A Gap

In my teeth.

After years and years of painful and humiliating metal contraptions and wires. Five years, to be exact.

Exhibit A:

(Congratulations. You are now looking at the most embarrassing picture of me ever to appear on the internets).

After so many years of braces and weird retainers and a headgear, it was horrifying to get those braces off and find my teeth immediately separating back toward their original spots.

Exhibit B:

The Gap Before braces:
The Gap That Is There Now:
The black gap, post braces, started as just a slight narrow slit, but when it continued to grow and grow, I had no way of knowing if it would ever stop. Whenever I saw the gap I imagined an eventual inch-wide chasm, so I hated the gap in my teeth until last year when I realized my teeth seemed to have found the happy place they were looking for and haven’t marched ahead in their east and west treks in a few years.

So now that the nightmares of a huge hole into which a dentist tries to insert an extra fake tooth have stopped, I finally like the gap in my teeth. I think it’s kind of cute and it’s different. I like different. A lot. As long as it’s not hideous.

So it occurred to me the other day to also like the new jagged splotch-line in my forehead that stretches from the center of my hairline under my bangs and reaches down into my eye brow.

Exhibit C:

I guess it developed as a result of my living in the skin cancer capitol of the world: sunny Arizona. Or perhaps it’s because I was a teen of the 80’s when all that mattered to us was super tan skin and foundation makeup in a layer so thick you could scratch your name into it.

That jagged splotch-line? It’s now my Harry Potter lightening scar. It means I have special powers.

Now if I can just find some positive association to the other dark splotch that is surfacing above my lip.

Exhibit D:

Can you see it there? I’m thanking Mary Kay Cosmetics and their Even Complexion Essence for helping me to minimize this one because I’m having a bit of a harder time finding a reason to like a dark upper lip. Seriously. Of all places to get darker skin pigmentation as I age, did it really have to surface above my lip? Come on…

7 thoughts on “A Gap”

  1. I had the same gap growing up too. After > $6500 for braces in my 30s, if I do not wear my retainer every night, mine wants to come back too. So, I think we were just meant to have them! And I agree… it’s beautiful and different and OK in my book. 🙂

  2. Oh, Noell — you are beautiful and funny. LOVE this post and am right there with you. For me, it’s been about crazy crooked bottom teeth (after years of braces, too). On the face, it’s about the interesting lines. I feel I’ve earned them and see ’em as a badge of honor. But, some days, they just remind me that I’d better really live it up while I still can!


  3. LOL Liz — yeah, for me the lines have definitely been that reminder! And I have crooked bottom teeth, too! They’re just not really visible. 🙂

    Like Jen said – I think some of us must have mouths that want the front teeth spread apart like that!

    Taly, you’re a doll, so I can only imagine you were an adorable 3-year-old. I was bald and stayed bald for a long time, so I was always more entertaining than cute, lol.

  4. You look so much like your son Blake in the childhood photos. (Features, eyes, bone structure!) I’ll post my most AWESOME awkward adolescent photo online soon that will make yours look like a paegent princess!

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