First Concert: A Rite Of Passage

I took my oldest son to his first concert last weekend. I’m raising him to be cooler than me, since I was sixteen before I went to my first concert and he’s only twelve. So if he doesn’t end up beating my own level of coolness, then I’ll just have to throw up my hands. What more can I do?

So far he seems to be effectively rolling his way toward said coolness, as some of the teens next to us helped him and his best friend work their way up to the very front of the packed standing-only theater. He also got a shout-out in this Phoenix New Times article about how perfect Owl City’s music is for tweens since it’s so squeaky clean.

Lucky Boy

Blake has been a fan of the band, Owl City, for a while and when he saw they were coming to Tempe, he jumped on the pre-sale opportunity and bought his own ticket. The dude lucked out. Pre-sale tickets were only $15 but they quickly jumped up in price and then the concert sold out.

Not only was it the least expensive concert I’ve ever been to, it was the biggest one I’ve seen at the Tempe Marquee and gave me the impression that Owl City is already poised to upgrade to bigger venues. He had two opening bands. Not one. Two, equaling three hours of music. That was a first for me.

Lights + Male Audience = Numerous Massive Crushes

One of the opening bands was Lights. Have you seen the girl who, apparently, is Lights? She’ll make any boy believe he’s been to the best concert in the world, especially if they’re gamers like she is. She is an adorable girl (I can’t believe I’m old enough to be calling a musician a “girl”) and fun to watch. She got a number of marriage proposals shouted to and thrown at her (in the form of a t-shirt) from the audience.

Yep. Blake and his friend enjoyed Lights. A lot.

Blake’s $15 paid for more than just three bands in three hours. I can’t leave out Owl City’s choreographed light show, which was surprisingly flashy — not that I’m a big fan of that kind of thing but I suppose if you like synthpop then you might be. It was about ten times bigger than the other concerts I’ve attended at the Marquee.

Let me just say that Blake was thrilled with the experience. And while it’s not my personal favorite style of music, it was a lot of fun and continues to fuel some good conversation and bonding with my boy.

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