Ghost Aiden
Aiden makes me laugh all the time. But I’m his mom and he’s my baby. You might think he has extra powers when it comes to me.

Since he is Blake and Trinity’s little brother, he’s got major strikes against him when it comes to making them laugh. But I see all the time that Aiden amuses them, too.

Recently, after Aiden inspired a good laugh in Blake and Trinity, I said, “I love that you guys get such a kick out of Aiden.”

And Blake said to me, “I get at least one kick out of Aiden every single day.” (Blake has his own sense of humor, no?).

Sometimes Aiden entertains on purpose, like he is doing in this video here. . .

And sometimes he entertains by accident when he is just passing on important bits of wisdom, combined with his personal application of such wisdom. . .