A Train Of Blunders

If I believed in fate or some powerful will outside of myself, I might have concluded that this Paperclipping episode was destined to never happen.

But I don’t. So it did.

I fully acknowledge that each blundered attempt to print and retrieve the photos for the above project sprung from my own spaciness. Here is why it took me 5 attempts to get the photos I needed . . .

Attempt #1

I brought my cd of photos to Costco. Because I print from tiff versions instead of jpeg, and the Costco computers can’t really handle tiff files (boo on them!), I waited 45 minutes for my photos to load. It was after that 45 minutes passed that I realized I had burned the wrong photos to my cd.

Attempt #2

I burned a new cd and returned to Costco. I waited the approximate 45 minutes for my files to upload to the computer (again), this time to learn that I forgot to convert my collage of pictures from a psd file to a tiff file. As a psd it was unprintable.

Attempt #3

I gave up on the tiff version and decided to upload it as a jpeg via the internet.

(Since then I discovered that you can upload tiff versions to their website, BUT the Costco computers rename the files as jpeg’s. My technician said she “thinks” they’re just renaming them but not actually changing the files themselves. I’m not sure I believe that).

When I got to Costco to pick them up, I realized I didn’t have my Costco card because I had taken it out of my wallet in order to upload my photos. It was sitting on the computer back at home, which meant I couldn’t get in.

Attempt #4

I went home, grabbed my card, and returned to Costco where my collage was finally waiting for me.

At this point I had missed my deadline for the scheduled video shoot of the project for which I needed the photos. Because we were leaving town that afternoon, Mother’s Day became our only available day to shoot the episode. Fortunately, my family gave me the most amazing Mother’s Day, which made it almost a complete pleasure to have to work a few hours on “my” day.

BUT . . .

. . . it wasn’t really that easy. I took my collage of photos out of town with me for a little prep work so I would be ready on Sunday.

Then I left them. In the hotel.

That’s right . . I did not have them when we returned home before the episode shoot on Sunday.

Attempt #5

. . . was a success. I ordered my collage print AGAIN on Saturday. I picked it up. It was done correctly. All of the photos were on the collage. We did the shoot on Sunday, and released the episode with a dramatic drag of the hand across my forehead on Monday.

But seriously? Five attempts?

The Story Of My Life? Well . . .

I guess I could conclude this post with a “story of my life” sob, but it wouldn’t be true. This many attempts with accompanying blunders for one simple task isn’t typical. Plus, I also commit singular blunders that result in odd experiences, like finally finding the ketchup bottle under the bathroom sink. Or where I can hear my cell phone ringing incessantly from the direction of the kitchen counter, though I can see it’s NOT ON the kitchen counter. And then, after almost convincing myself that I’m insane and only imagining the ringing, I find it inside in the dishwasher. Underneath the kitchen counter.

At which point I am still convinced that I’m insane, but for a different reason.

So my train of blunders, plus my singular crazy ones, all derive from the fact that I have extremely exciting activity going on in my brain that distracts me from the mundane acts of life. Fortunately, I did not fall for an understandable “the gods are against me” conclusion and give up. I just needed a big hug from my very supportive and unbelievably patient partner, and I worked it all out.
But may a train of that many errors never happen again . . .

6 thoughts on “A Train Of Blunders”

  1. I loved this post, Noelle!!! The pic at the end fit right into the whole story! 🙂 Reading what you wrote felt like you were actually telling me the story. I am glad that everything worked your way and that the PC episode went ok. 🙂

  2. Just thought I’d leave a comment, so you know I do in fact read your blog (quite often even.)I love that you’ve attributed your “serious of unfortunate events” to your busy brain — I like that.

    I might just use this sometime soon, as in “I was so pre-occupied with grand visions of the future that __________ (fill in the blank here.)

    I agree that hubby hugs are the best treatment.

  3. Great post, and as always a great episode! We all blunder, but you still provide so much to us papercrafters, and I for one, greatly appreciate all you, Nancy, Izzy, and your guests do – it can’t be easy to put it all together.
    By the way…great picture of you & Izzy.

  4. Heh-heh… So with you there. It’s good to have that hug and a solid inner “detective” that can help retrace steps when the “autopilot” has been functioning for too long.


  5. Wow. This sounds oh, so familiar! It could be me! Your persistence is admirable, and I love that you are distracted by wonderful ideas. Like Stacy, I’m gonna steal that one too. No, I’m not distracted by a work-load that’s overwhelming! I’m distracted by happy creative thoughts! Yeah, that’s it!

    Well done!

    And a hubby hug is the best! <3

  6. When I di those sorts of things lately, I get it blamed on pregnancy brain…with a laugh from my husband. But my own most recent blunder was to drive all the way to work on an empty gas tank. I realized half-way what I’d forgotten, but there are no gas stations between home and work. Just…near home and near work. Sigh. Don’t know how I made it, but I did.

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