A Week In The Life: What We Learn About Izzy

If you’re my friend on facebook then you might have seen the Week In The Life photos I’ve been posting. Last week I adopted the role of photojournalist for my family’s everyday life. Okay, to be truthful, when I looked back at my photos for the week to see what I could observe about each family member I realized that my documenting skewed toward my own everyday life, more than my family’s.

There’s not as much to learn about Trinity’s week, for instance, as there is to learn about my own. I did get a lot of Izzy’s day to day, though, and made some observations I thought interesting enough to share.

From my series of photos I proved that Izzy is almost always physically attached to technological devices, especially those involving video. Let me illustrate…
If you know Izzy at all, you already know that about him. What you may not know is that when his hands are not gripping technology, they are sometimes strumming a guitar…
And every few weeks his hands are buying me the most beautiful bouquets of flowers…
They cook dinner with me (and I confess his hands do more cooking these days than mine do)…
They take the kids to school every morning while my hands are lifting weights or supporting an alligator pose or plank or cutting through the air while I run on the treadmill…
…and pick the kids up with me after school ends.
They even keep the kids and the dogs busy so I can have a daily Me-Time…
What I failed to capture from the week is how you will truly find Izzy and me physically attached to each other even more often than you will find him attached to a piece of video equipment or computer or other device. I don’t mean to get graphic here. We’re just affectionate. I’m pretty sure that my kids’ memories of their mom and dad will involve a lot of the hugs, the piggy-back rides, the hand-holding, the kissing, the laughing and teasing about stuff we hope they don’t understand yet.

I know if the day eventually comes when my contact with Izzy will have to be through memories, it is the physical affection that I will remember. The kisses on the back of my neck that give me chills. The massages. His rock-hard biceps. The smooth nape of his neck that I like to feel while he’s driving. The warm spooning in bed. The dancing. Lots of dancing. The way he sweeps me up around his waist. How, if I’m wearing a mini-skirt when we arrive at the school to pick up the kids, he loves to offer me his back and ask, “Piggy-back ride?”

These are the types of physical contact images I failed to capture. Hmmm . . . maybe I have a new photo project to work on soon.

2 thoughts on “A Week In The Life: What We Learn About Izzy”

  1. That’s so great! You & Izzy sound a lot like us as far as showing our love in the little, meaningful ways. I think it’s important for our kids to see the hugs and kisses and handholding, no matter how long we’ve been married. We should never feel embarrassed to show our love and affection to our family members. In a way, it’s good to not notice that your are constantly affectionate because it means the habit is by very definition something you do all the time without thinking. Loving your husband (and kids) is as natural as breathing. What a wonderful thing!!

  2. Noell, what a sweet post about your husband! I’ll bet the rock-hard biceps and the heavy camera equipment are related. 😉 I was just listening to the latest Paperclipping episode about repurposing content from blogs & social media — you’ve got the makings of a great layout or mini book in this post.

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