When I was a child I was attached to my thumb. I was always sucking at it and one day my mum had the crazy idea of putting hot pepper on it to make me stop. We ended up in the hospital because I rubbed my eyes with my very “hot” fingers. Sometimes my mum makes the strangest things on earth…but I love her for that. :-) Ok…maybe not for making me go to the hospital :-) ))

  378. Carmen Pauls Orthner says on :

    I had a stuffed rabbit named Jennifer — my middle name, and (at the time) the name I preferred. :) She was originally white and had a flowered dress. She ended up with grey fur, a re-sewn nose, ears that would no longer stand up straight — in other words, she was real (a la The Velveteen Rabbit).


  379. Becky says on :

    I was attached to a stuffed elephant, but not until I was about seven. I even wrote a song about it that still haunts me…

  380. Dorothy F says on :

    I had a stuffed panda bear. I loved him so much and we rubbed noses so much, that he had to have a new nose attached monthly. I would rub it right off of him. Sometimes wish I still had him.

  381. Karen says on :

    I was attached to a stuffed animal – a small Winnie the Pooh. I’ve saved it all these years and had it by my dd when we did her 3 month pics!

  382. Julie says on :

    Congratulations, love your work. I had my teddy bear.

  383. Kathy says on :

    I don’t recall being attached to anything except my Nancy Drew books but my sister still has a silly little furry doll called SnowJet. It was a mascot for a brand of snowmobile.

  384. Crystal says on :

    I’m the oldest in our family and I was just independent – right from the beginning! No blankets to be attached to because my younger brother needed them! Congrats on being named to this list! And thanks for sharing awesome giveaways :)

  385. zewa says on :

    Congrats…..I was attached to my Steiff Teddy Bear

  386. Laura says on :

    I do not remember anything!!! Great question as I will have to ask my mom to find out. Love the roundtable!

  387. Christine Scott says on :

    I guess it would be a rag quilt my grandma Malone made for me! I loved it and when I went to kindergarten, we brought a quilt for nap time (yes we had nap time) and that was the one I took.

  388. Nancys says on :

    Congratulations – well deserved nomination! I was attached to a stuffed gingerbread boy – 50+ years later, I still have it.

  389. Jody says on :

    I had an invisible friend. He didn’t have a name, he was just there. As a teenager, when I felt no one was listening, I would have conversations with him in my head. I don’t even know when he went away. He just did.

  390. D says on :

    I was attached to stuffed animals – I slept with so many it was like a zoo!

  391. Laura says on :

    I was pretty attached to my teddy bear, imaginatively named “Teddy.” His face is permanently smooshed in from many, many hugs (and I still have him on a shelf in my closet).

  392. Sarah B R says on :

    I had a red fuzzy pillow. My mom covered it with a new fabric and I gave it up!

  393. Unika Howell-Molden says on :

    Wow, Im so glad that I stumpled upon your site! Its lovely and now I have a new hobby that I can take with me anywhere.

    When you were little, were you attached to a baby blanket? A thumb? A stuffed toy? What were you attached to? Or were you so independent you didn’t need anything?

    I’m an only child and I was raised by my mother until I was around 11 years old. We lived in California and yes, I was a “latch-key” kid. I had this old blanket that my mom would wash and spray her favorite perfum on. I have that blanket still today!

  394. JennieB says on :

    I wasn’t attached to a thing, but to a person. I’ve been told that I was a “Mama’s girl” when I was little.

  395. Lynette says on :

    Congratulations! I had a blanket that I ‘had’ to sleep with even in my adult years. I forced myself to give it up about 10 years ago. I don’t even want to tell you how old I was at the time!!

  396. Melissa Aguiar says on :

    I was attached to a blanket my grandmother made me. It had the precious babies stitched in from a pattern he had and I loved it so much. I wish I had it when my daughter was born so I could have passed it down to her. Thank you for a chance.

  397. Roberta says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything except my storybook. Mom read to me a lot and I credit my lifelong love affair with reading to those early years.

  398. amy says on :

    I was never really attached to something as a child, but when I was in high school, I slept with a Snoopy doll my boyfriend gave me. He’s my hubby now, so I guess it all worked out :)

  399. blurooferika says on :

    I iddn’t have a lovey, blanket or stuffed animal when I was little. I’m not sure why. I was a little jealous of my younger sister’s love for Teddy, but not enough to move me to get one of my own. Guess I was always an independent gal.

  400. Michelle910 says on :

    I had a stuffed beaver…yes, I know it sounds bizarre…but his name was Bucky and he had a red knit hat. His fur was very bare on his sides from my arm over him at night. He really looked pretty pathetic by the time I was a teenager!

  401. Monica says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything. Other than the adults in my life. I always wanted to be around the grownups (my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc). I was content if I could be sitting in the room listening to what they were talking about.

    Congrats Noell! I knew you’d be one of the picks!

  402. Amy says on :

    Congratulations Noell – you’re very deserving of a MISA.
    The only thing from my childhood that I remember being attached to was my cat named Precious. Her & I were practically joined together.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these great giveaways. I’m looking forward to checking out the eBook.

  403. Andi M says on :

    According to my mom, apparently I was not attached to any object. I was completely independent.

  404. Deb L says on :

    I had a satin-y blanket that I was totally attached to. One day it disappeared (I think I was around 5), and I thought the little girl that my mom babysat had taken it… to this day I still don’t know what happened to my blankie… :o )

  405. Kim K. says on :

    Congrats on your nomination! I don’t remember being “attached” to anything as a child, but I did play with my Barbie dolls until I was TWELVE!

  406. Celia T. says on :

    I was attached to a blanket. I liek to twist corner, which calmed me down.

  407. AllyW says on :

    I don’t recall being really attached to one item as a child…so not surprising to say that even today i have no attchments to “things” either. Just my family :)

  408. Barb in AK says on :

    Okay, as embarrassed as I am going to be, I’ll admit it. My grandma made a little cat pillow for me when I was about 9 years old. It was a simple pattern of a cat’s face cut from terry cloth. The face was embroidered on one side with opened eyes, the other side had closed eyes.
    I slept with that little pillow every night–and I mean EVERY night!! It went to college with me, even though it was nearly a rag by then.

    When I married, it went with me to my new home. My dh was completely dumb-founded. I told him I just couldn’t sleep without it.
    Funny, though, it didn’t take long to ditch the thread-bare kitty pillow when I found how comfy my dh’s arms were for sleeping ;-)

  409. rkokes says on :

    a pacifier!

  410. Rita says on :

    I really wasn’t attached to anything, but I love my granddaughter’s names for their special blankets….Sweetie, Blankie and Dottie (a polka dot blanket).

  411. Candyce says on :

    Ok, I’m not trying for the sympathy award, but my story does sound pitiful! For some reason which I am unaware of, neither I nor my older brother and sister had any tangible “comfort item”. My younger sister, the baby of the family, did have a teddy bear. I’m sure it was a coincidence!

    However at 4 yrs old, I had an imaginary friend, “Nancy”, that my mother was required to wait to close the car door until Nancy was in the car, say goodnight to each night, and I would often tattle on because she wouldn’t be quiet when I was trying to sleep. (My mother took me to the doctor because she was afraid I was retarded)

    My first real love came when I bought my self a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll at Disneyland when I went there as a high school senior on Grad Night. I still have him, and still love him!

  412. Missy Gener says on :

    I have slept with a Pooh Bear for as long as I can remember. I still sleep with him after all this time, even marriage and two children. Lucky for me, my husband is very understanding of the “other man in my life.”

  413. pat8 says on :

    I was very attached my thumb and remember that my folks tried many many different things to separate the two of us!

  414. Gypsy says on :

    A small pink rabbit known as Bunbun. I was quite little though when my Bunbun got lost after that I toughed it out on my own. :-)

  415. Lisa S. says on :

    Thumb and blanket both. Thumb went around 4 or 5, but I was around 9 when I threw the shreds of my blankets away. I remember sobbing. I’m a fine, well-adjusted adult, but it was traumatic at the time.

  416. Amy v says on :

    I had a white bear named Paula – she went with me wherever I went. She now sits in my daughters room with her special stuffies :)

  417. TanyaS says on :

    I loved a little light green blanket with the softest satin edge!

  418. Andrea West says on :

    I was attached to a crocheted blanket that my grandma made for me. Congratuations to you!

  419. Kimber-Leigh says on :


    i was very attached to two small blankets that a close family friend made for me. in addition to a tiny little bear i named Sweetheart. they currently reside in my dresser drawer (where the blankets are occasionally used as a replacement for my own children’s blankies.

  420. Josee says on :

    I was really attached to a Cookie Monster pull toy that was kept at my grand parents’ house.

  421. Lauren says on :

    I LOVED my teddy! And I still have my first three bears, the one from 0-12 months, 1-4/5 years and the one that lasted clear into high school. I took my bear EVERYWHERE – my parents were always having to backtrack when I would leave it somewhere. I should really scrap themm….

  422. Lola says on :

    Congratulations on the nomination! I was attached to my thumb and my much beloved stuffed bear, “Charlie”, that I’ve had for 43 years!

  423. Katie says on :

    I was so in love with my pink blanket. I took it with me everywhere. It made me feel safe and secure!

  424. June says on :

    I am a big fan of Noell, the Paperclipping Roundtable and the Digi Show. I am continually inspired by the panel and the topics they discuss in the show. Congratulations Noell!

    I don’t really remember being attached to a comfort object. We were not from a well to do family and my parents never got a chance to document my childhood, so I guess I’ll never know.

  425. Belinda says on :

    When I was very small, I was apparently very attached to a pacifier named “binky”…my dad nicknamed me that & it just “stuck!” People still call me by that name today!

  426. Darlene says on :

    A small white bear named Charlie, who of course didn’t stay white for long.

  427. bibliotecaria says on :

    I was extremely attached to a blanket with a silky edge that I would rub between my thumb and finger. I was also extremely attached to my own thumb. My mother has a picture of me standing next to the laundry line where my blanket is hanging, sucking my thumb and rubbing the blanket edge.

  428. Stephanie Eaken says on :

    I had a stuffed dog that I LOVED! I also remember having an Eeyore stuffed animal that was very special to me.
    Thanx 4 the chance to win!!!

  429. Karen Schmidt says on :


    I’ve never been to this blog before and I’m looking forward to reading it. When I was little I used to suck my thumb with one hand and my other hand would be playing with my belly button.

  430. Jennie says on :

    I was very attached to a green blanket. So attached that when my brother put it in his mouth and tried to take it, I pulled his tooth out!

  431. HeatherC says on :

    I was attached to my thumb, which my mom got me to finally give up in lieu of fingernail decals when I was almost 5.

  432. ConnieC says on :

    I can’t think of anything that I was attached to.

  433. Michele Mc says on :

    I don’t recall being attached to a blanket or sucking my thumb. But I do remember this “Cinnamon” doll I had, whose hair could “grow” out of the top of here head. My sister had one who was named “Violet”. Haven’t thought about that in years!

  434. Lynn M says on :

    Congratulations! It was the thumb for me.

  435. naomi_m says on :

    I had a CheerBear carebear. In fact I still have him somewhere!

  436. Lori Proulx says on :

    When I was little, I was attached (literally) to my thumb and also my blankie. I give, I was a night time user. Once, my Mom thought she could hide blankie from me to break my habit. But… I found it, as I had in bed with me that night.

  437. Beth says on :

    As a child, I would always take my doll with me. It did not matter where we went or what we did. I always pretended to be a “mommy” to my doll. I treated her just as if I was a “real” mom.

  438. Beth says on :

    The only thing I was attached to as a child was my mom. I loved to twist her hair and rub her nightgowns between my fingers.

  439. Debbie says on :

    I was attached to a pacifier. When I was two, my mother told me that Santa would not bring me any toys unless I gave up my pacifier. So I gave it up and got lots of gifts! I don’t even remember missing it.

  440. Kay Gregory-Clark says on :

    I was pretty attached to two “rag” dolls I had. My aunt made them for me & I named one for her & me.

  441. Joyce L. says on :

    I didn’t have any objects, but when I was old enough to walk, I would sneak into my parents’ room to sleep on their floor. They would wake up and find me there every night!

  442. HeatherC says on :

    I was attached to a doll that I named Elizabeth (which wasn’t really original, as it’s my middle name). After a few years, Elizabeth broke, and my parents bought me Elizabeth II and Emily. They were all Gerber dolls. My parents gave me Elizabeth I back when I was older, as they got her fixed. Currently, they are stuck in my parents’ attic, as the ladder has broken… One day, I will give them all to my daughter!

  443. Carla says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything that was actually “something”. I had an imaginary friend named George who went everywhere with me. My mom has told me that once she put me in the car and I was maybe 3-4 years old, she shut the door and then went to get in and I started screaming and crying that she was going to leave him behind. I apparently kept screaming and throwing a fit to the point my mom got out of the car, walked around and opened to door to let my imaginary friend in. Once she did that I was perfectly fine.

    Congratulations on being chosen :)

  444. Kanani says on :

    I’d say my pillow! I remember having a yellow and white diamond patterned pillow when I was little but there started to be little holes so my mom sent me off with a cousin so that she could sew me a new pillow. The outside of the pillow was new and decorated with my family members names and birthdates. The stuffing was from the original pillow!

    I LOVE this people and took it everwhere with me until I was a teenager and Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai!

    Oh the memories of my favorite pillow!

  445. Nina Fazio says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything, but then again, I’m getting pretty old LOL That may be why I started to scrapbook, to record the things my children did, so they wouldn’t lose the memories :)

    Great job Noell (& Izzy too) I love your site and all the podcasts. Thanks so much!

  446. Kristie Maynard says on :

    When I was little I had a rabbit that I named Robbie Rabbit. I slept with Robbie Rabbit and loved him more than any other doll or stuffed animal. Robbie had a plastic face that eventually got cracked and broken, but I still loved him. His body wore out and my Mom used an old shirt of my Dad’s and made him a new body. Don’t know how she did that as she really didn’t sew much, but she did a wonderful job. Now I’m 54 yo and Robbie is in a box in my attic. Can’t bear to part with him.
    Congrats!!! What an honor! Thanks for the chance at the give aways!

  447. Kelly says on :

    I used to have a pound puupy that I took everywhere with me. It even came in when I got my tonsils removed. My daughter has a lambie. We’re stuffed animal people :)

  448. Suz says on :

    I had a special quilted blanket that was made by my great Aunt Helen. It was squares of pastel print cotton fabric & the backing was a soft flannel. So cozy (yes I still have it along with my Teddy)

  449. Cindy C says on :

    A stuffed Huckleberry Hound (guess I’m showing my age).

  450. viki says on :

    congrats…what an honor:) I have such a vague memory of my childhood or I just didn’t have an attachment to anything I can remember. Wish my mom had captured my childhood!

  451. Erin says on :

    Congratulations! What an honor! I was very attached to a stuffed gray seal that I got in a little store in Monterey, CA–how I loved that little seal! Wish I still had it! :)

  452. Amy S says on :

    I was attached to my homemade quilt my grandma made me! Thanks for the opportunity to win a giveaway & congrats!!! Well deserved!!!

  453. Hua says on :


    I didn’t have any type of security objects, neither did my husband but all of my four kids do! Their blankets!!

  454. Carrie K says on :

    noell…thanks so much for the wonderful paperclipping roundtables…they make my workouts so much fun…although i get weird looks when i laugh out loud at the gym :)

    i wasnt really attached to anything as a baby…which is odd…cause now im very sentimental about objects :)

  455. ruth tacoma says on :

    Hmmmm…more than a blanket, I was attached to the silky edge of my blankie. ;)

  456. Helen says on :

    I used to have a panda. I’m told it was given to me as a Christmas present when I was about 18 months old and once opened I didnt want anything else! I took it everywhere and couldnt go to bed without it! (except when it started to fall to bits and my mum had to send it to ‘toy hospital’ to be mended! Actually I’m now 45 years old and I still have it, although very threadbare! Congratulations on the win, I love listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  457. Theresa says on :

    Congrats! I really do not remember any sort of blanket or thumb type attachment…hmm…I am going to have to ask my mom….

  458. Heather W says on :

    I had my teddy bear Suzie Q. I’m an only child and she slept with me and comforted me all through my childhood and into my adult life until I married my husband. I’m 40 and still have her, but she is on a shelf. She is tan, her fur is no longer fluffy, she is a bit battered and her nose is seriously rubbed from years of snuggling. I just love her ever so much.

    Thanks for the prompt to remember such a special girl in my life!

  459. Maureen says on :

    Congratulations Noell!

    I had a blanket that I’m told kept getting smaller and smaller till it disappeared. I don’t recall any name I had for it, and as a 65yr old, there’s no one alive who might remember more! It must have served it’s purpose because apparently I was not a thumb sucker.

    Thanks for some wonderful giveaways here.

  460. NoelleCatMom says on :

    Three weeks before I was born, my parents attended my dad’s work Christmas party. Since they didn’t know if they’d have a baby yet by then, Dad had filled out the “Santa Gift” paperwork for a baby toy. (Children of employees could sit on Santa’s lap at the party, and would be given a gender/age appropriate toy, based on that paperwork the parent filled out.) The gift my parents were given for me, was a stuffed Pilsbury Doughboy. After I was born, that doll never left my side. I carried it everywhere for ages. In fact, it’s packed in a box upstairs in my new baby’s bedroom, still lovingly hanging around some 30+ years later.

    Funny thing is, I have a large collection of Pilsbury Doughboy items now. Particularly Christmas ornaments. Everyone gives me Doughboy stuff, because I was so attached to that doll for so long.

  461. Carmel says on :

    I had my thumb – for quite a long time. I had to break both wrists and have them both in Plaster before I finally gave up!

  462. Tammy Jackson says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to any certain blanket or stuffed animal, but I know I always (still do) like snuggling with a pillow or blanket or stuffed animal when I sleep.

    Congrats on your nomination!

  463. Carrie P says on :

    Sorry can’t remember. I do know that I have 2 of my dolls and they both hath no hair, maybe held them by their hair? Love them both.

  464. Teal Myre says on :

    Sucked my thumb until 1st grade. Wore braces because of it until 9th grade!

  465. Scrapycandy says on :

    I was attached to my thumb and my mother was always upset over it. But I survived childhood. However, I spent my youth in the basement playing in my craft corner…with paper of course!

  466. kismet art says on :

    I had (ok, still have) a blanket and a red cotton cat called “Kiki” that I dragged around everywhere. The blanket is almost torn in half and Kiki’s ears are chewed on but I am too sentimental to get rid of them. The night before I gave birth to my son my husband and I watched “Mr. Mom”, love the scenes with the “woobie” (the youngest son’s security blanket)- so we took a quilt to the hospital, still have it on the bed, it has become the family woobie!

  467. Stephanie in MI says on :

    When I was a child I had a teddy bear that I adored and must have carried it everywhere. My mom still has it, and it sure shows its wear. As I got older and my parents divorced, I became attached to a stuffed dog that my daughter loves and snuggles with to this day.

  468. michelle says on :

    I had a teddy (panda) bear but sadly i threw him out! Geez the things we do when we are leaving for college!!!
    BTW….congrats to all!

  469. Marla H. says on :

    I had a stuffed bear that I loved as a child and the fur is mostly gone and I still have it in my things even 40 years later.

  470. carolyn says on :

    I was not attached to anything expect my bed!! My parents always tell the story of going on vacation when I was about 2 years old and me saying “I want my own bed”

  471. Rosa says on :

    I was attached to a little pillow, I couldnt sleep without it, so my parents had to take it everywhere we go.

    latest roundtable was amazing, keep up the good work!

  472. Marilyn S says on :

    I only recently discovered you, Noell, and love your Round Table! I started with #1 on my iPod and am working my way up to now! I love your live shows, too! Keep up the good work! (Izzy is cool, too!)

  473. Tronesia says on :

    I was never attached to anything when I was little…I was always Miss Independent and never wanted any help.
    Congrats on being nominated !!

  474. Marilyn S says on :

    Oops… I didn’t have a ‘lovey’ that I remember…. but I am quite partial to ladybugs….

  475. Florence M. says on :

    Bravo Noell! When i was a little girl i had a doll bigger then me,who i use to drag around where ever i use to go.

  476. JenRay says on :

    Apparently I sucked my first and second fingers on my left hand. And my daughter does it too. I think I gave it up before I have memories though. I do remember being very attached to a certain blanket, and being heart broken when my mom got rid of it when I was 5 or so. My daughter has a blanket like that too.

  477. Danielle Taylor says on :

    Oh my gosh I was big time attached to sucking my thumb and when my bottom teeth came in I would scrape and dig them into my thumb to this day I have a scar on my left thumb.

  478. Marygail says on :

    I had a blue bear named Cindy that I loved and carried around with me. :)

  479. susie lavender says on :

    When I was little I didn’t have a favorite comfort item but when I went away to college I took this old, ugly, scary plush fox that my dad had given me as a baby. I slept with that thing for 4 years! I still have it even though I’m in my 50′s now. It is in a box in a closet because that thing was so scary.

  480. Pauline says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything but now as a mother of my own I am so very attached to my children! Showing them how much I love them is worth so much to me. Even digital scrap-booking lets me show them how much I love them, and the scrap-booking I make will be there for many more years!

    Lots of love from Sweden.

  481. Lori F says on :

    I loved my bottle & a pillow that my greatgranma made me. She loved to sew, so she had sewn me a pillow & light blue pillow case with tiny blue polka dots on it. It was the best pillow! To this day I still have the pillow case although the pillow itself is long gone. It couldn’t stand the rigors of life I’m afraid.

  482. Audrey V says on :

    It was my thumb!

  483. pidgen says on :

    I was attached to a blanket that had a quilt-like pattern on it. Then I had two younger sisters who one by one claimed MY blanket. Almost 30 years later, we are still arguing over that blanket! (But I have photographic evidence that it was mine first!) Ha ha … got to love your sisters!!

  484. Julie M. says on :

    I had a stuffed bunny that was snow white, I kept that thing till I was a toddler. However, by then that bunny had lost an eye, half of one ear and turned gray!

  485. Becky H says on :

    I was attached to a doll that had a stuffed body then plastic arms, legs and head. I one day grabbed it by the hair and cut off all the hair except where I was holding onto her. My brothers would torment me by putting her in the trash all the time. I kept her till I was an adult and her body fell apart. But those are the fondest memories of my childhood was with that doll.

  486. Melissa Elsner says on :

    I love the Paperclipping videos and how awesome for you to be recognized. You deserve it! Now… as a baby I did have several attachments… I had a blanky and a dolly that had to be with me at all times. Sometimes I didn’t need to be holding it but did need to be able to turn my head and know that at least one of them was nearby just in case.

  487. Irene Fitzpatrick says on :

    I don’t remember having anything when I was younger (stiff upper lip in the ’50s you know!) but I had a lovely doll with auburn hair and clothes made by my grandma when I was a little older….4 or 5 maybe?

  488. Nancy M says on :

    My comfort was my thumb… and I twirled my hair. {Unfortunately many times my Mom had to cut knots out of my hair!}

  489. Astrid says on :

    I had a stuffed monkey that was my friend. I still have it although it’s missing his hands and feet and lots of hair.

  490. Jen Clark says on :

    I still have my ‘spiffy’ doll from my childhood. It was a raccoon that sucked its thumbs and I carried it around for years.

  491. Sarah Watson says on :

    Ooh, this question sparked so many memories! I had a white cotton cloth that I took EVERYWHERE! I called it my snug snugs! I just loved it, I remember hanging onto it until I was almost 10, particularly at bedtime. I then exchanged it for a Gloworm! I’m not sure if you guys in the US got them, but they were cute little plastic critters that you held up to a light bulb for a few minutes and then it would glow in the dark!

  492. Tammy Mitchell says on :

    I was attached to my baby blue blanket. It had so many holes in it. I don’t remember where it went? I will have to ask my mom. Thanks for allowing me to remember :)

  493. emily (justem) says on :

    I had a blanket…it was super cool…like a sleeping bag blanket that zipped up. I wonder where it is now… ;)

  494. Shannon says on :

    Great giveaway! I was attached to a stuffed bunny when I was younger. I still have it – I handed it down to my daughter who loves it.

  495. Samantha L says on :

    Congrats! The only thing that comes to mind is a laundry basket full of all my “paper stuff” that I loved dearly! I had stationary, magazines, books everything paper! I’ve always loved it!

  496. Melanie ~ but you can call me Mel! says on :

    Well when I was little I had a blue blanket. Apparently my parents were hoping for a boy and got me but the blanket stayed. So I still have my blue striped blankie today and my daughter has her blankie, seems to run in the family…LOL


  497. Liz says on :


    I had a teddy…still do although it doesn’t get much attention these days.

  498. Diane Stewart says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything…funny my son wasn’t attached to anything either….

  499. Courtney says on :

    I sucked my thumb until I went to my first slumber party in first grade and then I stopped. My blanket which was named the woobie is a yellow blanket for your bed that you can probably still pick out at any store today. It is a lot smaller for all that it has been through, but I still have it. My sons use it every once in a while.

  500. Stef says on :

    Congratulations on your nomination! What an honor!

    I like your question – it makes me laugh. I had a little blankie – “pibby” – that I was attached to. It was actually a cloth diaper. When I was too old to have an attachment, I also had a kitten that was attached to my pibby. When we went on vacation and boarded the cat at the vet, I left my pibby behind with him, but when my mom picked up the cat, she did not return with my pibby, and thus it was no more.
    I’ll look forward to your story!!

  501. Corinne L says on :

    I had my banggie – one of those air-cell blankets that got smaller and more raggedy as time went on! I also had a teddy that is still with us today and my DD takes ‘care’ of!

  502. Debbie in AZ says on :

    I had a pillow with a cat’s face on it that my Aunt made for me. I named it “Mitsy.” Congrats on the honor, Noell!

  503. Deb Alexander says on :

    Congrats! I wasn’t attached to anything as a baby, or not that I can remember. Note to self: ask Mum today. Thanks for the chance to win.

  504. Bobbi says on :

    I never had a comfy blanket or toy — I never even sucked my thumb. I have four kids, and each of them has had something they cannot sleep without — my nine-year-old has to have her blankie even now. And my youngest son, just 12, cried a couple of years ago when we had to retire his because it was in shreds.

  505. Brianne N. says on :

    Congrats Noell! Highly deserved!!
    I had an attachment to my thumb and a stuffed sheepdog named Muckluck. My mom still cannot explain how I named the dog but something about it still feels right to this day. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  506. Toni says on :

    I was attached to my Chrissy doll. I thought she was beautiful. Long Marcia Brady hair (like my babysitter, whom I adored) and I could shorten or lengthen it at will. She was so special to me.

  507. suzanne trew says on :

    I had a “sheetie” which was a piece of brushed cotton sheet. I used to suck my thumb and hold my sheetie. I also had a “Dougal” toy – a wooden dog, covered with real fur. I used to rub it up and down my face until it was bald. Years later my mum threw away this old bit of wood and i’ve never let her forget it!

    Well done on being selected – thank you

  508. Marianne says on :

    Congrats on the nomination & recognition! I was attached to my thumbs. My mother tried everything to get me to stop sucking my thumbs but finally gave up when nothing worked. I finally stopped on my own around age 9, however, my “attachment” resulted in stunted thumb growth and issues with my palate. I had to wear a retainer for years and to this day, my thumbs are not in proportion with the rest of my fingers.

  509. Rachel says on :

    I had a pillow and a teddy bear. I loved them!

  510. Mary M says on :

    First… I LOVE your videos and your scrapbooking style.

    I don’t remember being attached to any one thing when I was little and to be honest I have never asked my parents. I was seven when my family fled Cuba in the early 70s. We left w/just the clothes we were wearing, because we were not allow to take anything w/us. My Mom left her wedding ring and everything else we own w/her sister. Years later when her sister came for a visit, she brought with her my Mom’s wedding ring and a handful of photos. Those photos are some of my most priced possessions.

  511. Katherine McKamey says on :

    I had a yellow stuffed dog that my paternal grandfather gave me as a birth present and I loved that dog out. I probably still have it in all of the stuff my Mom saved from my childhood but I know it is very threadbare.

  512. Carrie H. says on :

    I had a baby blanket and a musical puppy dog named Clarence. My blanket had one of those satiny edges, the color was a cream. I still have a small rectangle of that blankie in my hope chest, but was afraid I would lose it. And my mom said if I didn’t stop biting my nails, my blankie would get smaller- and it did. Once I met my husband, I didn’t need to sleep with my blankie- we have his crocheted pink and blue blanket in our hope chest too!

  513. Tamara says on :

    I had a “silky blanket” that my Mom gave back to me (in very tattered and unstitched condition) just a couple of years ago. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats!

  514. Jenny Lawton says on :

    I was attached to something…my two sisters!One happens to be my twin. I didn’t have any special blankie or animal but if I could crawl into bed with one of my sisters, I was fine. :)

  515. Laura says on :

    No special loveys here. I remember getting a teddy bear from my grandmother when I was six and consciously deciding I needed to be attached to it like some kids were to stuffed animals or blankets because I felt I’d missed out! I loved the bear, but it wasn’t the same!

  516. Betsy Gourley says on :

    I sucked my thumb for a very long time – like until I was 7 or so. My mom tried everything – painting it green, dipping it in tabasco sauce. I remember sneaking sucks during movies watched at school. Then I just quit. I’d had enough. I was done. My sister had a blanket that she wore down to just the silk edging, and my other sister carried one of the velour pillows from the couch until she accidentally dropped it out of the window of our moving car on the highway. My mom didn’t turn around.

  517. Anita says on :

    I had a stuffed bunny that kept me company at night for many years. Got so raggedy that I had to let him go to that great land-fill-in-the sky when I was in my early teens. Sad day.

  518. Angel says on :

    I was attached to a doll named Candy. When I got her for Christmas when I was 3 yrs, she was taller than I was. When I held her hand and walked, she would walk with me. I’ve kept her all these years and now my daughter has her in her room.

  519. Anna says on :

    congrats on the nomination! i guess i was ‘miss’ independant chick, not having been attached to anything as a child. go me! :)
    thanks for the chance!

  520. Amy says on :

    I had a rag doll (yellow gingham) named Abigail that was my favorite! I wish I had a picture of her, but being the youngest of four kids there aren’t many pictures of me at all… let alone my Abigail!

  521. Bev says on :

    Congratulations! I was attached to our scruffy dog Cassie. She wouldn’t let anyone near me, particularly when I was in trouble with my parents.

  522. Dey says on :

    I was attached to a baby blanket :)

  523. Laurel says on :

    I don’t remember having a lovey. Doesn’t mean I didn’t, though.

  524. Betsey says on :

    I don’t remember having anything, but my sister had a small stuffed cat that someone had made for her. It slept with her every night, went to college with her, and she was ready to take it on her honeymoon when the groom said, “No Way!”

  525. Jill Dater says on :

    I loved my stuffed Koala bear that my grandmother brought me from Australia.

  526. Lizzie says on :

    Hi, I found you via Ella/Shimelle/Kathy! Glad to meet you and I’ll be back again, to see what’s happening…. How lovely for Ella to choose you!

    As for when I was a baby. I had a pink & white rabbit, a tiny pink koala and a white rabbit with long legs and looong ears…. I remember being upset that I lost the big white rabbit. I still have the other toys in the loft! Don’t think I had a blanket or other attachment though.

  527. Luz Maria Martin del Campo says on :

    Well I really loved a cloth doll which was the cutest ever, and I carried her with me at all times, but I was more attached to my little brother we are only 11 months apart, so he was my baby and I have loved him ever since!!!

  528. Wanda Jorgensen says on :

    I’m so old I can’t remember that long ago! Actually, I do have a vague recollection of a one-eyed brown teddy bear but I don’t recall that I was all that attached to it. What happened to it? I’m guessing it probably got passed down to one of my younger siblings.

  529. Erika Drummond says on :

    My blanket was a piece of red satin, I called it “squishy,” cuz I loved to squish it between my fingers. My daughter now has her own squishy, only hers is purple.

  530. Christine Mc says on :

    Congratulations! My comfort thing when I was little – my stuffed Pooh Bear. Still have him too!

  531. Laura says on :

    I was probably most attached to a doll. I had several special ones. I have always been very mothering!

  532. Lori M says on :

    I did have things/toys I was attached to, but I changed them often. One week it would be one doll and the next week a different toy. I think I am still that way now.

  533. Karen Starkey says on :

    I was very attached to my brown dog, named Brownie. (I wasn’t too original as a child, or even now for that matter.)I slept with him every night, and then as I grew older, he had a special place in my room. I’m now in my 50′s and he still has a special place, although this time in my walk-in closet. Congrats on being in the 9 MIS!!

  534. Cathy Doerr says on :

    I never sucked my thumb and I don’t remember a blanket. My mother has never mentioned it, so I don’t think I was attached to anything, except maybe my dad’s leg.

  535. karen young says on :

    Congratulations! I love Paperclipping.

    I had a blanky. In fact, my mom says that she had two of them in case one was lost.

  536. Leslie Price says on :

    My mother who never saves anything, saved my baby blanket, since I apparently took it everywhere with me as a toddler. My mom worked, so I guess my blanket was my “security” at day care.


  537. Terrie F says on :

    I remember being supremely attached to a stuffed toy in the form of a German Shepherd dog. I used him as my pillow. I was so sad when I had to throw him out, but he was worn, shedding the stuffing and I guess I was just too old to have stuffed animals anymore….

  538. LeAnne S says on :

    I had a blanket but don’t think I was attached to it.

  539. jamie says on :

    glad you gave the option of no childhood dependencies…as i can think of none…a doll for a little while…then it was just the great outdoors.
    but holy moly….that’s alot of loot you get to give away.
    as an adult i am now dependent on all things paper related…does that count?

  540. Allison Waken says on :

    I didn’t have any attachment items. I really liked my Rainbow Brite doll, but wasn’t attached to it.

    Congratulations btw!

  541. Sandra T says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything that I can remember. My mom did give me a blanket that must have been mine from long ago but never told me anything special about it. She has since died so I can’t ask her about it. One of the sad things about losing your mom. Not being able to get this history back when you think of a question.

  542. michelle c says on :

    Hi Noell…this is my first time to your site, and I just want to say congrats on being included in the new ebook…I’ve listened to some of the paperclipping discussions, and they are always entertaining!
    Let’s see…the blanket and the bottle (“baaa”) were close by my side most of the time. And even though I gave up the bottle pretty early on (thankfully), the blanket stayed with me at bedtime till well into elementary school. :)

  543. Andrea MacDonald says on :

    I was sooooo attached to my “blankie” I even remember when I lost it. We went to Disneyland and on our way home I realized “blankie” was gone. We were already 5 hours into the trip there was no turning around. I was devastated.
    Funny thing, both my girls also have an attachment to their blankets.

  544. Brenda says on :

    I must have been attached to a doll because my mom saved her for me and gave her to me about 5 years ago. It was fun to see her again. It triggered vague recollections of time spent with her, including the time I borrowed my mom’s lipstick to put on her lips and elsewhere on her face. She’s still sporting lipstick stains on her forehead.

  545. NanaBeth says on :

    My straw-stuffed teddy bar-which I still have. My Mom used to sew clothes for him-by hand and I still have some of those. I can start drawing my social security soon-and bless him, he still gives me comfort.

  546. Jen from AZ says on :

    I did have an attachment…it was a baby blanket and even though I am 32 years old now, I still have it!

  547. Kelly says on :

    My favorite stuffed animal was this adorable white teddy bear that I named Snowflake. I just recently pulled her out of my cedar chest and am letting one of my girlys love one her.

  548. Julia C says on :

    I had a stuffed elephant (how’s that for appropriate for today’s ELLA blog tour!!!) which my Dad gave me the day I was born. He was white with a pink tummy and he was called “Flumpy” after the heffalump in Winnie The Pooh. I still have flumpy in a cupboard upstairs :)

    And congratulations Noell – you deserve your nomination!

  549. Liz says on :

    I really wanted to say congratulations! You really do deserve this award for all the hard work you put into all the shows you guys do. :)
    Attachments… I actually really can’t think of anything- I think I was a very independent child. I do still have somewhere a ragdoll that I got as a child- she’s on at least her 2nd face and hair, so perhaps I was more attached to that doll than I thought! :)

  550. Lainey says on :

    I had a lamb…appropriately named “Lamby”! LOL!

  551. Angie K says on :

    I didn’t have a special doll or blankie as a child. However, now I have a blanket that my grandma made me as a child that is very special to me.

  552. Shaun says on :

    My thumb and a cloth diaper (clean, of course) which I held under my nose with my fingers as I sucked my thumb. I guess I liked the feel and the smell of the cloth diaper (back in the day…)

  553. Melissa Mann says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything as a baby! Thanks for the giveaway!

  554. Donna C says on :

    Definitely a my baby blanket – it was comfort and security all in one. I wore that thing to tatters – still have the scraps saved though and holding it transports me in time. I think I may have to do a scrapbook page on it! Thanks for the prompt.

    BTY – I just love love love the Papercipping Roundtable!

  555. Cathy K. says on :

    I had a little pink elephant, which I called an effelant. I loved her so much that when my Dad put up new white wallpaper, I decided to draw a pink portrait of her right there on the living room wall!

  556. Nancy R says on :

    I wasn’t attached to any item at all as a child. Sorry…no fun story there, but I did have a good childhood with many good times!

  557. Erin says on :

    Cool! You totally deserve to be recognized…I just found out about Paperclipping Roundtable and love it. I had a teddy bear (very little) growing up. I still have it actually and gave it to my daughter. It only has 1 eye left and is pretty bad for wear but I love that I still have it thanks to my mom!

  558. Gail L says on :

    I had an old fashioned cloth nappy for comfort thanks to my Mum! She said she gave me a nappy to hang on to because that was something she always had with her and it was replaceable too! (smart mum!)

  559. Rhonda Z says on :

    I sucked my thumb for security.

  560. Patti M says on :

    Congrats! Yeah, a new site to check out. I use to have a sleepy looking puppy w/ long floppy brown ears. It was in laying down position with a zipper that went all around the side of his body. I would roll up the ears and make them stay, so they would look like he had hair rollers on! And it was stuffed w/ a baby blanket. The blanket wasn’t anything super special, but I used it for everything.

  561. Cathi95 says on :

    My thumb when I was little, but later on I had a pink monkey who stayed with my constantly — I still have him, patches and all, although I have not looked at him for many years. Hmmmm, there’s probably a scrapbook page waiting here . . .

  562. Sarah Wiehe says on :

    Congratulations on this nomination. My attachments as a child were sucking two fingers and twirling the hair of my favorite doll.

  563. JoMama says on :

    I was and still am attached to my baby blanket. No, I don’t sleep with it at night, but it will be a long time before I throw it out. It has been with me through good and bad. It is a dear friend that I don’t want to say goodbye to.

  564. Twila says on :

    I was attached to a blue and pink crocheted blankie that my mammaw made for me when I was born.

  565. Deena says on :

    When I was little, I was very attached to my pillowcase (I remember it actually had different smells in different spots) and a Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy–so much so that his eyes and nose eventually wore off!

  566. Carolyn says on :

    First thing I remember being attached to was my Dale Evans fringed skirt. Didn’t want to give it up as it kept getting shorter and shorter. All the cousins got Roy Rogers or Dale Evans western wear for Christmas one year. Yes, I am very old.

  567. Laci Mattingley says on :

    I was attached to my baby blanket, it had little yellow duckies on it, and I still remember the day my mom burned it!

  568. Lola says on :

    I’m sad to say that I kept my bottle until I started school. I’m not really sure why and really don’t remember this.

    My niece has a quilt that my grandmother made when she was born. She is now 25 and still has her quilt. It even went on her honeymoon. We have had to make many repaires over the years.

  569. Deb says on :

    I had a blanket, which I called my wubbie. I still have it and I still call it that. LOL!! Congrats to you!!!

  570. Traci says on :

    No attachments for me, might have been easier on my parents if I had one :)

  571. JinnyKL says on :

    Congratulations on the Ella honor!!

    I didn’t have a comfort object as a young child–but certainly took great comfort in having a sweet little sister I did everything with!

    Thanks for the chance to win the great giveaway prizes!!

    Continued success to you & Paperclipping endeavors!

  572. Yulia W says on :

    I do not remember being attached to anything when I was a child. But now there are just a few things I do not attached too.

  573. TracyW says on :

    ‘Fraid no blankie or particular toy for me when I was little :-( The only toy that has made it through to present day is one of the first dolls I was ever bought – she had a string to pull which made her move her limbs a little. She still works (just, though I’m sure she moved a lot faster once!).

  574. Claudia McDaniel says on :

    I don’t remember having any attachments to any particular object. I come from a big family (I have 4 sisters) and we had each other to play with, so I didn’t have a favorite blanket or toy. Interestingly, none of my three boys ever developed a need for that kind of attachment to a blanket or particular toy, either. They are definitely independent-minded, and I guess I am, too!

  575. Jill S. says on :

    I was attached to a pink bean-bag doll. Just today, I was rearranging some things in my scrapbook studio and I found an oil painting that my dad made of that doll! I think he painted it so it would be easier for me to give the doll up.

  576. Paula Perkins says on :

    Very independent (and everyone’s favortie also)! I didn’t have anything, not even a teddy bear. Maybe that is why I am such a hoarder now.

  577. Carla G. says on :

    I didn’t have anything in particular I was interested in besides walking and running as a child. I ended up breaking my nose 3-4 times!

  578. Amy says on :

    Hi Noell! Congratulations on the nomination – I love Paperclipping and the Roundtable, so you totally deserve it! for my 2nd birthday, I got a Cabbage Patch Doll the I LOVE…. She still sits in my closet high on a shelf safe and sound! :o )

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  579. Jen L says on :

    I guess I was so independent I wasn’t attached to anything. But two of my boys sucked their thumbs and two had a special blanket.

  580. Kary says on :

    I had a blanket with satin binding that I loved. It started out pink, but when last seen, it was a faded beige color. I carried it everywhere. All four of my kids have loved their “favorite quilts” as well–maybe it is genetic!

  581. Pam K. says on :

    Congratulations on being nominated! Yeah!:-) I was attached to both my blankie and my thumb. I could not go to sleep without my thumb in my mouth and without my blankie. There was something soothing about laying there and rubbing the cool, silk edge of my blanket. My mom still has it somewhere. She likes to tell the story of when she washed the blanket and hung it out on the line to dry, how I cried and ran outside to get my blanket. She found me standing there with my thumb in my mouth clutching the blanket that was still on the line, practically asleep standing up. I was four when I finally quit sucking my thumb. The only way I was able to was to pick up a sparkler on the wrong end after dropping it on the ground. I remember I cried myself to sleep for a few nights after that.

  582. Immi says on :

    I had a little doll that i remember distinctly. She was made of terry cloth with a hard plastic face. Her face was surrounded by a terrycloth hood, with yarn bangs peeking out. I have no idea what happened to that doll. Wish I still had her!

  583. HeatherC says on :

    I was attached to my “lovie” as I called it. It was a crocheted blanket (kid size) in a blue, pink and white ripple pattern. I think my mom had made it, but now that I think it, not sure — need to check it out. Anyway, slept with it everynight until I was 10 or so…My parents still have it, in the room my girls use when we visit them. My daughters us it to play dolls.

  584. Debbie Linton says on :

    My favorite toy was a so-called doll named Linda. Her arms and legs moved and if you did it right, she could take a step or two with the help of her owner. My little brother put mud on her face and later tore one of her arms off. I was so sad about it. I still played with her and put her arm back in its socket but it would fall off an was never the same again.

  585. Madeline St Onge says on :

    WHen I was little I was attached to my teddy bear that my dad bought me, it went everywhere with me and it is still sitting on the bed in my guest room and I am over 60 now

  586. Debbie Linton says on :

    P.S. Linda was a so called “life-size” doll. Sorry for the oops!

  587. Janette C. says on :

    I had a stuffed kitty named Midnight. I loved that thing, and still do. I still have it.

  588. Shannon McPheeters says on :

    Pinky and my noonie. They were always there for me. Pinky was a sock clown dressed in a pink polk-a-dotted suit. (Think sock monkey but more circus orientated!) He came home from the hospital with my Mimi and I slept with him till I was in 5th grade and he was falling apart. And a noonie is a pacifier, I’ve since passed the name down to my children and they are attached to theirs as much as I was to mine.

  589. Debbie C says on :

    Interesting question. I was not attached to anything as a child, and as it ends up, I am a very independent woman as an adult. I never really thought about that way before, but I guess it makes sense. Thanks for the giveaways and congratulations!

  590. Christelle says on :

    The only thing I was hooked up was my mum, and it took me 18 years to admit that I can leave by myself (that was the worst “cut” ever). But I have to admit that, even at 33 years old, when things go wrong, there is nothing more comforting than holding my mum’s neck and smelling her hair!

  591. Candace Sheets says on :

    I carried around a Huge stuffed mouse by his nose, he was as big as me. I kept him until college, when he was lost in a fire.

  592. Christy says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything. I have three daughters and two of them were attached to their fingers and still are, even though they’re six & five. I guess it’s technically good that they’re physically still attached, but we’re already socking away for the orthodontist that they’re going to need when they’re older. That’s the good thing about pacifiers, blankets, etc. – they’re takable!

  593. donna k says on :

    congrats on your nomination.

    i had a stuffed bear that i was attached to. it belonged to my dad when he was a child. my mom still has the bear along with his toy tonka truck. he would have been 73 on aug 3rd.

    thanks for the chance to win a fab prize.

  594. bunny says on :

    the earliest thing i remember is a small gray stuffed kitty. i called her love kitty. she would come to the hospital with me every time i had an asthma attack, which was often. i just found her in my mother’s hope chest a few weeks ago!

  595. NIta says on :

    I had a blanket that was made for me by a family friend. It has a teddy bear on it. Yes, I do still have it.

  596. Tagyn says on :

    I had a stuffed dog that my Dad wanted me to leave for Santa when I was about 3 or 4 but I wasn’t ready so we gave him to the Easter Bunny instead!

  597. Jackie S says on :

    Congratulations, Noell! I just found Paperclipping not long ago…so cool! Anyway, I had a stuffed lion named Richard the Lionhearted. He had one of those funny rubber faces and the softest fur. He was bought the day my parents took me home from the hospital – and survives to this day. I love the fact that most of his fur is so worn…but behind one ear, his mane and his ear look brand new!

  598. Laura says on :

    My thumb, definitely. It only took a short lesson on parasites in first grade and I was instantly cured!

  599. TracyM says on :

    Congratulations and good luck Noell!!!

    I don’t remember it but my Mum & Dad said they had to take me for drives in the car to put me to sleep, no wonder I am so quick to nod off when we go on road trips :)

  600. Leauriy says on :

    I didn’t have a childhood attachment, but i do have a sister who is 14 months younger than me and we shared everything. Our parents thought it cute to dress us alike (She in red me in blue – for the longest time we thought that those were our favorite colors!). We did everything together, we even had our own language.and now alas we live thousands of mile apart, but we have daughters who are 7 months apart.

  601. Jennifer V. says on :

    I had a cute little bear with a red bowtie. My mom had gotten him from the grocery store as a surprise for me when I was about 5. I just recently found him in my moms attic :)

  602. Marian says on :

    I was never attached to anything as a kid but now you can’t gets away from my computer.

  603. Wendy Crowe says on :

    I was attached to my Dressy Bessy doll. I had to have her everywhere I went. Then I got my first Barbie doll and that was the end of Bessy. Thanks for the giveaways and congrats on the award!

  604. JennL says on :

    When I was little my mom decorated my room in a ‘Bambi’ theme, baby blue walls, lots of stuffed animal and the centerpiece was a quilted comforter with all the Bambi characters printed on it.

    I kept that blanket for my entire childhood, from the comfort it provided at preschool to the familiar days of the school years, through the tumultuous years of junior high to the burgeoning independence of high school. And when I went away to college, the Bambi blanket graced the single bed in my first dorm room. By that time, it was practically falling apart. It had more patches showing than cartoon characters. By the end of that year, I had to retire the Bambi blanket because it could no longer be washed. But I packed it away…until I had my own child. I used a portion of the Bambi blanket to create a wall hanging and another in a baby quilt.

    I love seeing a tangible, visible representation of so many years of my own memories in the hands of my son as he makes his own memories.

  605. IRIT SHALOM says on :

    I really don’t remember… I also asked my mom amd she doesn’t remember too. But I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT MY KIDS: 2 of them were connected to the dummy, one to the thumb and the oldest to his.. doll named KATIA.. OK- BOY- DOLL- NOW HE IS AN ARMY OFFICER AND WILL BE A DAD IN 5 MONTH- SO IT WENT OK WITH A DOLL AFTER ALL..

  606. Bernice J says on :

    My childhood was so long ago I really don’t remember if I had a blankie…but I definitely had a habit of twisting a lock of my hair,twirling it and then pulling. I still have a bare spot from doing that, to this day.

  607. Kelly says on :

    I don’t remember having a special article as a baby, but I do remember Raggedy Ann at some point. She was a special friend.

  608. Lri Lewis says on :

    I had a favorite white receiving blanket with a satin binding. luckily it could be replaced by new ones or mended frequently. I slept with one into highschool!

  609. Tanya says on :

    I had a little doll named Honey that I absolutely loved!

  610. jen says on :

    I had a blanky I was pretty attached to … still have it somewhere. :)

  611. Kari Bates says on :

    I don’t think that I was super attached to anything! Just mommy! but I still want to win :)

  612. Leslie says on :

    I was fiercely independent, even as a child, so no attachments for me!

    Congrats on the nomination!

  613. Rachel Witthaus says on :

    As a toddler I had a set of teddybears – a mother bear and a baby bear. The baby bear came everywhere with me until one day when I was about 3 I left him behind somewhere… then the mother bear became my favourite. I still have her stashed away somewhere.
    Congrats on the nomination and keep up the good work! <3

  614. Donna U says on :

    My sister and I are less than a year apart in age and I remember we each had a doll that was the same size as us. Big doll or so I remember. One doll was blonde and the other was brunette just like us.

  615. Patti Rogers says on :

    I didn’t have any kind of childhood attachment but two of my children did. My oldest daughter was a thumb sucker (which ended up costing quite a bit in braces later on). My son had a favorite baby blanket that he had for so long that by the time I managed to get rid of it, it was just a ball of string!

  616. Marty Charles says on :

    I think that I was attached to a stuffed animal — it was actually a stuffed Pluto, the dog from Disney fame. I still have him — he is very worn. :)

  617. NancyLee says on :

    I think I was too independent that I don’t remember getting attached to anything! And since I was the eldest in the whole family of both my mom and dad’s side, followed by a younger brother a few months later, I’d say I got the attention but nothing else….

  618. winjes says on :

    I wasn’t attached to any particular item, but I was attached to the silky edge of any blanket. I would rub the silky fabric together (shh… sometimes I still do if I’m stressed, but that’s a secret ;) }, until it would start to shred. So all my blankets had very rough looking silky edging, which was not very pretty looking.

  619. Amy says on :

    Noel – great prizes! When I was little I had to have a blanket that was lined with satin and I would rub the satin edges to go to sleep. You could find me curled up with a blanket, anywhere, fast asleep.

  620. Lorraine Reynolds says on :

    I had a handknitted bear that my sister had made me ( I’m the youngest of 7 – so she was old enough to knit when I was little). I don’t know that I slept with it, but it went lots of places with me.
    It’s demise came when some of my brothers were playing hunters in the backyard and speared it for their ‘tea’. Mum did sew it up, but it was never the same.

  621. Jacqueline from NZ says on :

    I was not attached to anything, and not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing! But there you go. Well done to you and your success and thanks for the opportunity! Cheers,

  622. K Sherman says on :

    Yes had a blanket that I had –mom made me give up when I went to kindergarten. Next was my holly hobbie doll which i still have today.

  623. Terra Sovinsky says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to one thing particularly, but I was a doll girl I was always carrying a doll. It was usually a cabbage patch doll or a pound puppy. I don’t recall when I stopped carrying around toys.

  624. Courtney S says on :

    I was attached to a pink blankie and a Cabbage Patch doll named Terry. I still have both of them but the blankie is pretty tattered. Congrats!

  625. Stephanie says on :

    I had a blankie. I was so attached to it that my mom finally had to cut it in half so she could wash it–one half at a time. 28 years later, I had to do the same thing with my own daughter’s pink blankie!

  626. June says on :

    Congratulations Noell! As a little girl I had a Mrs. Beasley doll that I carried with me everywhere I went. She became so ragged my mom would have to sew new clothes on her so I wouldn’t be with out my friend. I loved her so much. Where she is today I don’t know and thankfully I don’t remember how we parted from each other because I don’t think I could handle knowing. Thank God for that. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us.

  627. Nisa says on :

    I had a blanket, but my “real” security item was my imaginary friend Zagar- who was a gorilla who protected me. he was fierce. ;)

  628. Arlene Bonsma says on :

    I can’t remember if I had an attachment or not, but I think it may have been my thumb :)

  629. Marie/Mer says on :

    Congrats. I really enjoy your digiscrapping talks. Keep on. please! I was very attached to my thumb and my feather pillow. (Don’t tell anyone, but this was until I was about twenty or so. Then I just stopped. I wish I could “just stop” bad habits nowdays!)

  630. Sarah Jimerson says on :

    I had my thumb and a floppy pillow I had them both till I’m embarassed to say middle school! My 2 year old daughter has sucked hers since she was in the womb and I’m fine with it HECK I turned out OK ;)

  631. lisa says on :

    I am sure it is why I am where I am today — I had nothing. I was the third child and there wasn’t time to mess with a pacifier, blankie or lovie… I think I was lucky if I got to sit in a carseat — it did have a steering wheel with maybe a horn in the center!!! The carseat had metal bars that fit over the car’s FRONT bench seat! There was no strapping a kid in!

  632. Michele says on :

    I had a blanket that I wore out – it had such big holes in it that my mom had to take it awya because she was afraid I would get tangled in it and choke.

  633. SandyB says on :

    I carried around a lion from Harris Bank (that my parents had gotten after opening an account with them). He’s still at my parents’ house.

  634. Laurie T says on :

    I wasn’t attached to anything but my 23 yr old was attached to her pacifier until she was 3. We had to stand over the waste basket and cut it up with a scissors to get rid of it.

  635. java says on :

    i had a little white and blue teddybear. It has now lots its nose but it has a spot in my dd’s bedroom.

  636. jenn says on :

    a thumb and a blankie that i called meemee. story goes, i couldn’t say “mine, mine” and hence the name. i’m in my mid 30′s and can tell you meemee is still tucked neatly away in my closet, though much tattered and torn. still brings me back to my happy place…

  637. Sandy says on :

    Great question! I had a white baby blankie that I loved so much. In fact I still have it and just took some photos of my 6 month baby girl snuggled in it. So fun to see her loving the same ol’ blankie =) Thanks for the chance – I hope I win!

  638. Cami MacDonald says on :

    Oh yes, I was seriously attached to a pink blankie. I slept with it way into my teen years. It ended up being a dingy off-white color and nearly falling apart from being washed a zillion times. I loved that blankie! :)

  639. KathyinMN says on :

    Two stuffed toys: Curious George and Rufus the Lion, I got them when I was 4. I’m 41 and both reside in my hope chest. Rufus has a pull string that even works, albeit in a craggly voice. I slept on Curious George so much that his head is permanently squished to the side. Love them both!

  640. Erika says on :

    First of all… Congratulations!! What a fun question :)
    When I was a child a had a blankie that I loved till it just about died. I still have what’s left of it packed away safely. I also carried around random stuffed animals. The fun thing is now my girls have animals they carry around & just like me they rotate between a few favorites :)

  641. Charlynn Violett says on :

    I had a yellow and blue butterfly blanket I could never give up. I still have it’s tattered remains

  642. robindiane says on :

    I have a blanket my mom made for me about 30 years ago. I am 40 now and I still use the blanket to cuddle up with when watching TV and when I am sick. My parents kid me about having a security blanket to this day! :-)

  643. Margaret says on :

    I was seriously attached to a pink blankie named, not surprisingly, Pinky.

  644. Susan M says on :

    I had my yellow blankie, with the glorious satin trim, and I had a special corner that I would hold all the time. Then my mom tried to “fix” it by putting on new trim, I almost lost my mind! But finally I was able to rip the new trim to my liking, returning it to its former soft, satiny glory :) (Funny the details from a 4-year-old’s mind that will be with you forever!)

  645. Michelle S. says on :

    I was big on pillows and blankets. I would drag one of each around with me in the house, in the car, if we went away…still find them comforting, now it’s just not a particular pillow or blanket.

  646. Rosann says on :

    Congrats on this honor. You really deserve it. The tutorials are great as are the podcasts and the ning community.

    My mother tells me I was a thumb sucker which she quickly nipped in the bud with a little hot sauce to the thumb. LOL. Aside from that I have not heard any stories about needing a blanket or special toy. I just go with the flow. :)


  647. Sarah Barton says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything — I was quite independent as far back as I can remember, so perhaps I just didn’t need a comfort piece.

  648. Cathryn says on :

    I was never particularly attached to any object and neither were any of our children. Maybe it’s genetic!

  649. Liz S. says on :

    I was a physically abused child so I became very independant and in the struggle to survive I really only clung to my real live pet-a siamese cat!

  650. Angie U says on :

    I had a blue and white bear that I named Ted E. Bear when I got older. Very clever, I know!

  651. Kim Krueger says on :

    My “blankie” was an ivory cotton flannel with pink satin trim. It smelled so good when it was washed. Grandma must have batted it with her kisses. I loved that blanket. Mom gave it to me when I got my first apartment. It was so much smaller than I remembered.

  652. Jennybean says on :

    When I was little, I had a little lamb that played a lullaby. I would put it under my pillow every night and played the music until I fell asleep.

  653. Mari says on :

    I had a stuffed rabbit, not a bunny, more along the lines of a bugs bunny type of character. Not sure what happened to it.

  654. Kirsten N says on :

    I had a bear, aka “Big blue bear” who I still have 40 years later.

  655. Valerie M says on :

    I don’t recall any specific attachments – not like my kids have today. I had stuffed animals around but no one special :)
    Loved reading your story Noell!

  656. Jody says on :

    Somehow (story is lost) I won a HUGE bright ORANGE dog at a fair. I slept with that dog in my twin bed for years! It took up the whole bed. Thanks for making me remember this story…. I see a scrapbook page in my future.

  657. AshleyM says on :

    Holy comments!

    My comfort toy was a little doll. With light pink arms, legs, and face and a darker pink dress. By the time I was older, she was missing a leg.

  658. Dondi Murdock says on :

    I had a beautiful little quilt with appliqued horses on it. Because it was homemade, it was as soft as feathers. I quite literally wore it out. I didn’t ever carry it around, but I did love it even as an older child for naps. As a teenager, I was upset when Ii found out my mother had actually thrown out this treasure! Old quilts can be used to sew the greatest little teddy bears! Alas, my horsie quilt never had a chance for a second life.

  659. Lorraine M. says on :

    I was a thumb girl. I actually remember when I quit – someone told me that I would have a mark on my thumb for 5 years and did I want to go to school with that? I was 4. LOL! Great question!

  660. Annie says on :

    I was attached to my “duckie” that was a gift when I was born. 33 years later, Duckie is still with me looking nothing like it did the day I got it, but loved nonetheless!

  661. Tricia says on :

    Congrats on the nomination!
    My favorite childhood comfort was a sock monkey made for me by my grandmother. Yes, I still have it!

  662. debbie says on :

    Congrats! I was a thumb-sucker! I remember it took forever to break that habit :)

  663. j.leija says on :

    hmm…something i was attached to as a child. that’s a tough one! i had tons of notebooks and markers/crayons to play with. i remember going to a baseball game when i was maybe 7. can’t remember a thing about the game but beforehand my mama took me to the dollar store and i got a new notebook and 4 new markers! i was utterly content to just draw in it the whole time

  664. Jeannette P says on :

    I didn’t really have to use a lovey for comfort but I do still have my Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Blanket (at least part of it). Still trying to decide what to do with it to preserve the memory of it.

    Congrats on being part of the most influential scrapbookers. That’s totally cool!

  665. yanina says on :


    I was not attached to anything that I can remember. God that was a long time ago.

  666. Suzette says on :

    I was attached to my ‘Winnie the Pooh’. I would cry when my mom used to wash him. I use to think my Winnie was in pain being line dried hanging by his poor ears by the clothes pin. I still has my washed out no nose Winnie the Pooh!

  667. KathyChen says on :

    I carried a yellow satin security blanket until I was 13 – brought it (secretly) to sleepovers too :)

  668. Marcy F says on :

    I carried a little notebook with me because my brother and I tried to see who could get the most license plates written down (this was in the late 40′s) and also my Captain Midnight ring. Congratuations to all the wonderful nominees.

  669. Katie Kelley says on :

    I was attached to my middle two fingers and a little stuffed animal. I even have a cute little photo of me in the crib with me sucking those two fingers. I didn’t fingersuck long though I think-I don’t remember how old I was when I quit. The little stuffed lion – I still have it perched by my bed. I got it used not brand new and it is really old looking. I used to believe that when I closed the door he and the other animals and dolls would talk and play and move about until the door opened and I came back into the room. I was attached to it as a friend but I didn’t drag it anywhere or anything.

  670. Sheryl says on :

    I was not attached to anything that I know of as a child. At least not that I was told about.

  671. Angela says on :

    As a child, I was a thumb sucker for longer than I care to admit. I’m quite relieved my kids don’t have that same issue.

  672. Patsy says on :

    I don’t remember any special “things” to which I was attached although my childhood was a long time ago and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I think I was attached to people — not things. Especially, I was a daddy’s girl.

  673. Jennifer says on :

    Yellow blanket with satin trim…until my grandmother told me it was lost. I then forced myself to connect with a red blanket with satin trim; which I still have tucked away! BTW, found the yellow blanket in the laundry room one day…that’s just wrong, Nanny!

  674. Britiney @ Consider the Lilies says on :

    I never really had any items I remember being attached to. I don’t have any pictures of me as a child with a “special” item. Thanks for a chance to win!

  675. Ann says on :

    WOW I finally see where to leave a comment. I had a binky that I called a “chew chew”. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  676. Melinda Wilson says on :

    As far as I know, I was a very independent since I don’t remember anyone kidding me about dragging something around like my sister did. She had a cat pillow that went everywhere – and it stunk!

  677. Teresa says on :

    I can’t remember being attached to anything in particular. I did have a LOT of stuffed animals and an imaginary dog.

  678. JillT says on :

    Congrats to you and Izzy. I enjoy the roundtable. I cannot enter the contest because I cannot answer your question. I am finding since my mother passed away last fall that questions crop up weekly that I can no longer ask her about (this part. question is the least of the things I want to know!) Record your history now!

  679. Penny Stimson says on :

    I was most definitely attached to my blankie with a satin edge. My grandmothers faithfully sewed the satin edge back on any time it would start to come undone. Still have this blankie today.

  680. KGregory says on :

    I was a thumb sucker… thank goodness for braces!

  681. Amy Ulen says on :

    I still have my rabbit and blanket from when I was a baby…I’m 43!

  682. L Eterno says on :

    I slept with a PeeWee doll. They don’t make them anymore — probably because their accessories were held in place with straight pins! I would never give one to my children but who knew back then in the ’60s!

  683. Lynn says on :

    I was not attached to anything as a small child, so I thought it especially precious when I gave birth to a baby girl that had to have her stuffed bunny! She’s four now and her passion for the bunny has just started to wane. :-) Thanks for the chance to win the give-away!

  684. Marsha says on :

    I have no idea. My mom never mentioned anything & I’m pretty independent and stubborn, so I’m going to go with nothing! Congrats on your honor-very much deserved.

  685. Allison says on :

    Ok, paint me embarassed, but I’m going to share. I drank from a baby bottle till I was 6 years old. There was a spot on my leg that I would rub while I drank. My mom threatened to tell all my school mates, but I didn’t care. There was just something about drinking from my bottle that made me feel safe.


  686. veronica says on :


    I was attached to a blanket and 40 years later – I still have it with me, after graduating HS, college, and 17+ years in the AF!

  687. Margie S says on :

    I sucked my thumb until I was in second grade. My next door neighbor and best friend also sucked her thumb. Together we decided to quit together. I will never forget the day she walked in on me in the bathroom sucking my thumb after we had agreed to quit! Luckily, I did eventually quit on my own and I am now thumb-sucking free! : )

  688. dawn says on :

    i didn’t when i was really little, but when i was about 8 was when i started collecting stickers…that became an obsession!

  689. Sylvie H says on :

    First off, congratulations!! I listen to the Roundtable every week and love it!

    I was an independant type of kid. I didn’t have a blanket or stuffy as a kid. But, I do have a favorite pillow, now! I can’t sleep without my pillow and bring it with me where ever we travel.

  690. Kathryn says on :

    I was very attached to a pink cat (stuffed toy). Kitty (Yes, I was very inventive in the name dept. lol) went everywhere with me. After a while my parents bought a new one – but I would not be swayed – and never accepted the “impostor”. I still have the now grayish, fur-less cat around somewhere.

  691. KathieR says on :

    Congratulations!! Listen to your PRT and the “offspring” digi show, and love them both. I had an imaginary friend that went EVERYWHERE with me. My parents were very concerned when I started kindergarten, and went over and over the fact that my friend could NOT go to school. So what happened? There was a girl in my class with the same name as my imaginary friend (Dana, which was not that common of a name!) and after many tears and conversations, my parents finally understood that my imaginary friend had become a real one. ;-)

  692. KathE says on :

    Had a blankie, pink knit with wide satin binding. Eventually just a corner, the satin binding was the best part. Congratulations on the nomination.

  693. Paula says on :

    I was attached to my teddy – he became so threadbare over the years but I could never have parted with him. At 44 years of age I still have him and treat him with care :)

  694. kim bradford says on :

    Congratulations on the honor!
    I had a stuffed koala that I carried everywhere, all the time.
    I haven’t thought about “Euca” in years – thanks for reminding me!

  695. Tammy Davis says on :

    I had a Mrs. Beesly doll from Family Affair (oh man– this ages me!) It was stolen when I was in second grade. My mother bought me a new one, but it was never the same. I still miss that doll. I still have the new one — it is in almost new condition!

  696. Jodee says on :

    I had a little stuffed doll that I carried around until I was 8 or 9. I named him Tubby. Not sure why. LOL!

  697. Terri Bradford says on :

    First off…. CONGRAT’s NOELL! :)

    For me… I was completely attached to my “Annie” doll. Loved, loved her (and the movie). I left my doll at a friend’s house one day and actually *had* to have her back to sleep that night, so my poor parent’s had to go back and get her! I was attached for sure.

  698. Michele says on :

    I had a special pillow and I called it “Little Pillow”. My aunt made one for me that was yellow and one for my sister that was blue. I took it on all vacations with me and used it until it was almost white!!!

  699. Lisa Henderson says on :

    I was most attached to my baby blanket. Still have it in fact :)

  700. Elnora Chambers says on :

    Great question… I wasn’t attached to an object, but I was very close to my dad, who became a single parent when I was three and my brother five. He was, and still is, a wonderfully loving, sensitive man.

  701. sylv says on :

    Although I think it’s very endearing to have had an attachment to a blanket, bottle, teddy..etc as a kid, I didn’t have any (at least that I can remember).

  702. Beth says on :

    I had a blankie and my thumb! As my mom was trying to break me of my thumb sucking, she used to wipe my thumb with a Handi-Wipe….yuck!!

  703. Rhadonda says on :

    Unfortunately i was a thumb sucker which was attached to a blanket. My mom tells of washing my blanket, hung it on the line to dry, looked out later to find me standing by the clothes line holding onto my blanket and sucking my thumb. Wish i had a picture of that!

  704. Barbi says on :

    I can remember a Snoopy stuffed toy. I loved that thing and kept it until my teenage years when our puppy at the time decided to use it as a chew toy. I was not happy but more concern that she didn’t eat any of the stuffing.

  705. Vanessa Gooch says on :

    This is such a great award from Ella, as I am learning about a whole bunch of scrapbookers that I never knew about! Congrats for your nomination! I was a thumb sucker! II was a thumb sucker up until I was starting school. Big girls that went to school didn’t suck their thumbs, so I actually started to wear mittens to bed. Every morning when I woke up I would check to see if they were dry and that is how I knew that I had not sucked my thumb, but if they were wet, well it meant I had been sucking my thumb and I would have to keep wearing those mittens!

  706. Andrea C. in IL says on :

    I had a stuffed panda bear named Charlie. He was given to me by my Dad’s friend named Charlie. Orginal huh? :) he was and is ugly but I still love him. Charlie now resides on my closet floor. Poor Charlie. At least he is still with me.

  707. Manda says on :

    When I was 2 my uncle gave me a doll, Victoria. I slept with her until the day I was married. I only needed her to fall asleep, she stayed on my bed until night time when I would tuck her in beside me and we would fall asleep.

  708. Deneen says on :

    I was not attached to any item but I was always very attached to my animals :)

  709. Kerry Walsh says on :

    I had a stuffed owl called Herbie who went everywhere with me. My little girl actually found it a few years ago and has now adopted it!

  710. Stephanie Skordas says on :

    I had a white quilted blanket with satin ribbon edging on it. It was that ribbon edging that comforted me. I used to rub it between my thumb and forefinger. My blanket was called my Smoothie. I really loved it and I think I had it until I rubbed holes in all the edges.

    My first toy was also special — a bunny named Hop Hop. I carried him by the ears all over the place and my mom sewed them back in when they fell out until he was just unable to be patched up that way any more. We still have him, tucked away, earless and just about furless, demonstrating that love makes you real :) just like the Velveteen Rabbit.

  711. Jen M says on :

    To be honest, I don’t remember being attached to anything specific, so I guess I was pretty independent! :o ) Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  712. leslie may says on :

    I didn’t have a thing to keep me company- just my mom and dad who made me feel extra special!! Noell= u r awesome!!! No texting required:)

  713. Lesa says on :

    I don’t recall a softie, but my kids are addicted to blankets. They found some old ones I had stashed and acted like they won the lottery. They are/were all good sleepers though!

  714. KC711 says on :

    I remember my uncle taking out all my stuffed animals and putting them in the center of the living room. He told me to sit in the middle and smile! He took a lot of fun pictures! My favorite toys were in the pic with me, a rag doll and my Lucy doll. I still have those pics. He then told me to put them ALL up! I think that traumatized me. Lol. I don’t think I liked stuffed toys much anymore.

  715. Amy P. says on :

    Congrats!!! When I was little I was not “attached” to any small item that I recall, however, I was the type of child who never went far from home. I did not like camp as a child, as long as I was with my family I was fine, even sleepovers at a friends house was fine just not “camp”. So maybe I was attached to my home and family? Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!!

  716. SherryGrove says on :

    I didn’t have any attachments, but I was pretty possessive with my stuff. I’m sure I’d outgrown my shirts, pants, and dresses, but I did NOT like it when my mom handed them down to my sister. I can see the sense of it now, but not back then.

  717. Sherry says on :

    Congrats!! My favorite toy was a Big Bird doll. He went everywhere with me.:)

  718. Beth Kohl says on :

    I had a “Baby Beans” doll. She was light blue w/ little white flowers on her. She had a string on the back of her neck you pulled to hear her talk. I liked to twist her nightcap that was attached to her sleeper outfit. I still have her actually! LOL Her string still works too. My girls now love to see what I had when I was little. I think it helps my oldest (who’s 9) still feel ok about sleeping w/ her little baby too! :)

  719. Nikki says on :

    I moved a lot so didn’t get attached to much more than my own mother ;) Then when my brother was born, me at age 4 was a mini-me of my own mother and when he went to Kindergarden, he was attached to me… funny how life works. Now as adults we’re one big huggy happy family – all married with our own kiddies but inseparable none the less :)

  720. Cindy E. says on :

    When I was very young (early 60′s) it was not encouraged to let a child become attached to a blanket, pacifier, etc. That makes me sad. I loved seeing what my own children would make attachments to … I think it’s a normal thing to do! My oldest daughter was attached to a giant stuffed dog that was received at her baby shower, my youngest daughter to a Tweety blanket I made for her while pregnant, and my son to his binkie. Great topic for a scrapbook page! :D

  721. Lynn Mercurio says on :

    As a child, I don’t remember being attached to an inanimate object, but rather my Mom. During my early childhood, my mother was battling breast cancer and I can remember being very cliny to her. I didn’t understand really what was going on, but on some level I felt the fear of losing her. Lucky for me she lived for many more years before we had to said goodbye to her for the last time.

  722. Suzanne Silk Strickland says on :

    I love my little orange and white teddy bear. I even had little felt clothes for him. I keep searching ebay and antique stores hoping one day I will find him again!

  723. saner4 says on :

    I had a favorite doll with blonde pigtails and a blue and red dress and matching hat…until we had a house-fire when I was 5 yrs old. I cried and cried about losing her.

  724. Quinna says on :

    unfortunately….I loved my thumb…and my teeth suffered!

  725. Erin Bassett says on :

    When I had just learned to walk I broke my leg ridding my tricycle and once I got the cast off I would only walk on blankets for a long time LOL…so I guess blankets were my thing! :)

  726. katie scott says on :

    I had a “My Friend Mandy” doll from Fisher Price and she got lost somewhere along the way; but recently I bought the same doll on ebay in excellent condition for five bucks! Amazing & she is so cute.

  727. Lois says on :

    I was very attached to a “Princess Summerfallwinterspring” doll from the Howdy Doody show. I still have her minus one of her legs. Not bad for a 60+ rag doll.

  728. Susan R says on :

    Hmm, I think I was attached to my doll named “Aunt Mary” but more than that, I think I was attached to my grandmother as opposed to anything physical.

  729. Vero says on :

    Nope…I don’t recall being attached to anything…independent indeed as a child. However, nowadays, I seem to carry my two lovely boys with me everywhere. Not so independent afterall, huh?

    Congrats on your nomination…you inspire many of us!! And don’t take this as an easy task…scrapbooking is my weekly therapy…so: thanx!!

  730. Cyndi Michalski says on :

    I had a doll named Sarah that I took everywhere. She was a gift when I was 6 months old. She had a soft body and her arms, legs and head were plastic. She had a voicebox that you put a 9 volt battery in and she talked to you. Surprisingly enough, I still have her in my closet (minus the voicebox) and I used her to teach my 5 year old son, Nathan, how to hold a baby prior to his baby sister being born in October 2009. Sweet eh?

  731. LC Smith says on :

    I don’t remember my having one but both of my daughters had stuffed toys, Clawdie doll & Wubby dog. They are among my treasures and I hope to give them back to them when they have their own children to display in their nurseries. They appear in many of their childhood photos with them. They bring back a rush of memories of the way my precious babies felt & smelled & looked so many years ago.

  732. Karen Schwieger says on :

    I don’t remember having a favorite toy but I did have a favorite quilt that my grandmother made for me.

  733. Sheila Kuhn says on :

    I do not remember being emotionally attached to a thing… but I used to suck on my bottom lip whenever I got tired. Not a good thing in the winter time when it would get chapped. It is a good thing I grew out of that habit.

  734. Karen Keiper says on :

    i was attached to my nan. i always wanted to be with her and loved (still do) her very much. she is the sort of nana everyone wants, bakes, plays, does craft, chops up your food into tiny bite size pieces. will let you sleep in her bed, always smiling and gives the best kisses and cuddles.

  735. alessandra says on :

    I had a blanket

  736. Ruth Allmart says on :

    Congratulations Noell. What a great honor. I would have picked you too :) I had a little pink teddy bear that my dad brought back from a business trip to England that I used to sleep with. The poor fella had lost most of the stuffing out of his belly but I loved him. I bet my mom still has him up in the attic. Thanks for the chance to win.

  737. Charlie says on :

    My favorite toy was a Glo-Worm and I carried it around everywhere.

  738. Tiffany says on :

    I had a kitty with a silky ear and a blanket (“blankie”) with a silky banding. I would suck my middle fingers and rub the two on my cheek. They were my comfort items in childhood:)

  739. Pam says on :

    I was very attached to dolls. My grandma would give me one every Christmas. She passed away over 20 years ago, and I was given a beautiful doll with a yellow dress and hat that belonged to her. She sits on the bed in an extra bedroom, just like she did on Grandma’s bed.

  740. Britta says on :

    I had a little quilted blanket my grandma made me. I slept with it until I got married – even during college.

  741. Live Life says on :

    My favorite LOVEY… was a brown stuffed weiner dog named “Rover” How I loved that soft dog. My mom replaced his tongue and eyes quite a few times!

  742. Kristen Shoeszler says on :

    my comfort item; a soft blankie

  743. Dee Erickson says on :

    My brother, sister and I all had the same favorite item… a big silky blanket that we called “The Silky Blanket” or just “Silky”. (I know, not very creative!). This blanket at some point was white with big pink/mauve cabbage roses, circa 1960′s, but through the years and through many cycles in the washer, it had faded to a soft pink and white, barely noticeable pattern. This was the blanket that Mom used to “snuggle” us in if we didn’t feel well or were just having an off-day. If you saw someone laying on the davenport with the Silky Blanket, you knew to leave them alone!

    One Thanksgiving years later, after we all had children of our own, I ran across the Silky Blanket stuffed in the back of Mom’s linen closet. When I pulled it out, all three of us, in unison, said “Oh, it’s Silky!!” Yep, our children and spouses thought we were a little crazy as they watched three grown adults snuggle in good ol’ Silkey. :)

  744. Paula says on :

    Thinking back I don’t think I had anything attached to me. I have racked my brain and have come up blank. wow I guess that is nothing new. lol Neither of my children had a special item I guess love was enough for them. :+)

    Congratulations on this honor.

  745. Kris Van Allen says on :

    “MaryJane” was my very best friend…my doll. She’s made of cloth, and two sided; on one side of her apron is written “Don’t Be Sad, Flip my hair….” then on the other side of the apron is written “And I’ll Be Glad!” Her blond yarn hair looked just like mine. My grandmother traced her and made a copy for me when I was in my teens. She went to college with me. I still have them both now. Someday, they will go to my daughter. Or more likely, I’ll keep the original for myself!

  746. Linda says on :

    That was sixty years ago, but my mom told me I sucked on a finger on my right hand for comfort. Back then things were pretty basic. Forty years ago, my son had a “blankie” and sucked on his thumb; oh, how times have changed.
    Thank you, Noell.

  747. Cynthia B. says on :

    Congrats, Noell!
    The only toy I can remember being attached to was a white stuffed bear named Cupcake. I’d received him + a rocking chair for one of my birthdays. I remember very clearly that my parents had to take Cupcake away, because I developed a rash, and it turns out that I was allergic to the toy! :(

  748. Robin says on :

    I wasn’t really attached to anything. I did have this rectanglar pillow when I was a little older that I slept with forever until it pretty much disintegrated!

  749. Connie says on :

    I was attached to holding on to my dad’s back pocket, when we were in stores etc. I always walked around holding on to his pocket.

  750. Julie S. says on :

    I was attached to a slip. It was black with flowers and I wore it over my head like it was a wig to pretend that I had long hair. And I would sing Dolly Parton songs. I know. I was a strange child!

  751. Melanie L. says on :

    I hope this doesn’t sound like a cop-out answer, but I never had a security blanket or other toy that I know of. I was the first child and the most photographed child, but none of the pictures have me carrying any particular thing, so that’s why I think I didn’t depend on anything. I don’t want to say that I was secure, because I know I wasn’t!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  752. Keshet Shenkar says on :

    I had a deep obsession with bottle. Talked about marrying it and everything. Luckily for my husband, that passed:)

  753. Dianne says on :

    I was definitely attached to sucking my thumb. That was a habit my parents struggled to break until I was 10 years old. At that point they started pinning wool socks over my hands, to my pajamas at night. A couple of nights with a wooly mouth and I gave up my thumb.

  754. Jan says on :

    I wasn’t attached to any thing in particular. I was very attached to my grandma, though.

  755. Susanne S says on :

    When I was a kid, I had a teddy bear to cuddle when I was upset. I don’t think I carried it everywhere, but I did need to have Ted close by when I was sad. I still have Ted – even though my kids think that’s strange….

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  756. Kay Mack says on :

    Congratulations to you and the other nominees! All of you have such inspiring ideas and projects for people like me to ooh and ahh over.
    While I didn’t sleep with my favorite object, it was never far from me during my waking hours. I had a large cardboard box full of paperdolls and I spent countless hours playing with them and designing clothes for them. I still am drawn to the paperdolls of the ’50′s….and like to use them in my layouts.

  757. Joan Schonrock says on :

    Congratulations on the recognition of your contribution to the scrapping industry. As a child I remember a teddy bear given to me and each of my 5 first cousins at the time-from a spinster great aunt. We all treasured our teddy bears.

  758. Anita Cory says on :

    I wouldn’t call it an attachment or obsession, but I was very fond of my Mrs. Beasley and my Kathy Quick Curl doll. (Does anyone remember them…from the early-mid 70s?) LOL.

  759. Heather says on :

    I didn’t have a ‘lovey’ as a child. But both of my boys-with no coaxing from me-loved their burb cloths. My 5 year old still asks to sleep with one when he is really tired or emotional. They say they love the smell of the downy.

    Congrats on your new title. You deserve it.

  760. Laura Piccioli says on :

    I just wanted to start by saying WOOHOO for you and congratulations NOELL! You deserve the nomination, as you are always an encouraging and creative individual! As a child I had a very independent nature… when waiting for my parents to go for a walk to my greatgrandparents house, I waited a bit for them, I was about 4yrs old. My baby brother required diaper changing or something, and since no one was coming, I started out on my own, walking along a road that has a 40mph sign posted, crossing a major rural route, & railroad tracks, then walking alone, unattended, w/out adult hands held for about one mile. I was on the front porch with my great grandma when my parents and grandparents FINALLY showed up with “that baby brother” of mine. I remember waiting, and waiting, and finally left, besides, greatgramma’s house was really neat because she didn’t have an “inside” potty! I also remember another time when I walked home from Kindergarten all on my own(5yrs old and 7-12 town blocks)… Mom remembers getting a phone call from a classmates’ parent saying I stopped by to see her son and thought she would call to let her know where her daughter was, and she says she came and got me… I remember walking home! The world seemed so much safer to me then, as a child. As a parent, my prayer each day is that my children are safe in the exploration of their world. “Look both ways” and “Don’t talk to strangers” were simple rules then. Still good ones too!!!

  761. Denise says on :

    I had as a toddler, and still have today, a beat up, raggedy, frayed, painted over rag doll that I named Jill. She looks like something picked out of the trash, but she is a much loved doll that I will never throw out for as long as I live.

  762. Debbie K. says on :

    I can’t remember being attached to any security blanket or stuffed animal. Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff.

  763. becky dunnell says on :

    what a neat giveaway and fun question! i was always in possession of a stuffed animal of some sort — it changed occasionally, but one that i loved a lot was a bear with a sash & angel wings…i still have it & he travels with me :)

  764. Laura P says on :

    I must have been pretty independent because I don’t think I was overly attached to anything that I know of.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

  765. Amanda Sullivan says on :

    I remember i had this stuffed snoopy dog that i slept with every night! It was so best up and ragged when i finally outgrew it. My mom put it up for me thou and I still have it to this day.

  766. Andrea says on :

    I don’t remember a blanket, but I used to sleep with an old t-shirt of my dad’s.

  767. EBPitcher says on :

    I don’t think I had anything. I had a blanket, but it wasn’t as worn as my brother’s. His had to be refurbed multiple times!

  768. Ellen says on :

    I had a blanket that I called my ee-ee AND a right thumb I sucked until Kindergarten!

  769. Amy Morris says on :

    I had a blankie…mom tells me it was so gross she finally ‘lost’ it. :)

  770. Christine says on :

    I had a blanket, named simply “Yellow”. And I had a bunny whose name was “boomy”

  771. susan inouye says on :

    Love the podcasts (clipping and digi)…just started watching the LIVE.

  772. Ginny says on :

    I was a bit attached to a dog I called floppy. Not to badly that I couldn’t survive without it though. I actually was more attached to having lots of belongings around me. I would take a bag of stuff everywhere I went, LOL

  773. Nancy says on :

    I was a binky girl. I actually had my binky until I was 4 years old… then I threw it out the window of the moving car… twice. The first time my parents were crazy enough to stop and go back and find it, but after the second time I was out of luck. :-) Congrats on your nomination!!

  774. Dani says on :

    my childhood nickname is Roo. And it is because when I was little, I was so attached to my pacifier, I would hide it away in my diaper from my mom so she couldn’t take it from me… I guess they compared it to a kangaroo and her pouch!

  775. Teresa says on :

    Oh, most definitely! I had a yellow security blanket and one of the corners is completely worn from rubbing it. My daughters each have their own too- taggie blankets they can’t be without. :) Congrats on your big honor!

  776. nicole says on :

    I was attached to a care bears sleeping bag that I outgrew and it then became a blanket. It started to come apart at one point and I sewed big loopy stitches in it with brown thread. Keep in mind it is a nice pale yellow.
    It’s on my bed right now.

  777. Margot/NZ says on :

    I had a stuffed toy dog called WowWow. He went on to be my sister’s fave toy, and then her son’s as well. WowWow now has none of his original features or fur, but we all still love him.

  778. Patti says on :

    I love Paperclipping, and I’m so glad you now have a digital show. Way to go, Noelle! I was obsessed with my thumb. It was my right one. It is actually longer than my left one – Mom says because I sucked it so much!

  779. Patti says on :

    By the way, what time zone is this based on? My post that says 3:46 am was posted at 8:45 PDT!!

  780. Judy Key says on :

    No, I did not have a blanket or binkie; I am very independent today and may have been when I was small. My pictures from back then do not show any item that was always with me….

    thanks for the op to win!!! I enjoy you guys….

  781. Kirsten says on :

    I had a binkie until I was about four. I’m pretty sure I carried around a small pillow that was as thin as a blanket as well.

  782. christy a says on :

    Well since there are 752 people ahead of me, I have a slim chance of winning for sure! I was attached to sucking my two fingers (middle and ring, which left the pointer finger’s location, of course, in my nose. Super fun question! Congrats on the honor!

  783. Julie N. says on :

    I was attached to a bear that my brother gave me for christmas. It wasn’t so much the bear, but the fact that he picked it out for me as a surprise. No one helped him. He was just being nice. Kind of unusual for an older brother to do for his bossy younger sister! :)

  784. DeniseNoe says on :

    I had a baby doll (hard plastic head, arms and legs)that I named “Bridget” and carried everywhere with me.

  785. Andrea Smith says on :

    I would say I was not attached to any object but I was fortunate to have a twin, who was my attachment. I think we were inseparable. We still love to be together and drag our husbands along. The fun twins can have.

  786. Pamk says on :

    I don’t think I was attached to anything. I don’t remember and my mother never said anything about it.

  787. Melissa says on :

    I had a snoopy that I took everywhere.

  788. Phyllis says on :

    I had a small pillow with a satin cover – always slept with it, it was small enough to pack to take to friends. I finally quit sleeping with it after I got married (but it’s still packed away in the closet).

  789. Terena Schultheis says on :

    Congrats! I was attached to a teddy bear. Slept with it every night!

  790. Kathy says on :

    I was a thumb sucker until somewhere in my kindergarten year my sister, Kim, decided to check my thumb for wrinkles every morning- she told me the other kids would tease me if I didn’t stop- so I did! I was so proud when I finally woke up without a wrinkly thumb!… and she was too!

  791. Gail Bassett says on :

    Great giveaway. I must have been pretty independent because I don’t remember being attached to anything and my mother never told me about anything.

  792. donna c says on :

    I had a very amazing odd little brown and yellow ratty bear. I was quite sick at the age of four or so and threw up all over it, and that was the end of that! there are actually a couple of photos with me and this bear…interesting! he was thread bare little thing too!

  793. Jodie says on :

    I don’t remember having an attachment to anything specific, but I remember stcking pretty close to my brother all the time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  794. AnnieB says on :

    I had a doll. Her name was Susan. Her ‘skin’ was some rubbery material and she was stuffed with tiny bits of foam rubber. She was so old that the tips of her fingers had deteriorated and the stuffing was coming out. So my mom took thread and tied it around the very tips of her fingers so I could get a few more years of love our of her. Crazy. Haven’t thought about that doll in a long, long time.

  795. Sandra K says on :

    Not a blanket but definitely my second finger, right hand. It took a while to kick the habit. Mum was worried about my teeth but it all worked out. Neither of my kids have sucked their thumbs/fingers. Just me!

  796. Krista says on :

    I had a baby blanket that I loved to pieces. My mom gave it to me as a wedding shower present…I thought it had been thrown out!

  797. Christie M says on :

    I was totally independent! My mom says that some nights I would go missing and I would have already tucked myself into bed. And 36 years later, I still walk to the beat of my own drum! :)

  798. Kari - Chatty Scrapper says on :

    Always a stuffed animal, which one varied, over the years. I remember sleeping with a red & white chicken, a Christmas Snoopy with antlers and a leather E.T. among other things. I usually hugged it the way some people hug a pillow while they sleep. I even took one with me on trips most of the times. I even slept with one most nights into my college years.

  799. Leanne says on :

    My attachment was flannel. Not any particular piece, just anything flannel that could be rubbed across my lips. It was my ‘nuey’. Always got me to sleep. Congratulations on your award! Thank you for the memory, and sharing. :)

  800. Patricia Vincent says on :

    I was never attached to any item because I had so many family members around that I was hanging on to one of them. I was used as a doll by the girls and as a girls attention getter by the guys. That was many years ago and fun to think about now.

  801. Chezzie says on :

    I was completely attached to a small yellow teddy with a tartan body which I was given once when I was sick.

  802. Christine Ousley says on :

    Congrats on being chosen! I think it was a very appropriate selection. Love your show! Yes, I was throughly attached to a blanket. A yellow and green silky type of fabric. My mom still has the bits that were left after I finally let it go.
    xoxo, Christine

  803. fancyscrapper says on :

    I had a stuffed lamb I loved. He was lost in a move. It made me quite sad.

  804. nitasha says on :

    Congratulations! I don’t recall being attatched to anything in particular. Being an only child, I was pretty independent and pretty much loved all of my toys about the same!

  805. RobynS says on :

    I had a brown bear. I have several pictures from the 1960′s with that old tattered bear. I do not remember his name, but I do remember constucting a vet clinic for him and my other stuffed animals using TV tray tables and blankets. Thanks for the memories. I had forgotten about him.

  806. Jacki says on :

    I was attached to a lot of things… I sucked my thumb way too long and I had a red baby blanket that my Grandma made for me. I didn’t want to throw it away or store it anymore, so I cut a corner of the blanket off and it’s in my childhood scrapbook :)
    I also LOVED my doll my Mom made for me- I name it “Candy” because “I love Candy and I love my doll”. I actually loved it so much that I wore the fabric off of it’s face, so my mom made me an identical twin named Candycane. I still have my dolls :)
    Congrats on your exciting and well deserved award!

  807. Megan says on :

    I so wanted to be attached to something, the closest I got to an attachment were my blue jeans. I was such a tomboy!

  808. Karen Poirier-Brode says on :

    Ahh, I believe I was independent. No cuddle objects for me that I recall.

  809. Eileen M says on :

    I believe I had a blanket but gave it up pretty quickly.

  810. Deb says on :

    I’m 57 and don’t remember if I was attached to anything. That’s why I scrap for my now grown kids, so that they’ll have the memories I don’t have. :)

  811. Andrea says on :

    I was very independent. In fact, I would often sleep in the unfinished basement so I could be alone ;)

  812. Marisa G says on :

    I had a wonderful white blankie with a super soft ribbon edge. I used to rub it against my face at night until I fell asleep. I completely wore out the blanket, and I think my Mom finally had to throw it out. But, it was wonderful while it lasted. I can still make myself fall asleep by rubbing a ribbon-edged blanket against my face!

  813. Janice D-P says on :

    I had a little gray stuffed dog that I received when I was very young, and I loved it so much that I even took it to college with me! Hugging him always made me feel better.

    Congratulations on this honor, Noell, and please keep inspiring us all.

  814. Connie says on :

    My Mother was very ill shortly after I was born, and an Aunt raised me my first year. She never told me of any attachments and there isn’t anything in any of my baby pictures, so I guess I was independent. That makes sense, because I am very independant as an adult.

  815. Stephanie B. says on :

    I was attached to a red, silky blanket. Not sure why I loved that thing so much, but I sure did!

  816. Hollie says on :

    I have racked my brain trying to remember something I was attached to, but I guess I was too busy following my older brother around trying not to be left behind. That or too many things interested me, so I couldn’t focus on one.

  817. Pam M says on :


    MMMM- as a toddler, my security blanket was (shhhh) my thumb. I also had a stuffed dog named Rover (who doubled as a sleepover bag) Still have him today -

  818. Megan says on :

    Congratulations on one of the Most Influential Scrapbookers 2010 awards! It’s awesome.
    I don’t remember being attached to anything in specific, but my mum says I had a dummy, and loved playing with a wet flannel?!#*!, I would drape it over my face, toys, anything, anywhere, it just had to be wet

  819. Michelle says on :

    My thumb, I was a thumbsucker. Until I was about 6 or 7, then I started biting my nails, then later smoking, but now at 35, I have quit all of it, I no longer need to comfort myself with my thumb, my nails, or cigarettes, I think I am growing…
    The best part is, my two daughters have no habits like that!

  820. Annie T says on :

    Had to go to the source for this one. I didn’t think I was particularly attached to anything, but apparently it was my thumb. So THAT’s why I spent so much time at the orthodontist…

  821. Monica B. says on :

    I had a stuffed dog named muffin. He was Yellow. I would not go anywhere without him. I still have the dog to this day…

  822. JennV says on :

    I was attached to a pink blanket that I slept with every night up until I got married. I think it was habit and also a very comfortable blanket. But now that I think about it, I’m not sure where it is…:(

    Congratulations Noell!

  823. shirleyc says on :

    Hey there-I’m one of those eldest children, you know, driven and independent. Never was really attached to a “lovey” but have sure loved making sure my grandchildren have theirs.

  824. Valerie says on :

    I had a pacifier for too long. So long that I was old enough to remember that I watched the garbage man carry it away in the garbage. I seriously think I was around the age of four. We were visiting family in Georgia and my mom actually bribed me with a Rainbow Brite doll in exchange for throwing away my “binkie”. I was worried I’d have the same issue with my little boy, but he gave up his binkie before he turned one–all on his own and doesn’t have any real attachment to anything right now.
    Congrats on the nomination!! Have been wanting to take Maggie’s photo class forever! Would love to win!

  825. Rachelle says on :

    My Womble cup was quite a fave! Can’t actually remember which womble particularly though! Congratulations!

  826. Cynthia R. says on :

    Ahhh, I remember them well. My blankie and my stuffed bunny, both originally pink, now just a blush of color. They still reside in the bottom drawer of my dresser. I don’t recall dragging the blankie a la Linus, but, it was always in my bed ss a child. I must have been a “holder” because to this day, I awaken with my fist holding tight to a corner of my bedding. Yes, my fellow blankie-ers, the satin corners are the best. I remember, as a teen, re-connecting with these comfort items. I would cover my pillow with the blanket and sleep with my cheek against it. My stuffed bunny (so, Velveteen Rabbit) had once satin lined ears, worn down by love and time. Also as a teen, I decided to name it Blythe, as I read that it meant happiness. I haven’t used either of them in decades, but, find solace in knowing they are just right there, in my dresser drawer.

  827. Denise says on :

    I was attached to a silky blue blanket until it was torn and shredded. Then, it was taken away…don’t know what age that was.

  828. Kirsty says on :

    Ooh, I had both thumb and blanket – an unshakable unbreakable combo that could solve any problems and put all the world to rights!

  829. carol in seattle :) says on :

    I was a pretty independent child, but as a tween/teen I got all “angsty” and that’s when my woobie (blanket) became a fixture. So happy for you Noel!

  830. Cath says on :

    Don’t remember a special blanket or anything, but I did suck my thumb.

  831. Carol-Ann Torrie says on :

    I had a pink and white rabbit complete with orange carrot. The carrot and the rabbit are no longer attached… but the rabbit sits on my bedroom dresser along with my teenage sons’ favourites. Loys of happy memories!

  832. Suzanne says on :

    I don’t recall having a favourite toy or a security blanket. I was the youngest and mostly wanted whatever the other siblings had.
    Congratulations on the recognition!

  833. Lucy says on :

    Congratulations on the award. I was attached to my dolly called Muma. It went every where with me until I was about 7 (I was a sook) :) :):)

  834. Gina says on :

    Congratulations. I had an Andy Pandy doll my Mother made me. Thats the only thing I remember carrying around.

  835. Trish (GT) says on :

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great journey.

    Childhood: what on earth was that? So long ago I can’t remember. No attachments that stick in my memory.

  836. grannymike says on :

    Congratulations on such a wonderful honor. As far as I know, I had nothing to which I had a special attachment as a child. I wonder what I missed?

  837. lee i says on :

    Congratulations for being nominated Most Influential Scrapbooker. As to your question, I do not remember being attached to anything in particular. I didn’t have too many toys as a kid. Maybe that is why I make up for it with my scrapbooking toys hehehe. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  838. jennusy says on :

    Congratulations! I have this baby pillow since i can remember that I am so attached to. I slept with it till I moved out of my parents house. It’s still there in my room at my parents.

  839. Bernice says on :

    I didn’t have a comfort toy, I had a comfort phrase!! One time when I was frightened at night while my Dad was away my Mum said everything would be fine because Daddy was coming home tomorrow. So I went back to sleep saying over and over ‘Daddy’s coming home tomorrow.’ I used thisphrase may times after that even if he was asleep in the room next door.

  840. jesa says on :

    To my knowledge there were never stories about an attachement I had to anything as a baby. Sorry no fun story share.

  841. Rachael says on :

    I was very attached to my thumb. I had an overbite to show for it but thank goodness for braces!

  842. Peggy says on :

    I was pretty independent. I don’t remember any toy or blanket.

  843. Kirsteen says on :

    I was attached to a blanket – I still have one now (at 31) but just for bedtime and when I am really unwell ;) My little boy (age 1) has a comfort blanket too – it’s a lion and he will not be parted from it or use a substitute when Lion is in the washing machine or the tumble drier :)

  844. Tilla says on :

    As a child I was very attached to a green knitted elf my granny made for me – he had very long arms & legs, with red trim around the ends of his sleeves & pants. He had a round face, black hair & on top a little green & red hat. Not sure what became of him after all these years, but memories last forever !

  845. Meggie says on :

    Congratulations!!! My favorite was a Panda Bear that I named Pooh Bear after Winnie the Pooh. He was my favorite friend until my parents took him away. The other one was a dog name Flippy. He was white and had floppy ears. These two traveled with me wherever I went.

  846. Cathy says on :

    Congrats on your nomination. I don’t so much remember being attached to anything as a child but in some photos of me there is usually a blanket or toy floating around somewhere. I did have a favourite bunny that got loved to shreds.

  847. Vera says on :

    I was seriously attached to my thumb. I sucked my left thumb till I was six. I have a scar to prove it. Congratulations!

  848. Lynda Manning says on :

    I had a beautiful Blue Cordaroy Teddy Bear!!!

  849. Leonie-Australia says on :

    I can’t remember being attatched to things so much as people, I liked to be with my Mum & Dad & would get really stressed when they went anywhere without me :-)

  850. Lisa Berberette says on :

    I had a huge stuffed mouse that was bigger than me. I called him Hector, short for Hector the Inspector because I loved the rhyme! He is old and battered but still well loved today!

  851. MichelleP says on :

    Congratulation! I don’t recall being attached to anything and I don’t have many pictures of my childhood either; that’s why I scrapbook for my children in part too. So happy for you and amazingggggggggggg give away!!!

  852. Rebecca Cameron says on :

    Congratulations on being named in the top 10. It goes to show that innovation is so rewarding.

    As for my childhood toy obsession. I had a doll named Janey. She had a hairdo in the shape of a pyramid. It was that way because of how I carried her with her head tucked under my arm.

    Anyhow, I lost Janey whilst traveling with my family. Her final resting place was a toilet in some petrol station :(

  853. Leah says on :

    congrats on the nomination! The only thing I was attached to was my older sister…and that drove her crazy!

  854. Maree Forman says on :

    Congratulations on the award and thanks for giving us prizes. I was a thumb sucker for quite a few years apparently.

  855. Marina Garcia says on :

    Enhorabuena por estar entre esas personas más influyentes del mundo del scrapbooking!!
    Creo que siempre he sido muy independiente pero recuerdo especialmente un peluche de un perro….seria mi favorito??no se….quizás ; )
    un saludo

  856. Wendy says on :

    I was VERY attached to a blanket given to me when I was born. I slept with it until I was nine and still have it in my bedside drawer. I pull it out every now and then to show my kids. They can never believe how tattered and torn it is!

  857. Lyndel says on :

    Congratulations Noell!

    I had a blue teddy bear. Not sure why it was blue – maybe they were expecting a boy. Funnily enough the only picture of me with it was a professional family portrait where bear was hand-coloured yellow.

  858. Jenn says on :

    just like fancyscrapper…i too had a stuffed lamb that was my favorite when i was a wee little girl. it got to be so worn out that there was literally no fur left in almost every spot. and then it grossed me out and i got rid of it. sad, but true. wish i had the little guy now. my kids would get a kick out of it.

  859. purplejamie says on :

    Nothing for me, but my sister had a blanket until her boyfriend moved in. It was a huge blanket, so when she went on holiday she would cut a corner off it to take with her. She used to pick the fluff off it and put it up her nose!

  860. Salamanda says on :

    Congratulations on award. I did not have anything but my kids were all partial to muslin cloths. Eldest daughter called it her cloth and sucked her thumb, and eldest son called it his “muzzy’. Youngest daughter was given a hand crocheted blanket by her great grandmother (Nana papa) that I wrapped her up in. She is fifteen and still has it at the bottom of the bed. It is called “blanky” and is kind of grey now and full of holes and the ribbon has unravelled but she loves it. Nana papa died when she was 9 but she still remembers her whenever she looks at blanky.

  861. Lisa Thayer says on :

    Nope, Noda, Nothing….weird as I have never thought of that! And now that I do, my daughter is the same way.

  862. Antonia S-H says on :

    Congratulations! I had a stuffed dog called Soppy, but sadly he got lost in a car park when I was about three. I also sucked my thumb and luckily for me that didn’t get lost. But it did make my teeth slightly wonky on one side.

  863. Monica McNeill says on :

    I don’t remember & I have been told that I was attached to anything in particular. However, around 7 I remember being afraid of sleeping in my room & before bedtime I would snuggle in all my stuffed animals and then tuck myself in the middle very E.T. like so that if bad guys came into my room they wouldn’t see me :)

  864. Kathy D says on :

    I was attached to a blanket as well

  865. Ginger says on :

    I was attached to my…MOTHER. I still remember her dropping me off at kindergarten in a trailer with glass doors at the front. I stood there beating on the glass because I didn’t want her to leave me there all day. I NEVER grew to like school, either…even when I was in High School I remember feeling like we were in “prison”.

  866. Maryellen says on :

    I was very attached (and to an extent still am) to my thumb with a piece of well worn, but frayed and clean cotton diaper or cloth. To this very day, I love the feel of soft cotton on my body. Climbing into bed in the softest of sheets is just the warmest, most relaxing feeling. Even the coolness of them in summer gives me a warm, fuzzy.

    Thanks for this opportunity and love the blog.

  867. crystalangel says on :

    I was a thumb-sucker, it was the thumb in the mouth and my other hand was in the back of my shirt playing with my tag…strange I know, but comforting to me (but apparently very annoying to my sister who went around cutting all the tags out of my pjs)lol

  868. heather k says on :

    What a good question! I think I was independent, and not a “needer”. Same way today – I have lots of toys, comforts, but not sure if I “need” any of them. Congrats and thanks!

  869. Dawn Cheshire says on :

    I remember a doll that I played with so much it’s cloth sides came apart. My Grandma offered to take it to the Doll’s Hospital to get it fixed but then turned round and said it couldn’t be fixed. I never saw it again. She bought me a new doll but it wasn’t the same
    Congratulations on the award

  870. Barbara says on :

    My dad always said that I was as independent as a hog on ice. I needed nothing to be attached to. Not until I met my DH, anyway!

  871. Amy says on :

    I don’t remember being attached to anything. I know I had sisters that did but I don’t remember having something that was specific.

  872. Jeanne B. says on :

    Congrats!! I remember watching your podcasts a while back (when I had more time :o ( )… and they were awesome!! Maybe I’ll have to find the time again and start watching once more! Anyway, my attachment was my thumb… never lost it, never forgot it, it was with me always! ;o) And still is today, although I do use it for other things now!

  873. Julie E says on :

    I had sooo many stuffed animals that held a prominent position in my bed that there was barely any room for me. Of course they all had names, and their particular spots they liked to sleep. My absolute fave was a pink elephant.

    btw… I am thrilled to find your blog through Ella, Noell. I’ll add it to my regulars :)

  874. Ann S says on :

    I carried my baby doll everywhere I went.

  875. Michelle M says on :

    I had a stuffed monkey who I had for such a long time and took everywhere with me that my mom had to make him new clothes!

  876. kim says on :

    my attachment (literly) was my thumb. Worse habit to break…but great thing was I always had that comfort w/ me. Even now I think back and it makes me smile. thanks for the memory!

  877. Lynda says on :

    A soft white blankie with the satin edges.
    I still have it – folded up in my box of special treasures.

  878. Dori says on :

    As the oldest of 4, I was pretty independent because I don’t remember any special comfort item. But each of my kids has one. They love their “pretty”, which is a blanket my mom has made for them. I don’t know when we started called them “pretty” but it makes me laugh especially when I realize they are now 17/15 and still have it with them (in their beds).

  879. Jamie Fox says on :

    Congrats on earning that title! You deserve it!

    As I child I was BEYOND attached to my pacifier. My mom said that I was nearly 3 before I “gave it up” … she said that I would constantly lose them, and she thought I was too old to still be using them so she told me when I had 3 left in my stash that those were the LAST 3 and that when I lose them they would be gone forever. So one by one I lost them, when it came down to the last one she told me that when I lost that one I would have no more, she said that I agree’d and was ok with that. She told me that when I lost it if I didn’t cry for it and I was a big girl about it that she would let me pick out ANY toy that I wanted. So evidently I lost it and was ok, she took me to the toy store and out of EVERYTHING I could have gotten there I picked a stuffed Big Bird :)

  880. Shannon Jones says on :

    HI! I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s awesome!
    When you were little, were you attached to a baby blanket? A thumb? A stuffed toy? What were you attached to? Or were you so independent you didn’t need anything? Please share.
    I was attached to several! I had a baby blanket with little yarn twisties my Granny made me. And still to this day (34 yrs old) I can’t go to sleep without having a blanket with those yarn twistied on it to twirl in my fingers as I fall asleep! Now my 23 month old does the same thing with her Tigger binkie.
    I also had a stuffed dog that I had to fall asleep with and I was a thumb sucker! Then a braces wearer!!! Thankfully my DD hasn’t picked that one up.

  881. heather says on :

    Hoorah for you! I loved my blankie until some turkey stole it from our machine at the laundry mat. Now who would do that? :)

  882. Lauren S. says on :

    Congrats! Quite an honor, and you deserve it!

    I loved tickles. Ya know, that silk stuff on the edge of blankets? Not the blankets themselves, mind you. I usually ripped the tickles off and kept them in my pocket or around my wrist. Very strange, but i still love the feel. Occassionally snag one of my daughters blankets with it! =)

  883. Jenn B. says on :

    I was a thumb-sucker … until I was 12 (LOL I was ATTACHED!!). Congrats on your nomination!

  884. Marita says on :

    As the fourth child my parents don´t remember these details.
    Now I scrap them for my children so that we can always recall it when they grow up.
    By the way, wasn´t familiair with your blog but I love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  885. heather says on :

    a sun bonnet sue blanket my great grandmother handmade.

  886. Barb M. says on :

    I used to suck my thumb. I told people it was strawberry flavored. I also had a stuffed lamb that I was pretty attached to. I’ve recently created a sb layout of it.

  887. Carrie says on :

    Congratulations! I had a stuffed bear that was my Mom’s – she now has it back and it sits on display.

  888. beulahmom says on :

    I was pretty independent I guess, because I don’t recall having been attached to anything special!

  889. Phyllis says on :

    Congratulations. As a child I was attached to my thumb.

  890. Marcia says on :

    Didn’t have a Blanket, lamb, or anything. But my sister loved the satin edge of her blankie while she sucked her thumb. When she was four and on her fourth blue blankie mom started cutting it into smaller and smaller pieces. Until it just disappeared.

  891. Kim says on :

    Definitely my thumb… but I also have my favorite elephant and music box… both of which my kids are attached too now, but not my thumb – thankfully it is still mine!

    Congratulations on sneaking in and getting awarded! I love your website and will definitely be checking it out more since I found it!

  892. Jennifer C says on :

    Congratulations! I was independent. I don’t remember needing anything.

  893. Shannon Cummins says on :

    Congratulations… I love your work…

  894. Jan says on :

    I was attached to my pink lace baby blanket. Thanks for the chance to win the FABULOUS prizes.

  895. Lycia says on :

    The honest answer is “I don’t know…” My mom has never mentioned any type of attachment that I had, but you’ve inspired me to ask! Congrats on the nomination!!!

  896. Marylou says on :

    I can’t personally remember being attached to anything, but my sister definitely was! One of my earliest memories is driving around in the middle of the night with my dad to find her a replacement pacifier! (I do remember sucking my thumb – and after that memory of my sister, I encouraged my own kids to do the same – you can’t lose your thumb lol!)

  897. Staci says on :

    I for sure was attached to a blanket. When I was two, Mom asked the Dr. what she should do about this obsession. He told her to cut a little piece of it off everyday until there was nothing left to cut. Well this worked until it was the size of a wash cloth. Then I just started carrying around wash cloths!

  898. Laura Bruynell says on :

    I don’t believe I was attached to anything as a baby. I’ll have to ask my mom.

  899. Karyn Johnson says on :

    I don’t think I got in on time, but just wanted to say Congrats anyways!!!

  900. Robyn F. says on :

    I had a tattered and torn yellow blanket that I called “nana.” My mom finally had to hide it when I was five, or I would have taken it to Kindergarten with me.

  901. Heather says on :

    I was attached to books, especially Little Bear. It was the first book I read by myself.

  902. Abi says on :

    This is such a great giveaway! I never had a blanket or dummy, but I did have a toy monkey. He had velcro paws and was just the right size for a little girl to hold. i still have him, but he is a little bit thread-bare! Abi x

  903. Amy says on :

    I can’t say I was attached specifically to one item. I did have a favorite doll that I got when I was very little and I loved it and would sleep with it all the time, but I was ok without it. My son had a lizard toy that he use to clutch in his hand at night and when I would check on him while sleeping, his fist would still be clenched around it. It was so cute.

  904. Michele C. says on :

    i was attached to a blankie that had silk on the edges and as the blankie got worn, it just became the silk edge that i dragged around. ;o)

  905. Annette says on :

    I didn’t have a blanket, or stuff animal that I remeber….I had an identical twin sister! Who need anything else?!

    Congrats on your new status of influential.

  906. Barb says on :

    I had a very pale pink, satin edged blanket that I kept for many years — probably until I was about 12! It never left my room, but lived under my pillow during the day and was there waiting for me when I went to bed. My kids were both attached to hand-knitted blankets, and now all three reside in our cedar chest. For what, I’m not sure. Probably just for me.

    Congrats on the award! I find your website very interesting and unique. Well done!

  907. TamiV says on :

    I was a blanket baby all the way! Slept with it for years, I think I still have a small piece of it in my cedar chest.

  908. Dana Lynn says on :

    My mother told me that I used to be attached to my “per” and it was a cloth diaper. It could be any cloth diaper, but I always carried one around and called it my “per” because I couldn’t say the whole word diaper.

    Congratulations on the award!

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