Mother’s Day

What more could they do for me on Mother’s Day when my husband and kids already treat me like every day is all about me? Turn it into Mother’s Week! It wasn’t intentional but that’s basically what they did. Aiden started celebrating his mama four days early when he began making me handmade Mother’s Day gifts like this “I Love You” bracelet (which I decided worked better as an awesome arm-band)…

Handmade gifts from Aiden continued to come in daily. I made him save the rest for the “real day,” but talk of Mother’s Day by the kids seemed never ending. You would have thought it was Christmas. In fact, early in the day on Saturday I mentioned that I got a sudden craving for ethiopian food and that evening, as I was about to boil artichokes for dinner, Israel and the kids announced we would now have a “Mother’s Day Night” and they took me to Cafe Lalibella in Tempe where we all dug into piles of wot with our injeera.

(Did that spark your curiosity? Good. Go try it. Yum).

After we got home the kids banned me to the bedroom because they didn’t want me to accidentally see something that an unnamed somebody was preparing. I think it was this very amazing and hilarious graphic my twelve-year-old son, Blake, designed…
I am now calling on my Mother’s Right To Brag to tell you that Blake didn’t copy light bulbs somewhere and photoshop them into his picture or anything like that. He didn’t use someone else’s models. He designed those bulbs from basic circles using professional software that is very difficult called, Blender. I’m sure that my three or four blog readers don’t know what that is, so let me say that my son is a genius and you can just take my word for it.

The Actual Mother’s Day

On Sunday morning — the big day that everybody had been revving up for — I opened my bedroom door to find my three children in a youngest to oldest pose with about 9 balloons all bright and shiny around them. They greeted me with a little chant by which they each took a turn throwing their balloons into the glorious air. I opened all the handmade gifts with my kiddies around me and I basked in the beauty of the clean room, which was Trinity’s gift.

Israel surprised me with a subscription to a super cool music application called Rhapsody (you will be hearing about this on some Music Monday to come).

And then we ventured out to The Compound Grill for brunch. Vegan breakfast is unheard of around here and the chef made a number of yummy vegan entrees for the occasion! There was even a guitarist-harmonica-ist-singer named Geoffrey J. who accompanied us. Loved it.

Next, we recorded a Paperclipping episode (you will learn the almost traumatic reasons we had to work on Mother’s Day very soon) and then Israel took me out for his gift number two (because he can never stop at just one). Clothing shopping! Yay for Tilly’s and Wet Seal. Yay for Izzy!

When I kissed my kids goodnight and told them how wonderful they made the day for me, Blake and Aiden told me they LOVE Mother’s Day. Blake said, “I can’t wait until I’m a mother . . . Oh, wait.”

And that’s it. Okay, well, not really. I must mention that when I woke up on Monday, my kids wished me a happy Post Mother’s Day. Geez, I’m totally spoiled.

* * *

Note: I realize that two of my last three posts have been braggy ones about how sunshiny and Brady Bunch-perfect my family is, and how much they adore me. While that part about my family is true, I promise I also have plenty of self-depricating content to blog about. Those seem to be the Reader’s Choice posts, based on the fact that they draw the most comments. I will indulge you soon. Please be patient, my dearies.

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. Your kids are AWESOME (so is Izzy, of course).

    Blake is simply amazing. He’s so talented. This poster he created can be used by professional graphic designers for nationwide magazine ads. I am in awe. Both the idea and implementation are incredible.

  2. How awesome. Love the photo and Blake is amazing with the digital art — way to go Blake!

    Happy Mum’s Day (a little late, but still…)!


    =) Liz

  3. I’m just giddy with excitement that your post contained mention of artichokes. I want to know the rest of their story. Did they get eaten the next day!? What sauce did you use….don’t leave me in suspense! Great, now I’m drooling.

  4. I guess I should have left my full name, but the fact that I’m going on about artichokes, maybe you figured out it was me.

  5. LOL — Yes, you were my gateway to artichoke-love.

    To answer your question, the artichokes, which had already sat on my counter way too long, were getting extremely dry and brown. I wasn’t sure if they would be good. But I cooked them anyway as an experiment. I had to cook them longer than usual I think, but yes, they were delicious! We ate them the next day and I mixed vegannaise (vegan-delicious “mayo) and mustard for the sauce. Might have been dijon mustard, actually. Yum, so good!

  6. Wow…you really had a fabulous Mother’s Day. When I arrived at Walt Disney World on Mother’s Day, my husband informed me that he had tried to find a Mom-to-Be card for me, but couldn’t. I thought it was sweet that he even thought to try and find one. Maybe he’s ready for this whole Dad thing? 9.5 weeks to go. 🙂

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