Music Monday: The Barrel Of A Gun

Young teen male + movie star infatuation = what I hear in this song, one of my favorites from Guster:
Barrel Of A Gun.

It’s not just the lyrics that communicates this story. It’s also the hopeful, upbeat, and youthful sound, laced around the bang of bongos beating the tension of suppressed, young male hormones.

Since I’m always interested in the instrumentation of songs, I really enjoy the video for Barrel Of a Gun and a chance to see the band members playing their parts in a studio setting. Watch for the typewriter . . .

Right now Guster is in album-recording mode. I love knowing that a band is in the heat of creating its own next new era; is swimming in a new set of influences that will color the music of their next album and tour.

While the band so far has not shared on their Studio Journal what the current influences are (you get a taste for the band’s sense of humor on this blog), they do share specifics about the songs they are recording. Most recently, one of them blogged some of the good and the bad experiences of recording each of their albums so far. Interesting stuff.