Regaining Consciousness

I had a moment this morning I’m not totally conscious of. Awareness just began as my son, Blake, said to me, “Mom, you’re funny when you’re spaced out.”

I saw Blake as he finished his statement, and then I looked around the room to see that each family member was staring at me with interested looks on their faces.

Then Israel said, “Let me tell you what you just did.”

And that’s when he recreated for me the moment I missed while I sat at the breakfast table thinking about something, which slipped from my memory as soon as I noticed everyone watching me.

“You were staring off into space,” Israel explained. “And I asked if you wanted more toast. You didn’t answer but just kept staring off. So I asked again.”

Then Israel imitated me and my spaced out face, with my eyes all bugged out and huge, while the rest of my features were totally blank and relaxed. He showed me what I looked like as forced my face to move in his direction like a zombie, as if hypnotized, and then tried to transition from my own inner world to the reality of my family’s kitchen by stating back to him, in a slow zombie-like monotone statement, “Do I want more toast.”

That’s when Blake commented on my hilarity and I began to retrieve outer-world consciousness again. Hey, at least I correctly switched the “you” to an “I” when I made my hypnotized restatement of Israel’s question. All I can say is I inherited my ability to get totally lost in my head from my mom. It’s a genetic and I can’t help it. I could be a drunk, or an abusive parent. No, I’m just slightly negligent for short periods of time. It sure provides regular entertainment to my children and husband, though.

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