Music Monday: A Slightly Stoopid Kind of Mellow

In case you mistook my Jack Johnson rant for a dislike of mellow music, I thought I’d share a great band that is mostly chill but, unlike Jack, has good dynamics. Dynamics in music = variation in volume. Jack starts and stops every song at the same level and doesn’t vary from that level through the entire piece (snore). I can’t stand music like that.

Check out this song, Mellow Mood, by Slightly Stoopid with G-Love.

I love how their two guitars and their voices wrap around each other. They’re so talented that they got signed to a label while they were still in high school. I love the originality of the music and the personality that it expresses.

Here’s another one of my favorites, still on the overall mellow side but with more energy and a huge range of dynamics…

. . . Much love, much respect.